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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 616 Retrieving Peaches

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"What do we do? With a ninth layer Spiritual Infant Tier beast here, it's impossible to harvest the spirit peaches!" Ye Rong began to worry all on his own. As he saw it, Chu Hao and the others were just impediments, and there were no experts other than him to rely on.

Otherwise, why was he the only one that received direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy among them? This was equivalent to having the word "expert" printed on his face, and those who didn't receive the qualifications were obviously all dregs.

Did experts need the opinions of duffers? No way!

He thought for a while, and said, "I'll lure away that Gray Patterned Leopard, and you guys pluck the spirit peaches. Pluck as many as possible, and in a while, we'll converge at that small village 35 kilometers out."

Ling Han was indifferent to it. With a smile, he said, "Then thanks for the trouble, Brother Ye." 

Ye Rong looked as if it was only natural, and felt somewhat out of sorts. These people would be able to receive a share of the spirit peaches without expending any effort. If it weren't for the sake of Qin Lian Yue... he truly wanted to chase the other people away. 

Everyone rose up and hid between the cliffs and precipices, while Ye Rong charged out and picked up a stone, enveloping it with Origin Power. As his martial intent surged, the stone seemed to turn into a Spirit Tool, emitting an astounding brilliance.

He shouted loudly and flung out the rock, and xiu, a ray of light flew towards the Gray Patterned Leopard.

With a pa, the rock smashed against the Gray Patterned Leopard's head.

If this were a martial artist that was also at the Spiritual Infant Tier, their head would definitely explode if their Origin power wasn't activated. The Gray Patterned Leopard, however, was a beast that was born thick-skinned, and while attacks by same tier martial artists and beasts were something it didn't dare to take head on, a Flower Blossom Tier opponent's attacks smashing its body were nothing to it.

It shook its head slightly, then propped itself up on all fours limbs, peering left and right, as if to search for the amateur that assaulted it.

Xiu, Ye Rong flung another rock.

This time, the Gray Patterned Leopard didn't take it on as roughly, and waved its claws to shatter the flying rock. Fury in its eyes, it suddenly exerted power with its four limbs, dashing towards Ye Rong at a shockingly fast speed.

Ye Rong hurriedly took to his heels. No matter how confident he was, he wouldn't dare fight against a peak stage Spiritual Infant Tier beast.

He ran a few steps and turned to look, then was almost frightened out of his wits—the Gray Patterned Leopard's speed was too fast, far surpassing what was normal at the Spiritual Infant Tier, and it rapidly closed the gap between him.

"Damn it!" he cursed, and hurriedly took out a Spirit Talisman from a spatial ring with a pained look, yet unhesitatingly stuck it on his body. Instantly, a flash of white light enveloped him, and his speed skyrocketed.

This was a Divine Travel Talisman bestowed to him by his master. He had a total of three that could be used to save his life, but now he used one for a few spirit peaches... truly a great loss!

Even if ten spirit peaches were harvested and all given to him, he would still have suffered a great loss!

…Could it be compared to a life-saving treasure?

As matters stood, he could only take to his heels.

Ling Han and the others laughed as they watched. If this guy hadn't talked and act on his own, with Ling Han and Hu Niu present, why would have there been a need to go through such great troubles? To say the least, even if Ling Han couldn't beat that Grey Patterned Leopard, it would definitely be safer and more efficient for Hu Niu to draw it away.

Hu Niu drooled as she said, "What a pity, Niu wanted to eat roasted leopard legs!" 

Well, Ye Rong not only didn't succeed in doing a favor, but also made Hu Niu bear a grudge against him.

Qin Lian Yue wanted to charge out, but Ling Han grabbed her by the wrist, not letting her do as she pleased. "What are you doing, are you trying to harass this lady?" 

Ling Han rolled his eyes as he said, "What are you trying to do?" 

"Of course, plucking the peaches." Qin Lian Yue looked at him like at an idiot, feeling that her idol was extremely strong, but his brain didn't seem to be function that well; couldn't he tell such a simple thing?

"Don't pluck!" Ling Han shook his head and began to dig it up by the roots.

Qin Lian Yue gasped in astonishment. This guy was truly blackhearted, not only wanting to eat the peaches, but also digging the tree up by the roots! She immediately said, "This spirit tree can only grow in certain places; even if you dig it up, it can't survive elsewhere."

"Who said so?" Ling Han laughed mischievously, and dug even faster. If he weren't afraid of harming this spirit tree, he'd shovel it up in one go; his divine sense was limited, and wouldn't be able to envelop the entire peach tree, so if he dug too deep, then it wouldn't be able to be stored in the Black Tower.

"Never seen anyone lik you!" Qin Lian Yue stared in astonishment; this guy was truly a robber.

"Of course not, I'm the one and only!" Ling Han laughed loudly.

"Niu's Ling Han is the one and only!" Hu Niu also felt self-satisfied.

One adult and one child, both were puffed up!

Qin Lian Yue ridiculed them inwardly, but she had to admit that these two were both freaks at an abnormal level, far surpassing the level of geniuses. In the middle state, only a few rumored freaks could compare.

For example, Heaven's Sword Sect's Yao Hui Yue, Absolute Saber Sect's Small Saber King, Cloud Phoenix Sect's Dong Ling Er, and Azure Thunder Sect's Ya Tian.

Ling Han soon dug up the entire peach tree, and xiu, with a flash, he stored it into the Black Tower.

"Ah!" Qin Lian Yue was startled. "How big is your spatial ring for it to store such a large spirit tree?" The fruit tree was more than three hundred meters tall, and the root system spread out was also that long. There were pitifully few spacial Spirit Tools in the world that could contain such dimensions.

Zhu Xuan Er and Can Ye smiled faintly. If this girl entered the Black Tower and saw the vast space inside, she'd probably cry out for her mother.

"Let's enter the valley and have a look." Since this was a medicinal valley, there was definitely more spirit medicine inside. Ling Han wanted to enrich the amount of spirit medicine inside the Black Tower.

"Be careful. I once surveyed it at an elevated height before. Although it's not lacking spirit medicine inside, there are even more high-level beasts!" Qin Lian Yue warned. 

Ling Han nodded. However, he was also puzzled, and said, "The stronger the beast, the more it likes to live alone, so why'd it run into the mountain valley?" This mountain valley wasn't that large, and might not be enough for the Gray Patterned Leopard's territory alone, not to mention that there were other beasts inside.

Hong, long, long, they hadn't moved yet when heard a loud bang as if ten thousand beasts galloping from within the valley, and the ground trembled fiercely.

Everyone looked towards the valley, and saw a plume dust as a bunch of beasts charged out.

'Sh*t, we haven't even entered, so why are they charging out?"

These beasts varied in type. There were fierce tigers with wings, great snakes with four legs, and azure vultures without feathers but with scales, but each one was extremely powerful.

The Deity Transformation Tier!

In front of these beasts was actually a large white rabbit the height of half a man, holding a purple carrot in its mouth—a rabbit on the run ran the fastest. 




All the beasts roared loudly, looking at the large white rabbit with eyes filled with fury.

"These beasts are chasing that rabbit!"

"We're caught in the crossfire!"

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