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Ling Han and the others all cried out in dismay. They were innocent, and were brought a disaster by a large white rabbit!

"Go, go, go!" They hurriedly broke into a run. This wasn't something they could resist; any beast there could take care of them and give them great trouble.

They couldn't care about exposing their tracks, and they flew in the sky as fast as they could.

"Oh my, that damned rabbit actually followed us!" Ling Han turned to look, and saw that when the large white rabbit saw them, it actually ran behind them.

This damned rabbit's speed was truly fast. A push of its feet was over thirty meters, and it rapidly closed the gap between them. 

"This damned rabbit!"

Everyone gritted their teeth. It not only implicated them, but actually continued to bring disaster to them; what grievances did it have with them?!

"Hmm, this rabbit seems to be the one that drew me into the mountain valley," Qin Lian Yue suddenly said.

"Sh!t, this rabbit's a habitual thief!"

"It really screwed us over!"

"But, we certainly stole the things, so it's not unjust treatment."

Ling Han grabbed everyone with Origin Power and carried out the Fairy Damon Step, suddenly speeding up.

"Giddy up, giddy up!" Hu Niu was mischievous, and rode on Ling Han's shoulders, shouting excitedly. In her dictionary, there was never the word fear.

Pu, pu, pu, that large white rabbit also pushed off into the air and rose into the sky. Pushing off its feet, the speed it tread on air was also surprisingly fast, not the slightest bit inferior to Ling Han using the Demon Fairy Step and activating the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven.

It was no wonder; without such a fast speed, how would it dare enter the medicinal valley and steal under the eyes of so many Deity Transformation Tier beasts?

Qin Lian Yue couldn't help but shout, "Damn rabbit, you've got yourself into big trouble!"

Back then, it was the rabbit that drew her here to discover this medicinal valley, but now, it was also because of this damned rabbit that they were being hunted down by Deity Transformation Tier beasts.

"Rabbit, so fat!" Hu Niu turned her head, and instantly drooled. "Niu wants to eat rabbit meat!"

"Ah? Pah, you want to eat Uncle Rabbit's meat? You're still a hundred millennia and eight thousand years too young!" This large white rabbit grabbed the "carrot" that it was holding in its mouth with its small claws so that it could speak to mock Hu Niu.


Everyone instantly stuck their tongues out simultaneously. This damned rabbit actually knew how to talk! After beasts advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, their intelligence developed, and they possessed intelligence no inferior to humans. However, speaking like humans... that was too dreamlike!

"What? Seeing Uncle Rabbit talk, you guys all got scared? Haha, Uncle Rabbit's formidable as expected!" The large white rabbit was self-satisfied, and very much like a ruffian.

"Damned rabbit, you did it on purpose, right?" Ling Han said. "Not running elsewhere, but drawing pursuers over to us."

"Hehe, everyone running together is livelier!" The large white rabbit didn't deny at all.

Qin Lian Yue was even more furious, crying out, "Damn rabbit, just you wait!"

If she weren't grabbed by Ling Han's large hand made of Origin Power, she'd definitely go fight this lowly rabbit.

"Rabbit meat seems really delicious." Hu Niu's eyes lit up, staring at the large white rabbit.

"Come, Uncle Rabbit's here, bring it on. Whoever's scared, whoever is the b*tch!" The large white rabbit was very rascally, and wiggled his tiny tail, appearing base to the bone.

"Niu's rabbit meat!" Hu Niu was excited, and suddenly charged over. Her speed was extremely fast, and in a flash, she rode on the back of the large white rabbit.

This large white rabbit was the height of half a man, while Hu Niu was also the height of half a man, one person and one rabbit same in body size. One was white all over, with two eyes like rubies, while the other was white jade and delicately sculpted, extremely cute.

From appearances alone, they were awfully cute, but in reality…

Hu Niu opened her mouth, biting down on the large white rabbit's tail. It was so painful that this lowly rabbit instantly trembled all over; its figure unimaginably sped up by onefold, xiu, rocketing out and swiftly surpassing Ling Han.

"Ah…." it screamed. "You born in the year of the dog or something?! It hurt like hell for your Uncle Rabbit!"

Hu Niu was also depressed. Her teeth could be said to be successful in every endeavor, but she actually didn't manage to bite off this lowly rabbit's tail—truly inconceivable. Her viciousness was unleashed, and she bit on the rabbit's tail without letting go, shaking her head constantly and trying to forcibly pull it off.

The large white rabbit screamed constantly and ran even faster.

Ling Han also sped up in a rush, but could only stare blankly as one person and one rabbit disappeared before him. After all, he hadn't cultivated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven to great mastery, and also brought a group of people.

Fortunately, the pursuing beasts were falling more and more behind them, soon disappearing in the distance.

Ling Han traveled forward a while longer, and saw that the large white rabbit had already stopped running, doing its best to shake off Hu Niu. However, Hu Niu just bit on the tail; no matter how this lowly rabbit shook, she just wouldn't let go.

"Let go! Let go!" The large white rabbit jumped in a rush. "Uncle Rabbit's tail is short to begin with, so if it's bitten off, how would Uncle Rabbit have the face to see others in the future!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Base rabbit, hand over the Dragon Blood Tyrant Gin Seng, and I'll give you a hand." 

The large white rabbit was startled, and stopped its movements, looking towards Ling Hand, and said, "You actually recognize this spirt ginseng? Ah!" It immediately screamed again as Hu Niu began to grind her teeth.

"Human, human, hurry up and make this little girl loosen her bite, your Uncle Rabbit's about to die!" The large white rabbit continued to scream.

"The ginseng!" Ling Han reached out his hand.

The large white rabbit revealed a pained look. He spent tremendous effort to steal this from the medicinal valley, and had only licked it a few times, but now it was being told to hand it over? However, its tail was in so much pain from being bitten, and this strange little girl gave it an indescribable feeling of deterrence, making it not dare to unleash an ultimate attack as otherwise, there'd be an unimaginable calamity.

It could only cup its two small front claws, throwing the ginseng at Ling Han.

Ling Han received it and examined it momentarily, seeing that the ginseng's roots were still present and its lifeforce still very sufficient. He laughed loudly and stored the ginseng into the Black Tower. Now that was good; one year later, they'd be able to eat large amounts of treasured ginseng.

This was Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng—according to the legends, it was a thousand-year-old ginseng soaked in a dragon's blood, becoming a deviant treasured medicine.

Dragon blood was extremely overbearing; for this ginseng not to die soaking in dragon blood and absorb its essence... the medicinal effects were obviously extremely amazing. However, this definitely wasn't the first-generation Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, so its effects were obviously somewhat worse, but it was still a gem amongst ninth tier treasured medicine; even Heaven Tier elites would be moved.

Plant it, and in one year, it could be reaped like carrots.

"Hu Niu, let go. This lowly rabbit hasn't been cooked thoroughly, it's not delicious!" Ling Han said with a smile.

Hu Niu finally relaxed her bite, then thought shortly, and said, "This rabbit's delicious; even uncooked, it's delicious!" She targeted the large white rabbit again, drooling once again.
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