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If it were a Flower Blossom Tier or Spiritual Pedestal Tier medicinal valley, Ling Han would have no interest in it, since he would soon cross the Flower Blossom Tier and advance into the Spiritual Infant Tier. 

"I'm also unclear. The valley entrance had a Spiritual Infant Tier beast keeping watch over it, so I didn't dare to go deep. However, at the location of the valley entrance, I also discovered a spirit fruit tree," Qin Lian Yue said. "It was also because of this medicinal valley that I bumped into Hu Qing Fang."

"This…" Ling Han muttered. By valley entrance, there was already a seventh tier spirit fruit tree, so there might be higher spiritual medicines inside the valley.

Even if it were only seventh tier spirit medicines, that was also considerably useful.

"Brother Ling, are you moved?" Qin Lian Yue said smilingly.

"Are you smug?" Ling Han said.

"Follow me!" Qin Lian Yue didn't take the chance to make sarcastic remarks, and led the way instead, talking about how she'd discovered the medicinal valley.

Since there was still half a year before the Restore Heaven Academy officially opened, she wasn't in a rush, and wandered about, also seeking some luck for herself. She really was lucky in that when she was tracking a large white rabbit, she came to this medicinal valley, but there roamed a Spiritual Infant Tier beast, which scared her. As she was thinking of finding people to break in together, she unexpectedly encountered Hu Qing Fang and was constantly chased by him, being entangled for over half a month.

Thus, they were still somewhat far from the medicinal valley.

Qin Lian Yue obviously took many roundabout ways at the time, but it wasn't necessary for them. They only needed to walk in a straight line, so it would only a journey of about five days.

After one day, they arrived in a small town, and stopped to rest for the night.

"Lady Qin! Lady Qin!" The first thing in the morning, when they were about to set out, a young man rushed over. He looked twenty-six to twenty-seven, and was already in the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier; his strength was quite extraordinary.

He also looked impressive, and wore cyan clothes all over his body, drawing out the contours of his well-built physique. His hair was dark, and his skin sparkling and translucent as if it could emit light, smoother than many women's.

"Ye Rong!" Qin Lian Yue revealed an astounded expression, and said, "Why are you here?"

"I heard Lady Qin was entangled by that evil crook, Hu Qing Fang, and immediately rushed over. Not bad, not bad, looks like I still came in time." The man in cyan clothing let out a sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted, with evident affection in his gaze.

Qin Lian Yue pretended not to see it, and said, "This is Flying Star Sect's sect master's cherished disciple, Ye Rong, Brother Ye. Brother Ye's martial arts talent is extremely high, and he's obtained direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy. 

Ye Rong immediately revealed a lofty look, with his hands behind his back, appearing insufferably arrogant.

Being able to obtain a direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy explained that his martial arts talent was certainly extremely kickass. Such a genius was obviously proud of his own talent, and regarded many things as beneath him. Being courteous to Qin Lian Yue was obviously because he liked this girl, and in front of others, he obviously revealed the loftiness that geniuses usually had.

Things of a kind came together, and a genius like him obviously wouldn't stoop down to associating with Ling Han and the others.

Ling Han simply smiled, and said, "So its Brother Ye."

Seeing Ling Han greet him, Can Ye, Zhu Xuan Er, and He Lan Yun also called out one after another. Hu Niu, however, completed ignored him; it wasn't worth her time to acknowledge such a self-important guy.

Ye Rong took everyone's greetings as something obvious. Being able to obtain a direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy already sufficiently confirmed his talents, and was his reason for arrogance. He completely considered everyone beneath him, and just looked at Qin Lian Yue, and said, "Lady Qin, It's better that I escort you to the Restore Heaven Academy."

Qin Lian Yue was displeased, and said, "Brother Ye, do you think I'm a three-year-old child?"

"Hehe, I'm only worried for you!" Ye Rong didn't take it as uncongenial; however, if someone else said this, he would definitely be furious and possibly even kill them directly.

How could an exceptional genius be slighted?

Qin Lian Yue looked at Ling Han with an inquiring gaze. They were going to the medicinal valley, and with one more person, the treasured medicines they obtained would obviously be split with one more person.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Since Brother Ye's so sincere, let's go together."

Ye Rong couldn't help but glance at Ling Han, and felt that this person knew the cues, knowing that he was pursuing Qin Lian Yue, and intentionally assisted him. Yes, it wouldn't hurt to guide him a little in the future. He opened his mouth arrogantly, and said, "You're all going to the Restore Heaven Academy?"

After receiving everyone's affirmation, he suppressed a laugh, and said, "I'm a direct-entry disciple anyhow, and have certain special rights. In the future, when you guys go to the academy to participate in the exam, I'll say some good things to assist you guys."

"Hehe, then thank you," Ling Han said, not caring at all. He'd seen many conceited people, and didn't care at all.

Zhu Xuan Er, Qin Lian Yue, and Yun He Lan laughed lightly with their mouths covered. If this guy saw Ling Han's battle prowess, he probably wouldn't say 'assist' even if he were beaten to death—how embarrassing!

With Ye Rong, the seven people continued to advance.

Ye Rong certainly had powerful backing. Flying Star Sect was a super-sect no inferior to the Wind Moon Sect, and was only beneath the Absolute Saber Sect, the Heaven's Sword Sect, and other such ancient sects. Ye Rong was Flying Star Sect's sect master's seventh disciple, and one of the most exceptional three; being able to obtain direct entry to the Restore Heaven Academy proved so.

He was now only 29 years old, but looked 26 or 27. That was because he advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier early, and the changes in facial appearance slowed.

He was at the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier with sixteen stars battle prowess—extremely outstanding!

On the way, he was the only one that spoke, bragging about his combat scores, like how he once beheaded some elite or genius, as if nobody could beat him. However, everyone paid no attention to him, which made him unable to continue, appearing extremely awkward.

In the night after four days, they passed by a village. As it wasn't far from the medicinal valley, they wanted to rush there in one go, and didn't think to stop here. However, Ling Han suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter?" Zhu Xuan Er asked.

Ye Rong was very dissatisfied. If it weren't for the sake of Qin Lian Yue, he wouldn't pull these people along at all. But now, Ling Han actually dared to hold him back?

"It just became night, so why are there no lights in this village?" Ling Han asked. 

"Maybe they sleep early!" Ye Rong said thoughtlessly, appearing extremely discontent. "A mere mortal village... even if anything happened, would it even be worth taking it seriously?"

The typical superior's mentality.

Ling Han ignored him and turned to walk towards the village.

Ye Rong trembled in anger—he dared to ignore him, how hateful! He said, "Ignore him, let's…" Before he said the word go, the others already followed Ling Han, making him almost faint from anger. 

Were all these people bewitched?
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