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Wang Yi Yun didn't pay attention to Hu Niu. Although this little girl was also extremely freakish, she was still young; the emphasis was on Ling Han.

Ling Han pondered, and said, "Alright, then let's see what you have to discuss."

Wang Yi Yun smiled lightly, which was like a gentle breeze and a warm sun, as if nothing could move her spirit. She said, "Inviting everyone over this time was mainly for a proposal. Everyone is a present-age genius, and when the Restore Heaven Academy opens, many people will be able to enter."

She paused, and went on, "However, where there are people, there are sections of society—circles. The five great sects have a circle for the five great sects; the east region and north region have their own circles. If anyone is alone or in a weak force, they'll definitely be mistreated at that time."

Everyone nodded their heads involuntarily. In their own sects and families, they were undoubtedly excellent, the best geniuses, but in the Restore Heaven Academy, the geniuses from all over the vast lands would be gathered. They would obviously become the normal level there, and not even be able to enter the Restore Heaven Academy.

Ling Han was a proof—he was also at the Flower Blossom Tier, but his battle prowess was extremely terrifying, making people's hair stand on ends.

Those who offended him now, wouldn't they be afraid of being bullied by him when they entered the academy? One had to know that families, and the forces of a sect, couldn't be brought into the academy.

"So, Yi Yun has a proposal. We'll form a union and look after each other, resisting people from other circles together," Wang Yi Yun went on.

This was the true purpose of her hosting a banquet—gathering geniuses for her own use!

Despite the fact that ones here were a younger generation, they would definitely become the leaders of various families and sects. If these people were brought under her control, it would be an unneglectable force in the future.

Ling Han couldn't help but be curious, and asked, "This alliance, who will be the alliance's leader?"

Wang Yi Yun glanced at Ling Han again, and then said, "My Senior Brother Lang Ya Tian is obviously the best choice for the alliance's leader."

Lang Ya Tian, an exceptional figure amongst the younger generations in middle state, standing side by side with Yao Hui Yue and Small Saber King. His strength was unfathomable; being able to strike down geniuses of an older generation, he was unpredictably strong.

Everyone was convinced. With Lang Ya Tian's guidance, they certainly wouldn't need to fear anyone else.

Ling Han smiled. He raised his hand, and said, "I want to be this alliance's leader, yes or no!"

Wang Yi Yun was still full of smiles, and said, "Since we're forming an alliance, everything is obviously based on strength. If Brother Ling feels that his strength is above that of my senior brother, you may challenge my senior brother. Whoever is more able will take the place."

"Alright, call Lang Ya Tian over, and let me have a proper go," Ling Han said with a smile.

Wang Yi Yun's index finger moved slightly, having the urge to kill someone. Why did this guy always argue against her? She said, "My senior brother is cultivating in seclusion. He can cross into the Deity Transformation Tier at any time, and cannot spare time."

"What, the Deity Transformation Tier!"

"My God!"

"Lang Ya Tian shouldn't be over forty, right?"

"At most forty!"

"A Deity Transformation Tier at forty years old, truly frightening!"

Everyone cried out one after another. They were all hovering around the Flower Blossom Tier, but the strongest genius of the current age was already starting to break through to the Deity Transformation Tier; this gap was unbelievably large.

However, if they all decided to join the alliance, then the strength of the alliance's leader was obviously the better the stronger it was.

Wang Yi Yun looked again at Ling Han, and said, "If Brother Ling is still unsatisfied, Yi Yun can fight instead of senior brother. However, Yi Yun's cultivation is low, and her talent doesn't even reach senior brother's 0.01%, at most having 1% of senior brother's strength.

She first deprecated herself, then elevated Lang Ya Tian to extreme heights. If Ling Han had to spend great efforts to defeat her, or even be inferior to her, how would he qualify to challenge Lang Ya Tian?

This girl was remarkable.

Ling Han smiled lightly, and said, "Lang Ya Tian having such a close friend and a better half like you is rather a fortunate thing."

Hearing such words, countless youngsters instantly burst into anger. In their hearts, Wang Yi Yun was a goddess, a celestial, and celestials were obviously pure and untinged by mortal matters. If she fell into the mortal realm, then would she still be a fairy?

Killing intent flashed across Wang Yi Yun's eyes. She admired Lang Ya Tian, and was willing to sacrifice herself for him, so she had to maintain her superior fairy identity. This way, she could win over more people, but Ling Han was clearly undermining her!

She finally couldn't hold back, and said, "Brother Ling, since you're not convinced with my senior brother, then allow Yi Yun to fight in lieu of senior brother."

"Wait!" At this moment, a figure suddenly arrived in a dash. It was lofty, with divine golden light revolving around the entire body, just like a deity.

Ling Han revealed an stounded look—it was Xuanyuan Zi Guang!

"So its Brother Xuanyuan!" Wang Yi Yun instantly reveald a smile, and introduced him to everyone. "Xuanyuan Zi Guang, a current genius, which everyone should be no stranger to. Brother Xuanyuan already agreed to joining our Striking Heaven Alliance as one of the five deputy leaders."

"Xuanyuan Zi Guang, long renowned."

"Even Xuanyuan Zi Guang joined for the place of deputy leader. This Striking Heaven Alliance is powerful as expected."

"I want to join. Don't anyone stop me!"

Xuanyuan Zi Guang simply stared at Ling Han, and said, "Where's Lady Helian?"

Ling Han stroked his chin—how did this guy recognize him? However, thinking again, Hu Niu was an obvious symbol—could there be a second little girl that could eat so much and fight so well?

He snorted, and said, "Defeated rival, none of your damn business?"

Vanquished opponent?

Everyone gasped in astonishment. Xuanyuan Zi Guang actually fought him hand to hand, and was outmatched?

Xuanyuan Zi Guang's gaze grew threatening as he said, "If you don't tell me Lady Helian's whereabouts, I'll kill you today!"

"Your intelligence is truly lacking, a defeated rival still dares to behave courageously?" Ling Han shook his head.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang took large strides towards Ling Han, and with each step, the heavens moved and the earth shook as if the stars in the skies couldn't bear his presence and were about to fall. He extended his finger and pointed at Ling Han. "After the last exchange, how much do you think I improved?"

Pu, as he extended his finger, a Saber Ray formed, thin as gossamer, yet filled with danger.

Saber Ray!

Ling Han immediately felt an intense warning premonition. This wasn't a pseudo-ray, but a genuine Saber Ray.

Could Xuanyuan Zi Guang have cultivated 30 flashes of Qi?

For such a genius, he definitely wouldn't pursue transient power and neglect the future, so since he'd condensed it into a Ray, then he'd definitely cultivated 30 flashes of Qi.

Was he the first amongst the younger generation to cultivate 30 flashes of Qi and form a Ray?

One as powerful as Small Saber King still remained at 29 flashes of Qi.

This Xuanyuan Zi Guang was truly remarkable!

Ling Han didn't believe that he could progress so fast on his own; whether it be Small Saber King or Yao Hui Yue, their talent was definitely no inferior to Xuanyuan Zi Guang's, and possibly even surpassed his. Why could they not complete the breakthrough, and only Xuanyuan Zi Guang could?

It was probably this guy's bloodline, which enabled him to forcibly increase battle prowess by several stars, and even derive all sorts of shadows of divine beasts.
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