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Such an abrupt change. Not only was it unexpected for Can Ye, even He Yun Lan also found it unexpected. 

She mediated with good intentions, and actually suffered the duress of a companion. It was so sudden that she couldn't guard against it, and was easily subdued by the other.

"Can Ye, this woman is deeply attached to you; are you willing to let her die here?" Chou Zi Fei tightened his right hand; as the blade cut open He Lan Yun's skin, blood oozed out, and made He Yun Lan let out a groan in pain, her almost-shaped eyes filled with fury and regret.

Can Ye looked coldly at Ceng Jian Seng and the other three, and said, "Are you guys also going to wallow in the mire with him?"

Ceng Jian Seng and the rest didn't respond, but stood closer to Chou Zi Fei and guarded him on all sides, evidently not giving Can Ye the chance for a rescue and expressing their stance with their actions.

"Hahahaha!" Hu Qing Fang laughed loudly; he truly found such a turn of events unexpected.

The enemy of the enemy was a friend.

He said, "Everyone, come have a seat on this young master's carriage, this young master will protect you guys."

Chou Zi Fei and the other four were obviously overjoyed; they immediately shouted, "Get out of the way, let us through."

Can Ye looked at He Lan Yun's delicate face, his hand trembling slightly. 

"What are you still distracted about, need I strip her of her clothes and blow a load first?" Chou Zi Fei shouted loudly.

Hu Qing Fang's eyes immediately lit up as he said, "This idea's not bad, but this young master needs to get the first load, you guys line up!" He was of the Wind Moon Sect, and obviously wasn't embarrassed at all about doing that thing in public; rather, it would make him feel even more excited.

"You're inhuman!" He Lan Yun finally shouted, her delicate face flushed. She'd rather die than to be defiled in front of the person she liked.

"Base person!" Qin Lian Yue reproved. She knew Chou Zi Fei and the others were shameless, but never expected it to reach such an unbearable degree.

"Hehe, if you're reluctant to part, why don't you change places with her!" Chou Zi Fei stared at Qin Lian Yue with insatiable eyes. This woman was ten times better than He Lan Yun in both her figure and looks. He even dreamed of getting intimate with her, but fearing her strength, he only dared think about it.

However, now that things had come to this, he risked it all. Under extreme emotions, people would naturally do some things out of what was proper.

"Dirty! Shameless!" Qin Lian Yue and Zhu Xuan Er both reprimanded him furiously; He Lan Yun wished to die to avoid suffering from such humiliation.

Hu Niu yawned, and said in a sweet voice, "You guys are so useless, still need Lord Niu Niu to do things."

"Please help!" Can Ye saluted Hu Niu. He'd never asked anyone for help, but this time, he decided to make an exception.

"Don't you come over!" Chou Zi Fei immediately felt a chill all over his body, and his desire faded completely. Hu Niu was too frightening, killing a Spiritual Infant Tier elite with one punch; although it was done with element of surprise, it still reflected her strength; otherwise, why didn't Chou Zi Fei and the other four try to kill a Spiritual Infant Tier?

"You say don't come over here, and I won't. Who do you think you are, Niu's Ling Han?" Hu Niu snorted, appearing extremely displeased. Chou Zi Fei hadn't spoken yet, but she already turned into lightning and charged over. 

Peng, peng, peng, peng, Ceng Jian Seng and the other three were instantly sent flying, unable to withstand more than one exchange against Hu Niu.

Chou Zi Fei gritted his teeth, and roared, "If I die, I'm dragging one down with me! Hahahaha, with a beauty keeping company, I won't be lonely on the road, either!" He tightened his right hand, and was just about to kill He Lan Yun.

Ding, he felt his grasp become lighter, and astonishingly discovered that this sword was actually broken by Hu Niu's bite!

F*ck, it was forged with a sixth tier rare metal, and although it hadn't been refined into a Spirit Tool, its hardness wasn't any inferior!

A small monster!

"Xixi!" Hu Niu raised her head, and peng, punched Chou Zi Fei's left eye.

"Ah!" Chou Zi Fei screamed, and instantly staggered backwards, no longer able to control He Lan Yun, covering his eye with both hands and appearing to be in extreme pain.

He Lan Yun was finally free; she directly took out a treasured sword from a spatial ring, thrusting it at Chou ZI Fei. Pu, the sword tip pierced Chou Zi Fei's chest and penetrated his heart. 

Chou Zi Fei's limbs twitched, then stopped moving.

"Pah!" He Lan Yun spat on Chou Zi Fei's corpse, still feeling as if it wasn't enough to vent her hatred.

"Aiyaya, Niu still wanted to leave this bastard to Ling Han, and now he's killed!" Hu Niu sighed, but then was pleased again. "Whatever, whatever, Ling Han wouldn't mind such a small thing."

Ceng Jian Seng and the others all shivered in fright. Although they didn't act, they still participated in the coercion, clarifying their stance; now that the hostage was lost, what were they to do?

"You guys die on your own, or should Niu do it?" Hu Niu crossed her arms in front of her chest, and stared coldly at the four people.

Ceng Jian Seng and the other three completely lost the will to fight; the strength of the two sides was not on the same level at all. They shouted loudly one after another, "Young Master Hu, save us! Save us!"

Qin Lian Yue, Can Ye, and the others were stunned. These four people were actually shameless enough to beg Hu Qing Fang for help; this truly pushed the word "shameless" to new heights.

Hu Qing Fang also seemed to have found it unexpected. He couldn't help but laugh and applaud them. "Laughable, laughable, truly laughable! But, since you guys don't have the hostage in your hands anymore, then what use are you guys to this young master?" 

Ceng Jian Seng and the other three were all in despair, and looked towards He Lan Yun, hoping she'd plead on their behalf.

He Lan Yun's face even turned pale in anger. These four people had the nerve? She turned away and didn't take another glance at them. 

"These people... I'll kill them. It's not worth dirtying Lord Niu Niu's hands!" Can Ye brandished his sword and charged out. His fury was great, and his killing intent was burning.

Ceng Jian Seng's and the other three were no match for Can Ye to begin with, let alone now that they've lost their will to fight. In a few moves, they were all killed by Can Ye.

"Wu!" He Lan Yun finally cried out, throwing herself into Can Ye's arms.

Can Ye was obviously startled, not knowing how to react. After being startled momentarily, he finally knew to put away his saber and wrap his arms around He Lan Yun's shoulders, patting lightly as if to coax a child.



Qin Lian Yue and Zhu Xuan Er remarked.

On the other side, Ling Han and Duan Ming Da's battle was drawing to an end because Ling Han unleashed the Demon Birth Sword.

He was the most skilled in sword techniques, and as the treasured sword was brandished by him, 29 flashes of Qi were raised, reaching the limit of Qi.

How could Duan Ming Da rival such might? 

"T-twenty-nine flashes of Sword Qi!" Qin Lian Yue's beautiful eyes burned brightly as if she'd discovered a new world.

Zhu Xuan Er took it all in, and couldn't help but sigh inwardly—one more person she needed to be careful about!

Hu Qing Fang's face turned pale. He never would've thought failure was still unavoidable even after enlisting the help of a peak stage Spiritual Infant Tier expert. He hurriedly hid in the carriage, urging the four beautiful women to drive it away. He didn't care whether Duan Ming Da was dead or alive, for obviously running away to protect his own life was more important.

Peng, a human head swept over and landed in front of the carriage, splattering Spiritual Infant Tier blood and emitting a powerful coercive force.

"Where do you think you guys are going?" Ling Han stood with his sword in hand, seething with killing intent.
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