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"Zuo Qiu?" Ling Han laughed. He invented nonsense thoughtlessly as he said, "That guy suddenly took a fancy for his coachman and decided to elope with him, so he urged me to attend the banquet in his place."

The old butler was astounded. He'd seen Zuo Qiu Le Cheng a few times, and each time, Zuo Qiu Le Cheng would come for the lady of the house, earnestly pursuing her, so why did he suddenly take a fancy for his own coachman? Could it be that when the lady rejected him, she was too cold, which led to too great of a shock for Zuo Qiu Le Cheng's, warping his view on life, bending it forcibly?

"May I ask how to address this young master?" he asked. Anyway, his duty was to welcome guests, and whoever came over on this carriage would be qualified to enter the private manor; this was the rule, which he had to obey.

"Han Lin." Ling Han used a pseudonym again; not that he cared whether or not he'd be exposed by others.

"So, it's Young Master Han, please!" The old butler gesticulated to proceed, and a sturdy guard immediately came over to take Ling Han and them in.

"Hold it! Hold it!" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng and his coachman ran over together at that time. Because of being injured by Ling Han, they supported each other with an arm, looking… well, very intimate.

Could it be true—the two were really bent together…?

The old butler instinctively felt an aversive chill. He'd heard that some men swung this way, but never would have thought to personally witness it, making his old face contort. He even took a few steps back, as if afraid of being infected.

After retreating to a safe distance, he asked, "Young Master Zuo Qiu?"

"That person seized my carriage, stop him! Don't let that wild person enter. He definitely came to start trouble!" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng himself couldn't rival Ling Han, and could only pin his hopes on the old butler.

This was a Spiritual Infant Tier elite who'd crossed into this tier countless years ago. Although he'd been delayed in advancing into the Deity Transformation Tier, he improved upon this tier extremely firmly, his battle prowess terrifying.

The old butler gave an "oh" and placed his sight on Ling Han, revealing a baleful look. He said, "Young Master Han, are Young Master Zuo Qiu's words inconsistent with the facts?"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Completely inconsistent. For a young and promising, humble and courteous person like me, how could I possibly be a wild person? I'm going to sue him for slander. Senior, please uphold the justice."


Quo Qiu Le Cheng almost hacked out blood in anger. 'You're damned humble and courteous?' He pointed at the wounds on his body, and said, "Wasn't this from your beating?"

The coachman also nodded hurriedly, and with an aggrieved look, he leaned into Zuo Qiu Le Cheng's chest, timid and helpless, appearing extremely resentful.

F*ck, this is blinding!

Such a scene was something even the old butler didn't dare to look at for too long. Hurriedly casting away his glance, he said to Ling Han, "Young Master Han, rules are rules, since Young Master Zuo Qiu didn't let you attend the banquet in his place, then please show your personal invitation, or else this old man can only chase Young Master Han away."

"How could a country bumpkin receive an invitation, he definitely wanted to sneak in!" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng discredited Ling Han.

Ta, ta, ta, another carriage arrived, and out of it walked a man with an imposing appearance and a ravishingly beautiful girl by his side. The two didn't look like couple, but rather brother and sister.

That man was first startled, and then asked curiously, "Hm, isn't this Zuo Qiu? Haha, what do you look so miserable?"

Quo Qiu Le Cheng was most afraid of having his scars exposed by others, so when he heard him, he simply snorted, and said, "Mind your own business!"

"Don't you know that I, Li Feng Yu, love the most to meddle in others' businesses and watch the fun?" The man laughed loudly. He called over the beauty to his side, and said, "Younger Sister, let's get a stool and some pumpkin seeds, cracking some while we watch the show."

"Brother!" That beauty glared at him. Her physique was ample and touching, and she was extremely bright and beautiful. She truly had no way to handle her brother, who never appeared proper all day long.

"And, Zuo Le, you're holding on to this person so tightly, could there be a secret between you guys that can't bear the light of day?" Li Feng Yu looked at the coachman who was timidly leaning into Zuo Qiu Le Cheng's chest, instantly looking full of alarm.

Zuo Qiu Le Cheng was first startled, and then discovered that the coachman was actually leaning on his chest, instantly making him feel sick. He hurriedly pushed the other person away, appearing disgusted.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "Cast aside the birdy heartlessly… how deeply deserving of disdain!"

"So, it turns out Zuo Qiu actually had this sort of liking, and in order to cover it, he intentionally treated the other… coldly… Uh, lover!" Li Feng Yu was surprised and startled.

The old butler's throat trembled; he wanted to puke.

This generation's geniuses appeared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, each one stronger than the previous, but it was way too messy—to even play in such ways…

"You guys…" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng roared angrily. "I'll kill you guys! I'll kill you guys!"

Ling Han intentionally sighed, and said, "With a secret exposed, you become furious with shame? Sigh, this isn't much, really; each person has the right to love others, so as long as one likes it, why care about the how the world views it?"

"Yes! Yes!" Li Feng Yu agreed from the bottom of his heart.

Zuo Qiu Le Cheng trembled with anger. He wasn't at all bent; he still wanted to pursue Wang Family's beloved daughter. However, if news of him muddling hopelessly with other men spread, would he still have hope?

"This brother here, let's have a good chat!" Li Feng Yu's expression had gossip written all over it. The contents of this good chat was definitely Zuo Qiu Le and the coachman's "unspeakable secret."

Ling Han took out an invitation and handed it to the old butler whilst walking towards Li Feng Yu, and said with a smile, "Alright!"

"Don't talk about it!" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng hurriedly shouted.

Ling Han turned his head, and said, "Don't talk about what?"

"Don't talk about the things between me and him!" Zuo Qiu Le Cheng immediately shouted without thinking.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Don't worry, I won't. I most dislike talking about someone's secrets behind their back."

Li Feng Yu instantly gave an "oh." This time it was truly certain—even Zuo Qiu Le Cheng himself admitted it.

The old butler wanted to puke again.

"No! No!" After staring blankly for a while, Zuo Qiu Le Cheng finally came to his senses. There wasn't anything originally, but now that he argued, he instead admitted his own status as a 'bent male,' instantly shouting repeatedly.

"Say no more, I understand!" Li Feng Yu nodded sternly, and said, "Zuo Qiu, don't worry, your secret is with me, and definitely won't be told to a third person!"

'Believe your freaking ghost! The sneaky smile on your damned face can't even be contained! Moreover, who didn't know your nickname "Li Big Mouth." You damned sure won't tell a third person, but tell three hundred people, even three thousand people!'

Zuo Qiu Le Cheng hurriedly chased over. He had to stop Li Feng Yu from talking nonsense, but he'd just ran two steps when he felt his legs go soft, immediately falling towards the ground.

"Young Master!" The coachman hurriedly threw himself at Zuo Qiu Le Cheng and caught him.

"Hero saves the beauty?" Li Feng Yu said once he saw it. "Filthy, really too filthy!" However, the expression on his face was beyond excitement; the trait of Li Big Mouth already began to burn with rage.

The old butler couldn't bear it, and with a wa, he puked; the youngsters nowadays were truly beyond understanding.
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