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The party resumed their journey.

After this incident, obviously no one dared to make sarcastic comments about Ling Han again. They weren't scared of Ling Han, but of Hu Niu. This little girl was too glued to Ling Han, so wouldn't whoever spoke ill of Ling Han fear beating beaten by the little girl?

This girl was a demon, relentless when it came to killing people.

They were more envious of Ling Han, riding on such a coattail. Each one of them wasn't convinced at all with Ling Han—why him?

Traveling for two days, they were caught up with again.

It was still Hu Qing Fang.

Ling Han was truly somewhat impressed. Just how unafraid of death was this guy, running away twice yet still daring to return? No, it should be: just how lecherous was this guy, for him to think constantly of Qin Lian Yue?

"Hahahaha, this young master's returned again!" It was still the same carriage controlled by the same four beautiful women. The only difference was that there were no decadent sounds that came from within the carriage.

"Need an applause?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Applause? Don't think about living even if you guys kowtow!" Hu Qing Fang's voice resounded. The cabin opened, and he walked out side by side with an old man.

Ling Han turned pale with fright, and said, "Never would've thought that you guys of the Winter Moon Sect are not only all lecherous, but also shirt lifters! Really can't bear to look straight at you... dirty, truly too dirty!"

"Nonesense!" Hu Qing Fang hurriedly jumped off. They, the Winter Moon Sect, obviously had no scruples with love affairs; on the contrary, they were proud of it, thinking that the pleasures between men and women were a type natural law, but men and men… blegh! 

"Then what? A man and another man alone... with you two squeezing together, did nothing happen?" Ling Han said deliberately. 

"Junior, impudence!" The old man immediately snorted. His voice was as if squeezed out from metal, full of sharpness and destructive power. Chou Zi Fei and the others immediately bled from their eyes, ears, and noses; only Qin Lian Yue was an exception because her tier was higher.

Of course, Ling Han, Zhu Xuan Er, and Hu Niu also didn't. Ling Han and Hu Niu's battle prowess was strong enough, while Zhu Xuan Er received Ling Han's protection.

"Extreme Destruction Murderous King, Duan Ming Da!" Qin Lian Yue immediately cried out.

"Gaga, little lady, never expected you to recognize this old man! Tsk, tsk, tsk, you truly look pretty good; if the Young Sect Master didn't fancy you, even this old man would want to cultivate jointly with you." The old man laughed uncannily, looking at Qin Lian Yue with a lustful gaze.

"Extreme Destruction Murderous King Duan Ming Da, peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier!" Qin Liang Yue went on.

Everyone was in despair. Peak Stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier was too strong for them. Although Hu Niu was fierce, she was in the Flower Blossom Tier after all, and being able to annihilate Yang Ying Shi was also because it was a completely unexpected that she'd attack—who could anticipate that a seven- to eight-year-old little girl could break into such speed?

But now, Duan Ming Da had definitely taken precautions, and he was in the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier, definitely not comparable to Yang Ying Shi who had just crossed into this tier.

It was over.

Such a thought arose within everyone's minds.

"Lord Duan, except for those women, kill all the rest!" Hu Qing Fang shouted.

"Yes, Young Sect Master." Duan Ming Da accepted the order, and he looked towards everyone balefully as he muttered, "Whom should I kill first?"

Clearly knowing that Duan Ming Da was just playing with them, Chou Zi Fei and the others still felt a chill arise within, and couldn't help but look towards the others, all hoping that they themselves wouldn't be the first to be slaughtered.

"Gaga, this old man is asking you guys, whom should I kill first?" Duan Ming Da said threateningly. He loved most to play with people's hearts and make people fight internally, then set about to kill people, admiring their expressions of despair and regret.

Chou Zi Fei and the others looked at each other, then pointed at Ling Han all together, and said, "Him!"

"Don't fall for his trick!" He Lan Yun shouted. "No matter what, he won't let us go! Fight it out with him!"

"Fight what, you're not the one to die!" Chou Zi Fei shouted.

He Lan Yun almost died from an excess of anger. Would her ending be any better than death?

Ling Han sighed, and said, "There's a saying: if you don't seek death, then you won't die! Originally, seeing that we're in the same party, I wouldn't have minded saving you guys, but now, even if others don't kill you, I'll slaughter you guys." 

"Such an arrogant tone!"

"A mere Spiritual Ocean Tier garbage."

Chou Zi Fei and the other five all snorted. Now, they could only retain a shred of confidence before Ling Han. This brat only abducted a strange little girl who was super strong; did he really think himself a Spiritual Infant Tier elite?

"Hahahaha!" Duan Ming Da laughed loudly. He loved the most to see internal strife like this.

"Lord Duan, please hurry and attack," Hu Qing Fang urged.

Duan Ming Da looked at Ling Han, and said, "Since everyone decided to kill you first, this old man will comply with everyone's suggestion and slaughter you first!"

"If you have the strength, then feel free to bring it on," Ling Han said indifferently.

"Haha, such an arrogant youngster!" Duan Ming Da laughed grimly, and his gaze swept past Hu Niu. "This little girl was the one who killed Yang Yun Shi?" His first reaction when he heard the news was that it was absurd. Now, after personally witnessing, this feeling became more intense.

Was it possible? 

"Little girl, attack, and let this old man see what you've got?" He provoked.

Hu Niu snorted, and said, "Ling Han will take care of you, so Niu won't attack!"

Duan Ming Da didn't have any unusual reaction towards this name. After all, this was the middle state, and perhaps the divine treasure trove's news only circulated between elites or young prodigies.

"Haha, this boy is really that formidable?"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Formidable or not, you'll know after we fight." 

"Arrogant, so arrogant. This old man loves the most to kill people like you, it's so invigorating!" Duan Ming Da laughed loudly, and extended his right hand, with vein-like patterns lightning up and emitting a terrifying coercive pressure.

Peak stage Spiritual Infant Tier elite were just this powerful.

Ling Han was fearless, and said with a smile, "Are you intimidating me?"

"Not intimidating, this is genuine pressure," Duan Ming Da said, smiling, and pressed the void at Ling Han. Hong, endless Origin Power surged and turned into a vast body, pressing down towards Ling Han.

"Are you courting death?" Ling Han's figure flashed, and with lightning overflowing, xiu, he appeared before Duan Ming Da and launched a fist.

So fast!

Everyone was greatly shocked. This high speed was almost comparable to Hu Niu's.

Duan Ming Da didn't believe in Hu Niu's strength, yet was still somewhat vigilant, but towards Ling Han… he truly didn't guard at all!

A mere Spiritual Ocean Tier... could he really turn over the skies? Obviously not!

Once Ling Han attacked, he was fast as lightning, and the old man couldn't guard in time at all. He could only tilt his face, and peng, his cheek was still scraped by the fist's momentum, and blood instantly oozed out.

He hurriedly dashed backwards, but as he retreated, Ling Han advanced. Like shadow following the body, Ling Han kept close to half a feet before him, making him shiver all over.

What the hell!?
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