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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 613 Beheading Hu Qing Fang

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Everything had first and second time, but how could there be third one as well?

Hu Qin Fang already escaped twice, and actually wanted to escape for a third time and then request Deity Transformation Tier elites to come over?

Ling Han obviously wouldn't tolerate it; with an imposing presence, he barged in with his sword to block the carriage,

"Cool!" Qin Lian Yue said, infatuated. She was actually a romantic person, and obviously adored heroes the most. Ling Han was the same age as her, and not too different in tier, but his strength was much more powerful, conquering her heart in no time. 

Of course, she only idolized Ling Han now; it was different from falling in love.

"Ugly monster is thinking about Ling Han as expected. Should I kill her?" Hu Niu stroked her chin, and seriously considered the thought.

Ling Han condensed Sword Qi and formed a pseudo-ray. The 10,000 Techniques Return to One was prepared to be launched.

"Brat, you certainly are very strong, but this young master is Wind Moon Sect's Young Sect Master! Are you sure you want to make an enemy of me?" Hu Qin Fang threatened. Now that he was forced to bring up his background to scare him, it was clear that he certainly was at his wits' end.

Ling Han laughed grimly, and said, "The Wind Moon Sect is such a shameless sect. I might as well uproot it so as to avoid the great suffering of others."

"Big talk!" Hu Qing Fang shouted sternly. Although Ling Han's battle prowess was strong, it was only at Spiritual Infant Tier, and the Wind Moon Sect had Heaven Tier elites—and not just one! 

Even Deity Transformation Tier warriors were enough to roll over Spiritual Infant Tier ones, let alone Heaven Tier warriors.

"I'll kill you first for a good start!" Ling Han already completed the accumulation of power, and with a swing of the sword, 29 flashes of Sword Qi gathered and turned into a light golden-colored stream, sweeping towards the carriage.

The carriage already set up its barrier, blocking the stream, but it only lasted for an instant. Peng, the barrier actually shattered under the assault of the Sword Qi, and the stream continued to sweep by from the center of the carriage, instantly slashing the carriage into two parts.


When the carriage activated its defense, it could form a barrier at the Spiritual Infant Tier, which relied on Origin Crystals as its source of power. So as long as there were Origin Crystals, the barrier could be constantly maintained and instantly replenished.

It was destroyed with the strike of the sword, so how terrifying would Ling Han's strike have to be for the barrier's replenishment to unable to keep up? 

Inside the carriage, Hu Qing Fang leapt out, his face pale. This guy was too fierce. He was sitting in Wind Moon Sect's ancient war chariot, which theoretically couldn't be broken through by any Spiritual Infant Tier opponents.

In the middle state, Deity Transformation Tier cultivators could be called elites, and who among those that reached this level would easily start a war against the Wind Moon Sect? For this reason, Hu Qing Fang always ran wild in the ancient war chariot without scruples—until the recent few days, when he knocked into two iron plates consecutively. 

…Hu Niu could bite open the war chariot's defense, and Ling Han was even more kickass, slicing the carriage in two with a sword strike.

"You, you... don't come over!" Hu Qing Fang's greatest trump card was lost, and he was finally thrown into a panic, completely losing composure. 

"Then scream. See if anyone will come save you if you scream your throat out," Ling Han said indifferently.

"Hahahaha!" Hu Niu began to laugh loudly, while Zhu Xuan Er laughed lightly with her mouth covered. Qin Lian Yue thought shortly, then began to laugh as well; her idol told a joke, so whether it was funny or not, she'd just laugh first.

"Go!" Hu Qing Fang pushed the four beautiful women while he turned tail and ran. 

"What a joke of a man!" With a flash, Ling Han turned into a flash of lightning and caught up to Hu Qing Fan. With a strike of the sword, pu, Hu Qing Fang's head soared into the sky, blood gushing violently from the severed neck.

"Young Sect Master!" the four beautiful women cried out, their faces pale.

"Jackals of the same tribe!" Ling Han turned around and swung the sword again, killing the four beautiful women as well.

In the Wind Moon Sect, men harvested Origin Yin, and women harvested Origin Yang. The higher their tier, the more people they'd harmed to get there, so none of them needed to be spared.

"Ah, you actually did it?" Qin Lian Yue looked at Hu Qing Fang's corpse, and sighed. "Wind Moon Sect's sect master might have countless wives and concubines, but he only has one son, whom he spoiled extremely. You killed him, which means making an enemy of the Wind Moon Sect."

Ling Han looked towards her, and said, "Then should I silence you too?"

"No need, no need!" Qin Lian Yue waved her hand hurriedly. "Isn't there still a Yang Ying Yun who slipped through the net? You don't need to silence me."

This woman had quite the self-amusing spirit. 

Ling Han shook his head, and walked over to store the spatial rings that Hu Qing Fang and Duan Ming Da dropped. At a glance, these two people were really quite rich, especially Hu Qing Fan who actually had a seventh-tier rare metal in his spatial ring. Presumably, when he advanced into the Spiritual Infant Tier, it would be used to forge a weapon for him.

"Nice timing. I've only got six arrows remaining, and though this piece of rare metal isn't too large, forging five arrows shouldn't be a problem."

Ling Han walked back, and said, "Where are you two going?" These two people obviously meant Qin Lian Yue and He Lan Yun.

"You guys are going to the Restore Heaven Academy, and I'm also going there, so of course we're going together!" Qin Lian Yue immediately said.

He Lan Yun glanced at Can Ye, and said, "I'll also go with you guys."

Can Ye was somewhat flushed, and a gentle look flashed across his eyes. It seemed like the disaster earlier opened up the film that separated the two, having positive effects.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and conveniently took out a handful of medicinal pills from the Black Tower, handing it over to He Yun Lan. He then said, "Come, come, come, this is a greeting gift."

He Yun Lan instantly blushed, but still reached out to retrieve the medicinal pills, glancing at Can Ye again and feeling sweet in her heart. She felt the humiliation she'd suffered earlier all turned into mist.

Qin Lian Yue also reached out her slim hand, and said, "Do I have any?"

This woman was so brazen!

Ling Han sneered, and said, "No!"

"Stingy!" Qin Lian Yue muttered.

Ling Han ignored her, and said, "Let's go. When the almighty of Wind Moon Sect are drawn over, we'll be in some serious trouble."

Everyone nodded. This was a forest, anyway; with wild beasts running rampant, it could naturally destroy all evidences such as corpse for them.

Without Hu Qing Fang's threat hanging over them, they walked back on the main streets. After all, the mountain and forest landscape were complex, and would affect their speed.

"Brother Ling, have you got any interest in going to a certain place?" Qin Lian Yue approached to strike up a conversation.

"No!" Ling Han declined directly.

"You haven't even listened to me saying what that place is!" Qin Lian Yue was somewhat aggrieved. For the first time, she doubted her own charisma, being rejected by Ling Han so laconically.

"Not interested in any place," Ling Han said.

"It's a medicinal valley!" Qin Lian Yue spoke out.

Ling Han was slightly surprised—a medicinal valley? For him who was the Alchemy Emperor, a medicinal valley was still quite attractive, and in his hands, the effects of medicinal ingredients could be maximized. Now that his tier was higher and higher, the more he needed higher level medicinal ingredients.

He asked, "What level's the medicinal valley?"
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