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Everyone was struck with disbelief; 81 Spiritual Infant Tier soldiers should have the might to overturn rivers and empty oceans, but Ling Han had merely drawn out a treasured sword, and it was enough to make the figures of those soldiers quiver as if they were on the verge of being destroyed.

This was suppression of a whole different level!

"Level Eight, or perhaps even a Level Nine Spirit Tool!" someone exclaimed in a shaking voice.

Spirit Tools were not common ordinary weapons, but treasured Tools that, on the foundation of being forged from Level Seven precious metals, followed by the cultivation by one's martial intent, possessed supreme power! The power of these Spirit Tools was very terrifying, and even when wielded by Flower Blossom Tier cultivators, they were capable of possessing the might of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

For example, that qin of Wang Yi Yun definitely had to be a Seventh Tier Spirit Tool to be capable of releasing 81 Spiritual Infant Tier warriors. Although they were not physically real, their might was not inferior to the real thing, and they had no fear of death or injury.

And the higher the level of the Spirit Tool, the more difficult it was to complete it. That was because there were so many powerful people in this world, and cultivating a Spirit Tool would at least be a matter of a few dozen years, and as time passed, the martial intent inside could possibly be erased as well.

… That was unless the Spirit Tool managed to form its own Tool Spirit that would allow it to automatically take in energy from the surroundings, and ensure that the martial intent inside would not be worn down, but rather be destroyed only with the destruction of the Spirit Tool itself.

Thus, when the two of them showed off their high-level Spirit Tools, this was a great shock to the masses. This was a power display for a party. Otherwise, even if you possessed a Level Seven or Level Eight precious metal, so what? You would only be able to forge a weapon of this level, but it would not possess the power of a Spirit Tool.

An apparent change in expression finally appeared on Wang Yi Yun's face. The Demon Birth Sword put on her a huge pressure, causing her to no longer feel as confident as she had been at the beginning.

How could the Spiritual Infant Tier lose to the Flower Blossom Tier?

She felt very vexed. When geniuses reached the peak of the Flower Blossom Tier, they were indeed capable of defeating some low-level or even mid-level Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators, and she indeed was only in the second layer of Spiritual Infant Tier, but her battle prowess had reached ten Stars, and no matter how she looked at it, she was at an absolute advantage in this battle.

She definitely couldn't allow herself to be scared off by her opponent.

Her playing of the qin became even faster, and the notes transformed into a powerful army. The 81 Spiritual Infant Tier soldiers instantly regained their divine might as if fresh blood had been pumped into them, and they charged towards Ling Han.

Ling Han, meanwhile, smiled calmly. Followed by the increase of his comprehension level in the sword arts, he had finally unlocked another pattern on the Demon Birth Sword, and had increased the power of this Level Ten Spirit Tool by another level.

What kind of concept was a Level Ten Spirit Tool? With the full release of its power, it was equivalent to the might of a Shattering Void Tier ultimate elite!

He waved his sword, and hong, 29 flashes of Sword Qi combined to form a pseudo-Ray. With a pu, it slashed at a Spiritual Infant Tier soldier. That soldier hurriedly used his battle spear to parry, but this pseudo-Ray had been struck by a Level Ten Spirit Tool, so the destructive power behind this strike was even more terrifying than a real Ray. That soldier, along with his weapon, was immediately slashed in half by this strike.

One strike, and it was enough to kill off a Spiritual Infant Tier soldier!


Everyone inhaled sharply; their only thought was that Ling Han was strong to a spine-chilling extent.

If Ling Han had been a nature-defying monster like Yao Hui Yue or the Little Saber King, then they would still have been able to accept it. After all, these guys had all broken through to the Spiritual Infant Tier, and with their battle prowess, they were naturally capable of sweeping aside all opponents in the same cultivation level as them.

The problem was that Ling Han was only in the Flower Blossom Tier.

Ling Han continued to endlessly brandish his sword, and one wave meant one opponent would be downed. He was definitely capable of standing strong and continuously brandishing his sword 81 times, and those 81 soldiers were completely slashed apart. Logically speaking, they did not have physical bodies, so naturally should have no vital points, and should be able to reform even after being sliced in half, and continue battling.

But the Sword Ray unleashed with the Demon Birth Sword naturally contained the might of a Level Ten Spirit Tool, so how could they possibly piece themselves back together? Naturally, their only fate was to be erased.

"Wa!" Wang Yi Yun spat out a mouthful of blood, her beautiful eyes filled with shock. She had long since refined this treasured qin, so her heart and spirit were joined with it. Now that the 81 soldiers had been sliced in half and destroyed, she was also harmed. She felt as if her heart was on fire, feeling incredibly awful.

She was defiant, and with a light pat on her treasured qin, weng, a sharp sword actually shot out from inside the qin.

This sword was extremely thin, and the blade was like a string on the qin. If one did not look closely, one would not be able to see it at all.

Wang Yi Yum struck out with her sword, and the blade that seemed akin to a string from the qin actually turned into a silk thread that charged to entwine Ling Han. Furthermore, it seemed endless; like the Blood-Sucking Origin Gold, it could be endlessly lengthened.

But this sword had not been forged from the Blood Sucking Origin Gold, thus the Sword Qi and Origin Power she shot out had combined in an amazing way, and headed to entwine Ling Han as if she had spread out a large net over him.

"This is the Wang Clan's ultimate art, Falling Shadow Twining Silk Sword Technique!"

"Years ago, this was the ultimate art the ancestor of the Wang Clan used to move unhindered in the world. I'd never imagine that Wang Yi Yun would have already learnt it; she really deserves the title of genius."

"Fairy Wang, cut this brat in half!"

Everyone was exclaiming in shock, and a greater number of people was cheering Wang Yi Yun on. They naturally hoped that this fairy would be able to emerge victorious.

"Interesting," Ling Han murmured, and with a shake of his right hand, fierce Sword Qi swept out of the Demon Birth Sword, which easily sliced apart the sword threads around him. As long as the power gap was not too big, a Level Ten Spirit Tool naturally possessed an overwhelming advantage.

Wang Yi Yun soared up, her white robes floating around her as if she was the fairy of the moon who was dancing gracefully. However, every slash of her sword gave rise to a fierce flash of Sword Qi, soaring in various arcs towards Ling Han, which made for a bizarre sight.

Ling Han used the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and his battle prowess spiked greatly, reaching fifteen Stars of the Spiritual Infant Tier. He charged towards Wang Yi Yun.

Ding, ding, ding, ding. The two swords clashed against one another endlessly, a terrifying light blooming as a result. Even Flower Blossom Tier cultivators dared not stare continuously at the sight, fearing that their eyes would be blinded as a consequence.

Wang Yi Yun paled in shock. With every exchange, her body would feel numb as if she had been electrocuted. The feeling was so awful that she almost felt on the verge of spitting up blood. Even her Origin Power was routed, and she was unable to release her full power.

In a head-on confrontation, she was actually inferior to a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator!

One could only say that the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was really too forceful, so strong that it was capable of seriously subduing even a super-genius the likes of Wang Yi Yun.

Ling Han dominated Wang Yi Yun in battle, and in a mere few dozen moves, her sword was sent flying from her hands.

Wang Yi Yun gritted her teeth, and pulling out a hair clip, threw it into the air. Instantly, a crystal clear light shone from it, which rapidly enlarged until it was about ten feet long, appearing like a very strange-looking boat.

Ling Han frowned, and said, "If you continue to pester me, I'll spank your behind!"

Wang Yi Yun was embarrassed and infuriated, so how was it possible that she would listen? She continued to control the hair clip, and Origin Power focused at its tip; it became a ball of light that exuded a terrifying aura as if it was capable of destroying the earth and heavens.

"Disobedient!" The light of thunder flickered on Ling Han's body. He was as of yet unable to transform into lightning, but his speed had spiked up by a whole three times, and in a flash, he had appeared above Wang Yi Yun. The Demon Birth Sword swept down, and struck directly on Wang Yi Yun's ****.

"Ah…" Wang Yi Yun shouted in shock—firstly, due to the pain, and secondly, due to shame.

This man actually really dared to spank her behind!

However, she was still a prodigy of this generation. Even in such a situation, she still continued to control the hair clip to shoot out an attack towards Ling Han. Xiu, a flash of light shot out with incredible destructive power behind it.

Ling Han slashed out with his full power, completely destroying this flash of light, yet felt a numbing in his right hand, so much that he almost could not raise it back up again. He could not help but be surprised. One had to know that his physique was of an extremely shocking level, but after facing such a strike, he would actually feel so bad. This hair clip was really extraordinary.

Pa, pa, pa. He repeatedly spanked Wang Yi Yun's ****.
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