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Ling Han didn't really care. He possessed the Black Tower that could nurture spirit medicine extremely easily, and ginseng had the effect of strengthening one's energy and extending one's life—especially thousand-year-old ginseng, its effects even more outstanding.

For him, thousand-year-old ginsengs were carrots; he'd pull as many out as needed, not at all distressed.

"Everyone, don't fall for it!" A man suddenly stood out, pointed at that bottle, and said, "How could this possibly refine a a divine spirit? The vein-like patterns are almost all effaced, so how much power could it possibly have remaining? Besides, how could there be a treasure in the mortal realm that refines gods?

"If it were truly so powerful, couldn't this person here crush Heaven's Sword Sect, Absolute Saber Sect, and more? Would they be lacking in treasured medicine?"

Everyone couldn't help but nod. This bottle was certainly out of the ordinary, but it was still broken; what power could it have left such that one would need to use the most precious life-extending treasured medicines to exchange for it? Who'd be willing to?

"Shopkeeper, make it cheaper."

"I've got a hundred Origin Crystals here. How about it, trade?"

"I've got three Green Yang Star Pills."

"I'll use fifth tier Azure Dark Gold to exchange."

Everyone quoted a price that they personally could accept. This treasured tool was still quite attractive; even though it was already broken, with the martial intent almost worn away, it still had an imperishable presence circulating, which made them moved.

"No exchange!" The old man persisted. He had not much life left and had no descendants, so he only wanted to live a few more years. Taking other treasures had no use; they could only be buried along with him.

"So, how about a three hundred-year-old fleeceflower root?" Someone quoted a price.

Fleeceflower root was a fine tonic, and three hundred-year-old one was even more extraordinary, being able to extend lifespan by at least ten years or so.

The old man revealed an expression of hesitation. This treasured medicine was lower than his expectations, but after being constantly deprecated by that man earlier, he, too, now felt that this bottle wouldn't sell for too high of a price, making him somewhat moved.

"This should be a replica of Refine Celestial Bottle. The true item couldn't possibly fall in to the mortal realm, and couldn't possibly be damaged." It was still that deprecating man earlier—he kept observing the bottle. "Although it's not genuine, and it's heavily damaged, it still has some research value."

He paused shortly, and said, "Then I'll offer two stalks of two hundred-year-old Dark Cloud Ginseng."

Dark Cloud Ginseng was also a life-extending spirit medicine, and while two hundred-year-old Dark Cloud Ginseng's life-extending effects were also around ten years, this spirit medicine's effect couldn't be stacked. Consuming the first would have its full effects, the second would only have half the effect, and the effects of the ones after would be worse and worse.

Thus, two Dark Cloud Ginsengs effects would at most extend life by 15 years.

However, for someone with one foot in the grave, living for five more years was an irresistible temptation.

The old man's brow raised. He'd wanted to accept earlier, but now, with an offer of five more years to live, he was obviously more touched.

Ling Han laughed, and opened up. "I'll offer a thousand-year-old White Jade Ginseng."


Everyone gasped in astonishment. Thousand-year-old spirit ginseng, are you kidding? Even if ginsengs were spirit medicine of longevity, a thousand years was the limit; basically, there were very few ginsengs that could grow to such age.

It was similar to how humans had a hundred years' lifespan—how many mortals could live fully to a hundred years?

Moreover, there were so many people who wanted to eat ginseng in the world; the greater its age, the rarer it was. A hundred years old ginseng could be seen as a Flower Blossom Tier expert, pitifully scarce; above five hundred years old was like a Deity Transformation Tier elite, and a thousand years old one was like a Shattering Void Tier—countable with one's fingers.

This boy called out a thousand-year-old treasured medicine from the outset—it had to be a joke.

Even that old man was somewhat unbelieving, and said, "Youngster, are you serious?"

Ling Han raised his hand, then threw out a ginseng, and said, "You can verify."

The old man caught and examined the ginseng closely. In reality, he also didn't really know the good from the bad, but a thousand-year-old ginseng's medicinal powers were deep and could be sensed with just a small look. The old man was immediately certain that even if this wasn't a thousand years old, it had at least 800-900 years of age.

This was enough to extend his life more than 30 years!

He was obviously exalted, and said, "Alright, this bottle belongs to you!"

"Hold it!" the deprecating man earlier spoke up, and gazed threateningly at Ling Han. He then paused momentarily before speaking, "I'll offer three seven hundred years old Yellow Dragon Ginseng."

Seven hundred years old Yellow Dragon Ginseng were obviously incomparable to a thousand years old White Jade Ginseng, but with three stalks, it obviously surpassed the white jade ginseng.

Everyone was puzzled. Didn't you say that this bottle was tattered and worthless? Why have you taken out three treasured medicines to trade for it? They immediately understood that the man earlier had intentionally deprecated it in order to decrease the competition and to win the treasured tool at the lowest price.

Now, met with a powerful contender, he still wanted the treasured bottle, so he could only increase the price.

For Ling Han, a thousand years old ginseng was of little value, but he also didn't want to waste it arbitrarily. After all, this bottle was certainly too damaged, and other than referencing the techniques of the ancient times, it almost had no use.

But why was this man so aggressive, even using unscrupulous means?

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth and looked towards the bottle; the bottle's body was certainly extremely damaged, and even if it could still unleash its might, it would probably break down first.

However, at the bottom of the bottle was a layer of dazzling light, intense like a small sun, almost blinding his eyes.

A treasure!

Ling Han was stirred up inside. Those were vein-like patterns, so dazzling that even he couldn't bear it; they had to be remarkable!

He no longer hesitated. Even if that bottle wasn't usable at all, the vein-like patterns alone were worth it. He threw out another thousand years old ginseng, and said, "Then I'll use two."

Counting on years, three seven hundred years old Yellow Dragon Ginsengs were above two thousand years old White Jade Ginseng, but considering that the effects of the life-extending medicine reduced progressively, then the effect of three Yellow Dragon Ginsengs were completely incomparable to two thousand years old White Jade Ginsengs.

Anyone could do such a calculation. The old man was obviously immediately touched, but still looked towards that man… he wanted to see whether he was going to raise the price. Anyway, he was going to sell to the highest bidder to maximize the gains.

That man looked at Ling Han, and said, "I'll add another Heart Protection Pill!"

Heart Protection Pill, an extremely precious medicinal pill that could save the lives of martial artists below the Deity Transformation Tier no matter how heavy their injury was, and help them slowly recover from their injuries; amongst medium level Earth Grade medicinal pills, it was also amongst the finest.

The old man instantly felt a rush of excitement. With such a spirit pill, he could adventure in historic sites, and maybe seize an opportunity to advance into the Deity Transformation Tier, seizing two hundred years of life more from the heavens; this was much more powerful than any life-extending spirit medicine.

Ling Han laughed—competing with Alchemy Emperor using medicinal pills? Damn, Heaven Grade medicinal pills he indeed lacked the materials to refine, but Earth Grade medicinal pills he'd got a dime a dozen. He really wanted to compete?

"I'll add two more Heart Protection Pills," he said.


Many people in the surroundings already spurted out their saliva. These two guys were talking about Earth Grade medicinal pills, so why did they feel so cheap like average quality goods?
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