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"Lady Qin, why would you say that? I like you with all of my heart, do you still not know?" Ye Rong hurriedly explained.

"Goodbye!" Qin Lian Yue waved her hand and marched off.

Ye Rong wanted to chase her, but a group of admirers was before him, and he'd just been ridiculed. Finding it difficult to urge her to stay, he could only wear a gloomy face.

"Young Master Ye, there are plenty of fish in the sea. With your identity, you can have any beauty you want!" someone said.

"That's right, that woman's blind for not seeing Young Master Ye's goodness!"

"Maybe Young Master Ye is too accommodating, making her feel self-conceited, thinking that Young Master Ye must indulge her."

"Young Master Ye, as an experienced man, I can assure you that facing such a woman, Young Master Ye only needs to treat her indifferently and intentionally pay no attention to her. After a few times, she'll lower her stance and come to you on her own accord."

"Correct, women shouldn't be pampered. Once pampered, they'll be on a pedestal."

Hearing everyone's opinions, Ye Rong's expression was somewhat better. Anyway, in less than half a year was the Restore Heaven Academy's inauguration, and he could still see Qin Lian Yue then, so there was no rush to chase her.

Hearing everyone's fulsome praises, he finally felt as if he'd returned to the Flying Star Sect, being revolved around like the moon with a myriad of stars around it. It was different than before, when he was with Ling Han and the others—they treated him like air.

'Damn it, they must've led Qin Lian Yue astray!'

"Where do we go first?" Qin Lian Yue asked.

"Not we. I am me, and you are you!" Ling Han raised his fingers and said, "Having arrived at Flying Blossom County, we should part ways."

Qin Lian Yue couldn't help but grit her teeth. How much did this guy dislike her? Why was he always thinking of chasing her off? She was someone with self-respect, and obviously wouldn't hang onto him shamelessly. She thought that this guy would definitely be able to enter the Restore Heaven Academy, and she'd settle things with him then! 

After Qin Lian Yue left, Ling Han had Can Ye leave with He Lan Yun. Can Ye was a young prospect with amazing saber talents, and following by his side, he wouldn't be able to find his own path. 

Once the three people left, it was just the small party of Ling Han, Hu Niu, and Zhu Xuan Er; of course, there was still a ruffian rabbit.

"Where are you guys bringing Uncle Rabbit?" the large white rabbit asked.

Ling Han rolled his eyes, and said, "No one forced you to follow us, right?"

"Pah, you cheated Uncle Rabbit out of his treasured ginseng, and want to profit all alone?" The large white rabbit jumped up and was about to grab Ling Han, but Hu Niu bit it on the thigh, making it scream in pain again.

"Didn't I tell you? Come back one year later, I'll give you back two!" Ling Han said with a smile. That Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng would soon produce seeds; at most a few more months, and it would be able to spread its new seeds. Then, after a year, the treasured ginseng he'd obtain would be in the hundreds.

"Uncle doesn't believe it!" The large white rabbit screamed in pain, walking forward while dragging Hu Niu who was biting its thigh—that was really arduous.

Ling Han shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Do as you wish, follow us if you want. Anyhow, you're a Spiritual Infant Tier beast, and I can't chase you off, right?"

"So long as you know your Uncle's tremendousness!" The large white rabbit crossed it arms. Sadly, with Hu Niu hanging on its thigh, she heavily damaged its formidable image.

Ling Han referenced the map and first went to Silent Might Mountain, which could very well be the mountain range containing Boundless Mountain.

Since it couldn't be confirmed, they could only search inch by inch. This was no different from fishing out a needle from the sea, because it had already been close to ten millennia, and maybe Clear Harmony Palace Hall already collapsed, or it could've been buried by falling rocks during battles between martial artists. 

They searched carefully but got nowhere. The rabbit couldn't help but ask, "Boy, what are you guys searching for?"

"A palace, a palace that existed ten millennia ago," Ling Han said.

"Then why hasn't it been found?" the rabbit asked.

"Because we can't be sure if it's this mountain."

"Dang!" The rabbit almost fainted. "Boy, does your head have a problem? You're not sure which mountain it is, yet you've already begun searching. If you can find it this way, then Uncle Rabbit will follow your surname!"

Ling Han gave it a condescending look. "Do you have a surname?"

"Who said I didn't?" The rabbit pleased with itself, said, "Uncle's surname is Zong. My ancestor is Zong Qing Yi. who inspired awe throughout the world, sweeping through the world with one sword strike in former years, and later broke through the void and ascended into the god realm." 

"Never heard before!" Ling Han shook his head.

"Of course, you've never heard before. Uncle's ancestor is a figure from several hundred years ago."

"Hmm, does this have to do with why you're able to talk?"

"Boy, you're rather smart!" The rabbit didn't deny it. "After a beast like me reaches the god tier, I'll transform into human and be able to speak. However, Uncle's ancestor was truly too powerful, and after blood inheritance, though Uncle can't transform, speaking isn't difficult at all. This is the nobility of bloodline."

Hu Niu's saliva flowed in streams as she said, "Ling Han, this is a divine beast's relic species, its definitely tonic. Let's slaughter and eat it!"

"Eat your freaking uncle!" The rabbit stamped its feet in a rush. "Little girl, Uncle Rabbit's begging you, stop thinking about Uncle Rabbit's flesh. There really isn't much to fill the gaps between your teeth!"

It'd seen Hu Niu's big appetite.

Hu Niu cracked a smile, and said, "Just eat one leg, all right? You have four legs anyway."

To hell with that!

The rabbit was almost driven mad. How could there be such a little girl; was this forcing it to die?

Ling Han laughed loudly, and muttered, "If there was an ancient map, I wouldn't need to fish out a needle from the sea."

"Qie, why didn't you say earlier. Uncle Rabbit knows where to get an ancient map; let alone from ten millennia ago, even a hundred millennia ago wouldn't be a problem," the rabbit suddenly said.

"Oh, where?" Ling Han asked.

The rabbit counted with its claws, and said, "Heaven's Sword Sect, Absolute Saber Sect, Cloud Phoenix Sect…"

Of course. These sects had stood for at least several millennia, and obviously had maps of different periods, and they'd make it much faster compared to him searching blindly. The key was that even if he narrowed the range, to completely search over it once would take several years.

Not to mention that Clear Harmony Palace Hall could be buried underneath the ground, or within a mountain, making it more difficult to find.

"After entering the Restore Heaven Academy, I wonder if there's a chance to access them. Yes, wouldn't hurt to find a reason, saying that an ancient treasure map was obtained, but because the geographical features and names changed, the treasure troves location couldn't be found, and an ancient map was needed for reference."

Ling Han thought for a while and decided to go to the Restore Heaven Academy first to get acquainted with a few disciples of the ancient sects. Then, luring them with gains, he wouldn't have to worry about them not trying to go back to their sects to retrieve an ancient map.

…Ancient maps shouldn't be too precious.

Once the idea was set, the three people and one rabbit set out towards the Restore Heaven Academy again. After ten days, they finally arrived at Nine Dragons Mountain.

Now, this area became a holy land of martial arts. The geniuses of the four regions and one state all came upon the news, and although it was still early, quite a few of middle state's geniuses already came and gathered at the base of the mountain, sparring and improving their techniques whilst waiting for the academy to open.

For martial artists, battle was a daily routine. Just as Ling Han and the others arrived, they saw two people fighting in the sky.

"Hm?" Ling Han was astounded, because one of them was actually Rain Emperor!
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