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Everyone looked towards the source of the sound, and saw that in the pavilion on the middle of the lake, a girl clad in white suddenly appeared. Her black hair was like clouds and snow, and she had a beauty without a shred of earthliness.

She was playing a zither, gently fiddling with white hands like jade. Wonderful notes sounded, intoxicating people's mind and soul.

This music shouldn't be of this world.

The fishes in the lake constantly jumped out of the water and gathered around the pavilion in the lake, extremely lively. In the sky, large amounts of birds flew over and danced gracefully in the sky, as if fairies.

The zither sounds turned into dao symbols and entered the water, and caused slight ripples without any destructive power, making the fish joyful and the birds flutter.

Everyone revealed an intoxicated look. This girl, and this music, should only exist in the heavens; how could it descend into the mortal realm?

"Fairy Yi Yun!"

"What, she's Fairy Yi Yun?"

"Truly devastatingly beautiful!"

"She's actually not middle state's number one beauty? I don't believe it!"

"I don't believe it, either!"

Everyone shook their heads. Wang Yi Yun's appearance was above the level of Liu Yu Tong, but fell short of Zhu Xuan Er's. On top of it, the breathtaking scene obviously infinitely increased her charisma.

Zhu Xuan Er was somewhat jealous, and she moved close to Ling Han's ear. She said in a low voice, "Xuan Er also knows how to blow the flute."

Ling Han looked at her small bright red lips, feeling his heart sway, and said, "Alright, let me hear it when there's time."

Zhu Xuan Er nodded, pleasingly affectionate.

"Everyone, please be amiable." Wang Yi Yun pressed both hands gently on the zither, yet the lingering sounds still reverberated. Her voice was also gentle and pleasant, airy like gentle splash of spring water.

"Yes!" Everyone was persuaded, nodding in agreement.

Ling Han was astounded. This girl was only 23 or 24, but had already crossed into the Spiritual Infant Tier—extremely extraordinary.

As expected of a great ancient sect's disciple, her tier far surpassed those of her peers. In the north region, definitely no one could compare with her; in the other three regions, only a few distinguished ones like Mu Rong Qing would qualify to compare.

"This sect and the other great sects have a prophecy that soon, a great calamity will befall." Wang Yi Yun continued to talk. The entire place was silent, and only her airy voice resonated. "In the recent ten millennia, the calamity that caused great destruction on the vast lands will come again, and this sect as well as the other great sects will do as ten millennia before—greet the powerful enemies hand in hand to bring peace and order to the world!

"However, to prepare for the worst, the establishment of the Restore Heaven Academy was still decided on to preserve the future hope as much as possible.

"So, everyone is the key to reinvigorating martial arts in the future, and must not harm our own."

With that said, she stood up and tread on the lake, walking towards the shore. With the first step, fishes jumped out of the water playfully, and skylarks danced behind her. It was as if she was a celestial fairy who'd descended into the world, with beauty much calming and refined.

"Fairy is truly benevolent!"

"The five great sects also cherish the world. If a great calamity were to truly happen, only the five great sects could defend the world!"

"Great nobility and righteousness!"

"Great virtuousness!"

Everyone all praised unanimously. No matter whether it was sincere or insincere, who dared to speak ill of the five great ancient sects? Those were super forces with Shattering Void Tier elites; any of those sects could dominate the world.

However, the five great sects constantly guarded their own land, and never planned to dominate the world. This made people stick their thumbs up in praise.

Wang Yi Yun arrived, and smiled sweetly towards Nong Man Man as she said, "Sister Man Man, don't stay angry, okay?"

"For the sake of my younger sister, I obviously won't get angry." Nong Man Man barely squeezed out a smile. The great truth had already been said, and if she were to cling obstinately, she'd be looked down upon by others.

So, to have a way with words was also a type of sharp weapon. Being criticized at the commanding height of morality, one could only sulk and lower one's head and say that one was convinced.

"Brother Ling…" Wang Yi Yun turned her gaze over. "I've heard you and Sister Man Man got into a conflict because of a Spirit Tool. How about this, I have a sixth tier treasured tool to give Brother Ling in exchange for that Spirit Tool?"

Everyone revealed shocked expression. A sixth-tier Spirit Tool was casually used as a gift… such boldness, and it showed Wang Family's deep roots. Of course, if Nong Man Man weren't a descendant of a Heaven Grade alchemist, she definitely wouldn't be so generous.

Nong Man Man immediately revealed a joyful look. In reality, she discovered the extraordinariness of the Refine Celestial Bottle, but didn't want to cause a commotion, so she had Nong Xue Yun take action. In the end, Ling Han charged out midway and was richer and more imposing than they were, forcing her to invite Ling Han to the banquet and use the atmosphere here to force him to submit.

With Wang Family's beloved daughter speaking, and being able to receive a sixth-tier Spirit Tool, Ling Han should agree no matter how one thought of it. After all, selling Wang Yi Yun a favor could be of great use in the future.

"No need. I like that bottle very much, and have no intention of selling it," Ling Han rejected immediately. No kidding, that stone bowl was Heaven Transformation Bowl's replica, which could refine all things and extract their essence—something more precious than the Demon Birth Sword. Was it a something a sixth-tier Spirit Tool could be used to exchange for? In your dreams!

He rejected so resolutely that he not only made everyone surprised, even Wang Yi Yun found it unexpected. Her delicate face revealed an obvious astonished look, and being startled for a while, she finally said, "Brother Ling, are you not going to consider it a bit more?"

"No need!" Ling Han waved his hands, not giving her any face at all.

"Ling Han, you're too arrogant!" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng took the chance to shout out. Ling Han rejected Wang Yi Yun's good intentions, obviously arousing the anger of the masses. Adding a bit more fire, he could obviously turn Ling Han into the target of all.

"Yes, too arrogant! Fairy Yi Yun had good intentions, and you didn't even consider it at all!"

"Hmph, you really think yourself some big shot?"

"If it weren't for the sake of Fairy Yi Yun, I'd truly want to give him a beating."

Everyone all spoke at once. A beauty had the natural advantage, and the more beautiful she was, the more it made people neglect the case itself, completely influenced by emotions, gravitating towards Wang Yi Yun.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Hu Niu, full yet?"

"Barely not hungry." Hu Niu popped out her head from the pile of food. "The things here aren't delicious at all. Niu's gone through great trouble!"

Everyone seemed to faint. If it wasn't delicious, why would you eat so much? The plates stacked on the side were taller than you! Moreover, after eating so much, you were actually just barely not hungry… what sort of stomach did you have?

"Alright, let's go back and continue to eat!" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Okay, okay!" Hu Niu clapped her hands while looking at Wang Yi Yun, and said in a sweet voice, "You're such a failure of a host, making such nasty dishes for guests to eat. Sigh, Niu looks down on you!"

All right… eating so much of someone else's high-tier beast meat and still looking down on them, this little girl was truly one of a kind.

Wang Yi Yun didn't lose her temper at all, still full of smiles, as if nothing could sway her emotions, but the people on the side couldn't tolerate it; what kind of guests are you guys?

"Don't go, stay!"

"Right, I want to spar with you a bit!"

"That's right, fighting harms harmony, we'll just spar a little."
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