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The fur all over the large white rabbit's body bristled in fright, and its two hind legs began to quiver, wanting to hop away. However, it was unwilling to after some consideration. The Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng was seized by this human youngster in front of it.

It went through great efforts, going through countless checkpoints, before scooping out this ginseng.

"Human, why don't everyone eat ginseng soup? Uncle Rabbit will go catch an azure pheasant; making a black-bone chicken ginseng soul will definitely be tonic!" This rabbit immediately emulated Hu Niu, drooling all over the ground.

"Make rabbit meat ginseng soup!" Hu Niu immediately raised her hand.

"F*ck your uncle!" The large white rabbit almost kicked Hu Niu, but trembled in fear, not daring to act recklessly in the end.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "That ginseng can't be eaten temporarily; we still need to wait one more year! I promise you: you give me one stalk now, and one year later, I'll return two stalks to you. How about it?"

The large white rabbit involuntarily opened its bright red eyes, and said, "Human boy, you're talking too big. You think Uncle Rabbit was amused growing up, believing in in such lies? The spirit medicine that Uncle Rabbit's eaten are more than the rice you've eaten!"

"Ruffian Rabbit!" Ling Han pointed the middle finger at it. "Anyway, that's all I have to say—whether you believe it or not!"

He had the treasured ginseng, didn't he?

"Believe it, Uncle Rabbit obviously believes it!" The large white rabbit hurriedly nodded. "Ah…" It suddenly screamed again. "This girl's biting Uncle Rabbit again."

"Hu Niu!" Ling Han said.

Hu Niu finally unwillingly let go of the large white rabbit's leg, and said, "This rabbit's delicious, Niu wants to eat rabbit meat!" She bawled and behaved like a spoiled child.

"Hu Niu, cut it out!" Ling Han picked up Hu Niu, and couldn't help but click his tongue in surprise. Although Hu Niu loved to eat, she'd never been so ravenous. He took out a piece of dried meat and handed it to Hu Niu, letting her eat it first.

Hu Niu gnawed on it unhappily, her eyes still staring at the large white rabbit, making the rabbit tuck its tail between its legs; however, its tail was really too short, and clutching it was very difficult.

"Since the pursuing beasts have retreated, let's eat something first to recover from the fright," Ling Han said. He took out a pot, then put in the ingredients inside the Black Tower; he specially pulled out a few thousand-year-old ginsengs.

However, even inside the Black Tower, ginseng could only grow to a thousand years old, and could not progress further, because their seeds were of the ordinary kind, and a thousand years was the limit. Thus, Ling Han didn't mind taking it out to share with everyone, or else it would just rot in the mud.

"Thousand-year Purple Ginseng!"

"Thousand-year Jade Ginseng!"

"Thousand-year Yellow Ginseng!"

Qin Lian Yue looked at them one by one, her eyes showing surprise. Regarding these ginseng kinds, they were just forth tier and fifth tier spirit medicine, but their age was very impressive. A thousand years of age was enough to raise their social status by another tier.

The key was that Ling Han now took it out to boil soup... how extravagant was this? 

She'd seen tycoons, but to this degree... there was definitely no second one, even Shattering Void Tiers couldn't do it! After all, there were only so many thousand-year-old spirit ginsengs—there was an upper limit!

However, Zhu Xuan Er and Can Ye were without a shred of surprise, as if it were a common occurrence.

Could they possibly eat such extravagant meals often?

The large white rabbit was also surprised. It had stolen a lot of spirit medicine, but the offerings were all thousand-year-old treasured medicine... even it felt its heart palpitate.

"Ah…." But it immediately screamed again; it turned out Hu Niu couldn't help but bite it again.

Ling Han boiled the food, and asked out of curiosity, "Ruffian rabbit, you're a Spiritual Infant Tier expert, so how come you're such a pushover?" This made him think of Helian Xun Xue; he had no clue where this sea girl ran off to, and after a while, he actually missed her a bit.

"Uncle Rabbit won't bother arguing with a kid!" the large white rabbit said proudly, but seeing Hu Niu bare her baleful white teeth again, it hurriedly jumped behind Ling Han in fright.

"Rabbit, play with Niu! Let's play eagle and chicken. Niu's the eagle, and if you're caught by Niu, Niu will eat you!" She shifted her body, and like a lightning flash, she tried to grab the large white rabbit.

"F*ck, still trying to eat Uncle Rabbit!? You're freaking uncle!" The large white rabbit took to its heels.

One person and one rabbit circled around the open fire. One was fast, and the other wasn't slow, either. Neither succeeded at catching/shaking off the other, coming to a draw.

Ling Han took things leisurely, boiling the soup undistractedly.

"You're not going to intervene?" Qin Lian Yue couldn't help but speak up.

"I don't need to, she'll stop to eat on her own when she's messed around enough," Ling Han said indifferently.

This… how irresponsible. No wonder Hu Niu was taught to be so fierce.

As expected, when the iron pot emitted an alluring fragrant smell, Hu Niu immediately stopped and sat up properly, but she couldn't help looking on with eager eyes, and began to drool.

"Give Uncle Rabbit the eagle's butt!" The large white rabbit also sat down, but far away from Hu Niu.

"Rabbits eat meat?" Ling Han asked with a laugh.

"These lowly eagles have eaten countless of Uncle Rabbit's ancestors and descendants, Uncle Rabbit's getting revenge!" the large white rabbit said righteously.

"Bullcrap, clearly just ravening for it!" Ling Han scooped out the eagle's butt, and picked out a ginseng, then fetched some soup, handing it over to the large white rabbit. This eagle was the one killed not long ago, at the Flower Blossom Tier level, and was greatly tonic for them. Unfortunately, it wasn't a king amongst beasts.

Everyone received their a portion of ginseng soup one by one, and began eating one after another. The eagle meat was juicy, and the essence within the treasured ginseng was also all squeezed into the broth; it was both delicious and tonic.

Everyone glowed all over as they ate, with flashes of vein-like patterns rising. When Ling Han was cooking, he fused in the techniques of pill refinement, and extracted all the essence within the treasured ginseng, interweaving it with heaven and earth, so it was obviously awfully tonic. 

After drinking the soup, Ling Han also took out a spirit peach, one for each person—they wouldn't be able to digest any more.

Everyone sat in meditation to refine the benefits they ingested; after a while, the essence would naturally run off.

Ling Han, Hu Niu, and the large white rabbit ate the most.

Ling Han and Hu Niu had enormous appetites to start with; as for the large white rabbit, first, it was high in tier, and second, it was also somewhat of a freak, eating no less than Ling Han and Hu Niu. It drank bowl after bowl, not knowing how to hold back at all. 

After a long while, everyone finished and stood up one after another. They all revealed a satisfied look after benefiting a great deal.

"But, Ye Rong should've waited for a long while now."

"This... is somewhat rude."

"He shouldn't mind."


Everyone had no positive feelings for Ye Rong, and obviously wouldn't mind what he thought.

"Let's go!" They obviously didn't dare to go to the medicinal valley again. Inside were a nobility of Deity Transformation Tier beasts; the waters were deep, and charging in recklessly would end terribly.

They made their way to the appointed location; although they didn't like Ye Rong, they'd already agreed, and weren't ones to go back on their word.

Ling Han began to ask the ruffian rabbit about the background of the medicinal valley.
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