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Rain Emperor was still as domineering as before; his fists had closely interwoven vein-like patterns, and as he punched out, Fist Ray intertwined, just like a crimson fury dragon.

He was truly an extraordinary talent, breaking away from the confines of the title of emperor. After walking out of the desolate north, his improvement was shocking. Earlier in the Dark Demon Forest, he had crossed into Flower Blossom Tier not long ago, but now, he'd shockingly crossed into Spiritual Infant Tier!

After reaching the Spiritual Infant Tier, Rain Emperor looked younger by a few years again. Before, he was a middle-aged man in the forties, but now he only looked to be in the thirties!

Spiritual Infant Tier experts possessed a lifespan that reached five hundred years. Rain Emperor was in his sixties, and by conversion, it was only equivalent to a hundred-year-old person lback in their teens, naturally looking young. However, the increase in lifespan couldn't be seen; facial features and the body's regression were much slower, and would only occur during breaking through by a large tier.

Ling Han nodded inwardly. Rain Emperor probably also received some amazing and favorable circumstances. Talent alone was insufficient for such progression.

Rain Emperor cultivated Rays, and his battle power was obviously terrifying; who was it that was able to fight against him?

Ling Han looked at Rain Emperor's opponent. It was a youngster that looked to be in his twenties, also bare-handed, with shocking brilliance enveloping his fists, fiercely exchanging blows with Rain Emperor.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The two battled fiercely in the sky, and each shock wave would make many people flee. Even more people cooperated to form defenses, unwilling to retreat to a further place, and watched the battle at a close distance.

"That's not a Ray!" Ling Han saw clearly that the youngster, who was exchanging blows with Rain Emperor, also had brilliance enveloped around his fists, yet it wasn't Ray but many flashes of Qi interwoven together.


It seemed like Xuanyuan Ziguang wasn't the only one that cultivated pseudo-rays, and there were some more geniuses similar to him.

Counting, the amount of Qi actually reached the twenties, but exactly how many was unclear to him because the Qi was tangled too closely and enveloped by that person's martial intent; it was impossible to see for outsiders.

However, even with such an amount of Qi, a pseudo-ray was a pseudo-ray after all, and couldn't truly rival an actual Ray!

Rain Emperor only condensed ten flashes of Qi into a Ray, yet possessed an overwhelming advantage. However, the martial arts skills that the opponent grasped were extremely amazing, forcibly remedying the gap between Qi and Ray.

"Who's that youngster?" Ling Han inquired a person on the sides.

"Hmm, you don't even know him?" That person revealed an astounded look.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Should I know?"

"You must've just come!" that person said with certainty.

"Right on point. Impressive!" Ling Han laughed loudly.

"If you came here earlier, you absolutely wouldn't not know that gaudy person." That person pouted his mouth, indicating towards the sky. "North region's Mu Rong Qing who's been challenging geniuses of all paths in this half-month but hasn't met a single defeat to this day."

"The geniuses that qualified for direct entry aren't even here, or else, with Small Saber King, Yao Hui Yue, and Dong Ling Er, wouldn't any of them could take care of him easily?" someone on the side interjected.

"However, this Mu Rong Qing is certainly formidable. I'm definitely no rival for him," the first person conceded with a sigh.

The expression of person that interjected changed irregularly. He obviously wasn't Mu Rong Qing's rival, either, but didn't want to admit it publicly. He simply snorted, and said, "Cultivating a few more years than me, he's bound to be higher, or else I'd suppress him with the turn of my palm!"

Ling Han swept a glance at him. This person was at the Flower Blossom Tier and looked roughly a little over thirty, looking about this age judging by Qi and blood as well. However, Mu Rong Qing was much younger, at most thirty.

Who'd cultivated a few more years again? That would be him, and not Mu Rong Qing; he was truly too envious.

"Haha, Mu Rong Qing's met a rival this time," the first person said with a laugh.

Ling Han looked at Rain Emperor, and said, "Then who's Mu Rong Qing's opponent?"

"A very low-key guy. Before he attacked, no one expected him to be so fierce, and didn't even know that he was actually a Spiritual Infant Tier elite!" the first person cried out. "It seems like no one even recognizes him!"

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "I know him, he's known as Fist Emperor!"

"Fist… Emperor!" Many people on the side heard, revealing startled expressions.

How could the word emperor be used rashly?

Monarch and Emperor represented the extreme of martial arts. If one wasn't a Shattering Void Tier elite in this life… who else dared to claim the title of Monarch or Emperor? One as powerful as Small Saber King was only a "king," with a "small" word before it.

"Fist Emperor" represented the pinnacle of the fist path, and claimed that anyone who used fists wasn't his rival—only then could one be crowned with such a title.

Ling Han said unhurriedly, "Believe me, he'll definitely live up to that name in the future!"

The greatest genius of the desolate north wasn't Can Ye, but this Rain Emperor!

Comparatively, Can Ye still lacked that assertive domineeringness, so he served under Ling Han. If it were the Rain Emperor, no matter how much help or pressure he was given, he would only be grateful, and never submit.

This was an emperor's domineeringness, and a characteristic that unparalleled elites had to possess.

The people nearby obviously wouldn't believe it. Although Spiritual Infant Tier experts were strong, the middle state wasn't lacking in Deity Transformation, Heaven, and Shattering Void Tier elites. With the suppression of three great level of elites, how could it be easy to claim the title of the "Emperor"?

Mu Rong Qing and Rain Emperor were still fighting fiercely. Of the two, one was superior in martial arts skills, emitting azure divine light all over his body, and the other had formed Ray early on, with terrifying fist power; even more, he had a natural sensitivity towards martial arts, and could improve during battle, becoming stronger the more he fought.

After fighting for a day and a night, the situation was still at a stalemate. Eventually, the two shook hands and made up. The two were both geniuses in the way of the fist, and naturally appreciating each other's talents, they began to discuss once they descended down.

Ling Han walked over with a smile, and said, "Lord Rain Emperor, long time no see."

"Ling Han!" Rain Emperor looked over, and couldn't help but laugh out loud loftily. "I thought my cultivation speed was already fast enough, but compared to you, I'm immediately eclipsed."

He'd just entered Spiritual Infant Tier, yet Ling Han was already at high stage of the Flower Blossom Tier. Although there was still the threshold of a large tier between them, he believed that for a freak like Ling Han, it wouldn't trap him for long.

Ling Han was truly impressed with Rain Emperor. He could ignore the barrier of a large tier because he had experienced it before, but Rain Emperor came from the desolate north, yet relied on his own efforts and talents to break through the two large tiers of the Flower Blossom and the Spiritual Infant Tier in the short span of two years; this was truly shocking.

Even placed in the previous lifetime, Sword Emperor and the others wouldn't be comparable to him!

Of course, this was because Rain Emperor was trapped too long in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and absorbed the power of the nation for many years, only then allowing him to soar to the ninth heaven the moment he left the shallow waters; in the following days, Rain Emperor certainly wouldn't be able to maintain such high speed.

"Come, come, come, Mu Rong, let me introduce him to you, this man here is Ling Han!" Rain Emperor grabbed Ling Han's hand and turned to look at Mu Rong Qing.

"Flower Blossom Tier?" Mu Rong Qing revealed an astounded expression. He never wouldn't thought Rain Emperor would be cordial towards a Flower Blossom Tier junior.

"So what if it's Flower Blossom Tier, you unconvinced or what? Uncle Rabbit will kick your face bloody!" Who would've expected that the rabbit was the first to flip out. Peng, with the push of both feet, it kicked Mu Rong Qing's butt, and with a peng, Mu Rong Qing was thrust into the mud entirely.
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