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Duan Ming Da retreated hurriedly, while Ling Han advanced hurriedly. The two were close all along, as if couple in love. 

However, Duan Ming Da had no romantic feelings, and only felt pins and needles. How could this youngster's speed be so fast? He was as if his shadow, unshakable and giving him chills all over. 

He wasn't at the Spiritual Ocean, but Flower Blossom Tier, and a high stage of it at that, even approaching the peak stage.

But the problem was, even peak stage Flower Blossom Tier warriors shouldn't be so fierce. He was in the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and could kill any Flower Blossom Tier expert several hundred times with a single finger, so how was it that he was forced to retreat repeatedly?

Ling Han didn't just stick closely to him; brandishing his fists, attacked fiercely and repeatedly.

Peng, peng, peng, one punch after another, like raging tide, forced Duan Ming Da to ward off the blows and tilt his head continuously in the process of retreating so as to avoid being hit by Ling Han.

One retreated, and the other advanced, instantly exchanging over hundred moves.


Everyone stared agape; so, it turned out that… Ling Han was also a fierce person!

Earlier, Hu Niu killed an opponent at early stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier with one punch, and though Ling Han's accomplishments weren't as eye-catching, his opponent was at the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier!

Now that Ling Han took action, everyone could obviously sense his presence at the late stage of the Flower Blossom Tier, and they thought the same as Duan Ming Da—he shouldn't be that fierce!

Considering that Hu Niu once demonstrated her extraordinary skills, they finally had a grasp of the so-called freaks—being able to battle surpassing one's own tier and surpassing an entire large tier.

Truly too freaking scary!

Only Qin Lian Yue had speculated as such earlier, and wasn't as surprised as the others, though her beautiful eyes still stared open wide; comparatively, could a prodigy like her still have the face to be classified as a prodigy?

No, no, no, she was till a prodigy, but Hu Niu and Ling Han had already surpassed the level of prodigy, entering the level of freaks.

"Ah!" Duan Ming Da roared. Hong, purple mist rose all over his body and was about to surround Ling Han.

In the moment, Ling Han was unclear of the situation, and obviously wouldn't dare let the mist surround him. Shifting his figure with a flash, he was already over three meters away, staring coldly at the opponent.

"Peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier is nothing more than this!" he said indifferently. The Thunderclap Ninth Heaven coordinated with the Devil Fairy Step allowed his speed to reach one of the Deity Transformation Tier level, and be even more agile.

Duan Ming Da bawled in anger; he wiped his face with his hand, and seeing that his hand was full of blood, he couldn't help but be even more furious. When bombarded by Ling Han's attacks earlier, although none landed sturdily, the fists' momentum that grazed him still cut open his face.

"This old man's handsome face!" he said, flustered and exasperated.

Ling Han was enjoying it, and said, "Could you still use your old face to pick up girls? Tsk, tsk, tsk, I'm rather impressed by you. The aunties that could be attracted by your old face, you still have the guts to lay your hands on them! With this, are you trying to gift warmth to these aunties?"

"Impudent junior, this old man will subdue and kill you!" Duan Ming Da charged out again. This time, he unleashed a long brocade that looked like a silk-woven cloth, but was much larger, covered with designs of men and women making love. As it swayed in the wind, it seemed as if the people on it came to life and were "battling" fiercely.

This wasn't an illusion, and there were even decadent sounds that could be heard, making people lose presence of mind.

Spirit Tool!

However, Wind Moon Sect's Spirit Tools were also extremely obscene and evil, utilizing erotic pictures to disturb people's will.

"Kill!" Duan Ming Zhi roared loudly. Xiu, xiu, xiu, amidst the brocade was also a resplendent light that fired at Ling Han, and Duan Ming Da himself also rushed over, spreading his terrifying presence and completely displaying the strength of the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Ling Han laughed loudly. If the opponent was Small Saber King, then he definitely wouldn't rival him yet. After all, he could battle surpassing tiers, but Small Saber King also could do that. At best, he could surpass more levels, but definitely couldn't remedy the gap of a big tier.

However, it was different for Duan Ming Da; being Spiritual Infant Tier, his battle prowess was only around ten stars, and Ling Han completely didn't fear him.

Activating the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, he turned into a flash of lightning, and appeared before Duan Ming Da in a flash, bombarding him with both fists again.

"Boy, don't you dare!" Duan Ming Da raised the purple mist to envelope Ling Han with it again. This was Wind Moon Sect's secret legacy art; facing outsiders, it could bewilder the opponent's mind, making them break out in lust and lose their mind, but for the people of Winter Moon Sect, this was tonic, stimulating their spirit and clearing their minds.

Ling Han used Origin Power to seal all the pores on his body. This time, he didn't retreat, and made a frontal attack.

Peng, peng, peng, the two battled fiercely.

That brocade-like Spirit Tool was very effective as it kept shooting rays to bombard Ling Han. It also reached the late stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and couldn't be underestimated. Ling Han had to dodge since his actual tier was only the Flower Blossom Tier.

With the help of this Spirit Tool, Duan Ming Da was barely able to fight evenly with Ling Han.

Everyone was struck with amazement; Ling Han was unarmed now, so if he unleashed a Spirit Tool, wouldn't he immediately have the advantage? Too frightening, how could there be such a kickass Flower Blossom Tier elite...

Chou Fei and the other four men were dreadfully pale. If the Wind Moon Sect won this battle, they would definitely be doomed. However, if Ling Han won, would he let them go since they forced Ling Han to go die earlier?

Death left and right, then what were they staying for?

They stepped back and wanted to slip away, and as for that Restore Heaven Academy… uh, they'd go next year.

"Heng, heng, heng, where do you guys think you're going?" Hu Niu placed her hands on her hips, with an ominous glint burning in her eyes.

Can Ye held his long saber horizontally, brimming with killing intent.

If it were Can Ye alone, then the five of them together would charge head on, but adding Hu Niu, they could only give up immediately. Chou Zi Fei forced a smile, and said, "Can Ye, what are you suggesting?" 

They already had fallen out anyway, so Can Ye simply showed his hands, and said, "Before Young Master Han decides, no one is allowed to leave!"

Young Master Han? Ling Yun?

Chou Zi Fei and the others now knew that Ling Yun wasn't that person's real name, but they were also extremely unfamiliar with the appellation "Young Master Han"; could this person be called Ling Han or Han Yun? They didn't seem to have ever heard it.

"Can Ye, are you going to be ungrateful and turn on us?" Chou Zi Fei immediately shouted. "We were the ones that accepted you into this circle, and this is how you repay us?"

"What a base person!" Ceng Jian Sen also rebuked.

Can Ye smiled grimly, and said, "Then what should I do not to be a base person?"

"Let us leave!" Yu Yuan Ming said hurriedly. He believed that Can Ye should be able to persuade Hu Niu.

"A bunch of cowards clinging abjectly to life. I'm ashamed to associate with you guys!" Can Ye said coldly, and his killing intent became even fiercer. 

"Can Ye, everyone's friends, let it go." He Lan Yun stood out to mediate. She proceeded from the overall situation; after all, the six of them came from the same place, and everyone's backers were connected in countless ways. 

"Right, right!" Chou Zi Fei nodded and suddenly attacked, detaining He Lan Yun and pressing a blade against her neck. "Let us go immediately, or else this woman will die here!"
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