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"What's the mountain valley's background? Why are there so many Deity Transformation Tier Beasts?" Ling Han was curious. One Deity Transformation Tier beast could rule a mountain region alone; so many of them living together was completely unreasonable.

The large white rabbit said, "That's obvious. There's a Heaven's Tier eagle king, Purple Jade Azure Eagle—a relic species, a king amongst kings—reigning over all beasts there!"

Ling Han sighed. Placed in the previous life, this eagle king was definitely an invincible existence, not as simple as just being a king amongst beasts, but a king amongst kings, on par with Sword Emperor and Heavenly Divine Phoenix Maiden.

In this life, such a beast king had the chance to progress one more step, advancing into the Shattering Void Tier!

If it really crossed this step, then it would truly be the world's most powerful being, almost without an equal.

"You're rather daring, breaking into such a place!" Ling Han said with a laugh.

"Rabbits and eagles are incompatible. Uncle Rabbit's obviously has to stifle that wretch and steal all its spirit medicine. I definitely can't let it advance into Shattering Void Tier!" the large white rabbit vociferated.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Unfortunately, a Heaven Tier king amongst beasts can teach you how to behave with a single claw."

"Brat, do you know how to have a chat? Can't you say anything pleasant to hear?" the large white rabbit said grouchily. "Ah! Biting your Uncle Rabbit again!" 

Hu Niu snorted, and said, "Don't be rude to Niu's Ling Han, or else Niu will eat you!"

"Let go! Let go!" The large white rabbit only knew to scream.

As they were speaking, they arrived at the promised rendezvous point. The small village was in sight, but the villagers had all become Corpse Soldiers, which were already killed by Ling Han and the others earlier.

"Why have you guys only come now!" Ye Rong said, displeased, to everyone as he appeared; did they know how long he waited? He was a genius that received direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy, and his time was extremely precious, yet they made him wait half a day!

"We encountered some things," Qin Lian Yue said, and spoke about encountering the beast tide outbreak.

"What?!" Ye Rong was terrified. "No wonder I saw mountains collapsing, so it was actually an eruption of a beast tide... and they were all Deity Transformation Tier? Lady Qin, thank heavens you're alright!"

His eyes looked keenly at Qin Lian Yue, so invasive that it was truly somewhat unbearable.

Ling Han gave an "oh", and took out a spirit peach. She threw it over, and said, "Your share!"

Ye Rong caught it instinctively, momentarily startled, and said, "You guys actually still harvested the spirit peaches?" Truly unimaginable, being able to harvest the spirit peaches under the erupting beast tide.

However, he expended a Divine Travel talisman, and exchanged it for one spirit peach. Even if it were a seventh tier spirit fruit, it was still truly a great loss.

They unfortunately encountered a beast tide, so getting one spirit peach was still better than getting none. 

Ye Rong gloomily put away the spirit peach. This was a seventh tier spirit fruit anyhow, and obviously shouldn't be eaten randomly. It was best to save it for a cultivation bottleneck—after taking the spirit fruit, insights of heaven and earth interweaved, which could lead to a breakthrough.

Everyone watched and shook their heads. They all ate their spirit fruits casually—not all people had the same fate.

"Hmm, why's there a rabbit?" Ye Rong stared at the large white rabbit. A rabbit that could grow to such a size was undoubtedly a beast.

Earlier, Qin Lian Yue only said there was a beast tide eruption, but didn't mention that the beast tide was actually set off by this ruffian rabbit stealing Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng. With Ye Rong's discernment, he obviously couldn't see through a Spiritaul Infant Tier beast rabbit.

The ruffian rabbit revealed its true colors and yelled at Ye Rong, "What are you looking at, Uncle Rabbit'll kick your bloody face!" 

The corner of Ye Rong's mouth twitched. A beast actually knew how to talk? This was extremely inconceivable—but even more was that this rabbit's mouth was so dirty, being able to piss people off in a matter of minutes.

"This beast rabbit actually knows how to talk!" He suppressed his fury within and raised his head to look at Qin Lian Yue for confirmation. This was hard to believe, since there certainly were beasts with intelligence no inferior to that of humans, but being able to speak was unheard of, let alone being so rascally.

"In the boundless world, nothing is too strange," Qin Lian Yue said thusly.

"Let's go, to the Restore Heaven Academy," Ling Han said.

Everyone set out again. The ruffian rabbit was set on Ling Han; this human casually took out thousand-year-old ginsengs as side dishes; his possessions should be extremely abundant, making it covet Ling Han for food. However, it would always suffer Hu Niu's sneak attacks, and being bitten countless times, screaming became its daily routine.

The strange thing was that no matter the thousands of times Hu Niu tormented it, it would only run and never thought to counterattack, making Ling Han click his tongue in surprise—what a truly strange thing.

After entering Flying Blossom County, travel-worn youngsters could be seen from time to time, and the majority hadn't reached fifty years old… of course, fifty years old Flower Blossom Tier and Spiritual Infant Tier experts could also rank amongst the young.

However, those surpassing one hundred obviously wouldn't contend with the youngsters, as it'd make them lose face. 

"Hmm, isn't this Ye Rong, Brother Ye?" Just as Ling Han and the others exited a small town, starting to hurry on the road, a group of people walked out at an slanted angle. Someone recognized Ye Rong and immediately cried out with a pleasantly surprised look. 

"You are…" Ye Rong slightly hesitated; he didn't recognize the other person.

"I am Hou Zhi," the other person hurriedly introduced himself. "A disciple of Five Elements Valley. I once saw Brother Ye on the chained twelve arenas. At the time, Brother Ye boldly won twelve consecutive victories and became one of the few victors since the start of the chained twelve arenas, truly making me admire you."

Ye Rong gave an "oh", and revealed a look of sudden realization. In reality, he only remembered the chained twelve arenas, and couldn't possibly remember the figures below the stage. However, he became famous through the fight at the chained twelve arenas, and having it brought up by the other person, he naturally felt self-satisfied and revealed a complacent look, instantly having a favorable impression towards this person.

"Come, come, come, I'll introduce everyone. This one is Ye Rong, Brother Ye—Flying Star Sect's highly praised disciple that received direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy!" Hou Zhi introduced to his friends.

Everyone instantly cried out. The Flying Star Sect and twelve arenas were all abstract to them, but the words "direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy" could represent everything.

A boss! A genius!

Instantly, those people all circled around him. They couldn't help but reveal looks of admiration, greatly satisfying Ye Rong's vanity; he was in no rush to leave now.

Qin Lian Yue couldn't help but cough, and said, "Can we get on our way?"

"In front of Young Master Ye, there's no place for you to speak!" a person immediately reprimanded Qin Lian Yue in a rush to bootlick Ye Rong.

Ye Rong instantly revealed a displeased look, and said, "This one is Dark Glory Valley's Qin Lian Yue, Lady Qin, who is my good friend. Hurry up and apologize to Lady Qin!"

Once that person heard, that person naturally knew that Ye Rong had interest in Qin Lian Yue, and hurriedly bowed and said, "I didn't know it was Lady Qin, I hope Lady Qin will forgive me!" 

Qin Lian Yue sneered, and said, "Ye Rong, why don't you go with them? We sure can't claim connections with a big shot like you!"

She'd had enough after hearing him brag along the way.ED/N: As in, like a boss xD
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