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No one dared to challenge Mu Rong Qing and Rain Emperor, because they were Spiritual Infant Tier elites, but Ling Han was only in the Flower Blossom Tier.

Everyone was a genius of the current generation; who feared anyone else in a battle at the same tier?

Geniuses were conceited, confident in being invincible at the same tier, so they were even more fearless. If one could force Ling Han to submit, then Wang Yi Yun would definitely think highly of oneself, keeping oneself in mind.

Persimmons obviously had to be picked when they were soft.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "You guys really want to spar with me?"

"Of course!" those people shouted out one after another. "If you lose, then hand over the bottle!"

"Alright!" Ling Han agreed directly. "However, you guys are betting against me with empty promises, so what benefits do I get if I win? Want to spar with me? Tine, take out treasures no lower than sixth tier."

"Who's scared of you!" Instantly, someone took out a treasure and placed it on the table.

There were spirit medicine, rare metal, and some ancient articles, all looking to be of great age at first glance.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Alright, those who want to challenge me line up. I'll accept it all as long as you can offer a treasure. Lay the bet together, I only accept reservations now. Come, come, come, those who want to challenge me, place the treasure on the table. Xuan Er, you tally it."

"Yes!" Zhu Xuan Er nodded meekly.

This… they issued a propper challenge, how did it become so trifling?

Everyone was young and aggressive, and before a beauty, who was willing to admit defeat. Many people took out their treasures and threw it on the table. Zhu Xuan Er was responsible for screening whether someone tried to get past her with a lower-level treasure.

"First things first, once the bet is laid, no refunds. You guys can only choose to fight me, or not fight and lose automatically; there's no refunding the bet," Ling Han said seriously. He had everyone take out their treasures for the bet first to prevent others from cowering from the battle after witnessing his battle prowess.

The youngsters all straightened up their necks, and said, "Hmph, you think we're afraid of you!?"

Ling Han looked at the tall pile of treasures stacked on the table. He revealed a smile, and said, "Anyone else, anyone else? It's the only opportunity; there'll be no more after this time! Those who want to ingratiate themselves with Wang Family's lady hurry up, a lost chance never returns."

He actually advertised for himself?

Wang Yi Yun's expression was still unmoved, but she slightly clenched her five fingers, showing the fury that arouse within her at the moment.

No more people came forward to lay a bet. As the others saw it, with this many people challenging one after another, Ling Han would definitely lose, and with one loss, there'd be no treasure bottle, so why would they need to challenge?

Ling Han couldn't help but feel regretful—only this many people could be tricked?

He nodded, and said, "To save time… those who placed bets just now, you guys come together."


This guy was so arrogant—how many people were challenging Ling Han? At least fifty! These fifty people weren't just anyone, but present geniuses, all of whom have crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier, possessing tier-surpassing fighting abilities, varying from three to four stars to five to six stars.

With these many geniuses teaming up, which Flower Blossom Tier expert dared to be careless?

Fighting one opponent after another would be tiring enough, let alone being ganged up on.

Every genius wanted face, and obviously none of them were willing to attack.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Since no one dares to attack, then I win! Xuan Er, take the bets, let's retreat!"

"You can't go!" Seeing Ling Han about to run, these youngsters were dissatisfied. Not that they didn't dare to attack, just that they didn't want to gang up on him—there'd be no glory in winning like that. Besides, who would take the credit?

However, Ling Han was about to run, and they couldn't hold back anymore, jumping out one after another and surrounding Ling Han.

"I'll take care of you guys in three moves," Ling Han said with a smile.

"Arrogance!" The youngsters were all furious, flames bursting from their eyes. They felt that Ling Han was truly hateful, instantly making their tempers flare up.

"'In three moves, we defeat you' is about right."

"Less nonsense. There's nothing much to say to such an arrogant person, so let's just beat him up."


At least over twenty people attacked simultaneously. Hong, martial intent spread as Origin Power turned into all sorts of weapons, striking, slashing, and cutting at Ling Han, and all sorts of Qi overflowed, making for a terrifyingly shocking sight.

Ling Han smiled faintly. Powerful Origin Power gathered, and lightning flickered over his body. Then, he simply fired a casual punch.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

All the Origin Power weapons shattered at once, and all the Qi attacks were annihilated. However, the lightning wasn't extinguished; it spread towards those people with supreme speed. Instantly, one figure after another was shocked into the sky, and then descended like scattering flowers, and pa, pa, pa, fell all over the ground.

Twenty people were actually defeated in one move.

"Two more moves," Ling Han muttered, and said to the remaining twenty-plus people, "You guys have to attack all at once, or else, with two remaining moves, I really can't take care of all of you."

In the surround, it was a field of silence.

This youngster was so powerful!

Although no one amongst the twenty-plus people received qualification for direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy, among those being able to attend the banquet, who wasn't an outstanding talent? However, over twenty people attacking together were utterly defeated with one move… just how strong was Ling Han?

Unless there was suppression of a large tier, those possessing such battle prowess were definitely the biggest geniuses to enter the Restore Heaven Academy!

The remaining twenty-plus people looked at each other, not daring to attack.

Their battle prowess wasn't much stronger than that of those lying on the ground, so even if they could stand one move, what difference would it be if they were defeated in two moves or three moves? Suffering an utter defeat under watchful eyes, wasn't that just foolish?

Fight my a*s!

No wonder Ling Han wanted them to take out their treasures for the bet first. Certainly, after seeing his battle prowess, who would be stupid enough to make a bet? Such a freak… only the biggest geniuses with direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy could rival him.

Zhu Xuan Er was full of smiles, collecting all the treasures on the table.

"Other than plundering, tricking people also seems to be a shortcut to making lots of money!" Ling Han muttered to himself. He then laughed, raising his voice to say, "Who else wants to challenge me?"

Everyone was speechless, placing their gazes at the finest geniuses that possessed the qualification for direct entry to the academy.

Wang Yi Yun's beautiful eyes lit up, and she said, "With Brother Ling's great might, you should receive the qualification for direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy."

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Isn't this normal? Brother Mu Rong Qing also didn't qualify either, right?"

Mu Rong Qing pointed at his own nose, and said sourly, "Why take me for a comparison again?"

"Just comparing. I didn't ask for your opinion, so please don't interrupt," Ling Han said with a smile, and then said to Wang Yi Yun, "Lady Wang, can we leave?"

"Brother Ling, this time, Yi Yun invited everyone over to discuss a matter, so please sit for a moment," Wang Yi Yun spoke to retain them.

"The food's so nasty, can't sit anymore!" Hu Niu struck the table, face full of discontent.

Hearing this, everyone lamented for Wang Yi Yun. The Wang Family definitely spent a great deal to set up this banquet, but in Hu Niu's mouth, it became neglecting guests… truly an injustice.
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