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The people nearby had strange expressions.

People who were able to come here were at least at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and often went to historic sites and abodes to toughen themselves, seeing plenty of strange things; however, a rabbit actually opened its mouth to speak, which still made them shockingly confused.

Moreover, this rabbit was quite fierce, knocking down Mu Rong Qing with a single kick; Mu Rong Qing's strength was obvious to all.

Xiu, Mu Rong Qing jumped up, looked left and right, and said, "Who dares to assault this young master?"

Seeing everyone's gazes focused on a large white rabbit, his face twitched as he cried out, "This damned rabbit knows how to talk?"

"Mess your face up!" The rabbit pushed off its feet, charging out, and began fighting with Mu Rong Qing. "Look at Uncle Rabbit's Eighteen Eagle Kick!"

Peng, peng, peng, peng, the rabbit's speed was very fast; as it bounced repeatedly, its legs threw a flurry of kicks at Mu Rong Qing.

"Damned rabbit, this young master has no grievances nor grudges with you, kick your sister!" Mu Rong Qing said furiously.

"You dare insult your Uncle Rabbit, so who else is there to kick if not you?" The rabbit bawled, kicking ceaselessly.

The rabbit might be bitten by Hu Niu the entire day, looking like an uncontentious person, but that was only towards Hu Niu alone. When it came to treating others, it was the standard ruffian rabbit, its mouth full of rascally words, rude and unreasonable.

One man and one rabbit got into a brawl, soon rising into the sky and fighting fiercely.

"No need to pay attention to them," Ling Han said with a smile. He perceived that Mu Rong Qing had amazing martial arts talent, but he was also a silly person; it was better to let him and the ruffian rabbit fight it out and become brothers.

"After they've fought enough, they'll stop naturally." Zhu Xuan Er learned Ling Han's phrase.

Ling Han and Rain Emperor began talking about the things that happened in the two years. Rain Emperor suddenly said, "I think you have no need to worry about people attacking you because of the whereabouts of the divine treasure trove."

"Why do you say?" Ling Han appeared very curious.

"Wen Yi Jian came to the middle state not long ago, and went separately to Heaven's Sword Sect, Absolute Saber Sect, and the other ancient sects. Now, these sects announced jointly that no one is allowed to kill Wen Yi Jian, or else it would be making an enemy of the great sects. Presumably, Wen Yi Jian told those sects about information on the divine treasure trove and exchanged it for protection," Rain Emperor explained.

'Oh, so there was actually such a thing.'

Ling Han pondered, and had to admit Wen Yi Jian's helplessness and resolution.

Wen Yi Jian didn't have the Black Tower, so not to mention encountering a Shattering Void Tier expert, even a Deity Transformation Tier warrior could make him have nowhere to run. For him, the divine treasure trove not only had no benefits now, but also would restrict his development.

Hiding silently in the mountains and forests for his entire life, would he have any prospects to advance into the Shattering Void Tier and become a god afterwards?

Since he couldn't become a god, then wouldn't the divine treasure trove be just empty words?

Contrarily, handing over the coordinates of the divine treasure trove, he not only didn't lose a thing, but also was able to discuss some terms with the great sects, receiving some benefits. If his luck was nature-defying, after entering the god realm, he could still contest for that divine treasure trove.

If he didn't have the Black Tower, perhaps he could only do the same.

Now that the coordinates of the divine treasure trove fell into the hands of the great sects, it wasn't important for others to seize the it anymore… if you couldn't even enter the Shattering Void Tier, could you go to the god realm to dig up treasures?

Wen Yi Jian's actions actually resolved a crisis for Ling Han.

"Wen Yi Jian also received the qualifications for direct entry into the academy," Rain Emperor went on.

Ling Han nodded. Whether it was Wen Yi Jian's own strength, or his credit for "selling" the whereabouts of the divine treasure trove, to win a quota for direct entry was an easy thing to do.

"Do you know the examination rules for entering the academy?" he asked.

"Not sure at the moment, but since martial arts geniuses are to be picked, battle is unavoidable," Rain Emperor said indifferently, filled with assertiveness.

Ling Han nodded. Rain Emperor lacked a complete art that would allow him to ultimately advance into the Shattering Void tier. On the path of martial arts, Rain Emperor already created his own fist technique and walked down his own path, no longer needing martial arts techniques; only Mystical Powers could improve his battle prowess.

After talking for a while, Ling Han took out a large pot and began cooking food. As the alluring smell spread, not only did the people nearby drool inwardly, the man and the rabbit in the sky stopped fighting and descended, their eyes on the pot lid.

Hu Niu was fierce, jumping out to say, "Don't get any ideas about Hu Niu's food!"

Quite the attitude on guarding her food.

After the food was cooked, everyone began eating. Their group of people had formidable strength, and whether it was Ling Han, Hu Niu, Rain Emperor, and Mu Rong Qing, they all had the qualifications for a direct entry into the academy. Now that the four grouped together, they could even take out Spiritual Infant Tier elites, so who would dare to provoke them?

Thus, though people drooled inwardly as they watched and felt it even more strange there was a talking beast, no one came over to bother them.

Mu Rong Qing was silly as expected, and soon had an arm around the rabbit's shoulders as they called each other brothers. This made Hu Niu mock him by saying that she was ashamed to be associated with beasts, making this guy quite gloomy.

It was bustling here, with fights every day. The geniuses from the all over the world were unconvinced with each other, starting to fight as they talked; because there were too many geniuses gathered, some obviously didn't want to go, and those that had no qualifications to enter the academy also came; they set up shop nearby, selling all sorts of things.

On the second day, Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing both went to the mountains and forests nearby to find beasts to battle. Maybe they could also obtain precious metals, spirit medicine, and other treasures; otherwise, would they just sit here for half a year?

Ling Han had just arrived, so he circled the surroundings enthusiastically. The outer area had large amounts of street stalls laid on the ground, laying out a good deal of items.

Some were unremarkable low-level spirit medicine, some were ancient tools fished out from historical remains, and there were both usable and unusable ones; everything was based on one's own discernment.

Zhu Xuan Er accompanied him by his side, while Hu Niu held onto Ling Han's hand, appearing extremely impatient. When Ling Han had just taken a glance, the little girl would drag him away, making Ling Han extremely gloomy. Shopping was supposed to be women's favorite daily routine—just look at Zhu Xuan Er, she was so absorbed in it.

Walking for a while, a group of people surrounding a small stall could be seen, appearing quite lively.

Ling Han also pushed his way through—it turned out everyone was interested in a bottle.

This was an old thing. The tool's body was tattered, the designs on it blurred, and the bottleneck was missing a chunk, but despite it, it still gave people a grand and magnificent feeling.

The stall owner was an old man with Spiritual Infant Tier cultivation, making other's not dare to seize it by force.

"Old Senior, what treasured tool is this?" Ling Han asked.

"Refine Celestial Bottle!" the old man said dully.

Ling Han was startled—refine celestial? Such big talk, to actually refine a divine spirit… But no matter how it looked, this ancient item couldn't possibly have such powers; the vein-like patterns on it almost completely faded.

"What does it sell for?" he asked again. If the price wasn't too high, it wouldn't hurt to take it as a toy.

"Use treasured medicine as exchange, ones that can extend life," the old man said. Although he was very powerful, he was too old, with Qi and blood exhausted, evidently without more than a few years left to live.

For such a person, there was nothing more precious than lifespan-extending treasured medicine.

Who didn't want to live long? Lifespan-extending treasured medicine was the most precious of spirit medicine, rarely seen on the market. No wonder, then, that this many people looked, but no one struck a deal—it wasn't that everyone didn't want to make a deal, but the old man's term was too high, such that no one could offer it.

Even if they did have it, would it really be worth it to exchange for a broken bottle?
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