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Xiu, she was like a lightning, faster than the naked eye could capture.

At least, it was extremely hard to capture for Spiritual Infant Tier warriors.

Yang Ying Shi just reached the Spiritual Infant Tier, and besides, who would be vigilant towards a seven- to eight-year-old little girl? Without a single bit of attention placed on Hu Niu, she only felt a blur in front of her eyes, yet Hu Niu already dashed before her.

She cried out 'not good' inwardly, and still wanted to leap backwards, but Hu Niu already fired a punch, smashing her chin.

Peng, Yang Ying Shi was sent flying; the terrifying impact assailed her, knocking her right out.

Ka, a crisp sound of a bone snapping could be heard. Losing the defense of Origin Power, Spiritual Infant Tier physique was extremely fragile; her head was picked right off by Hu Niu.

Yang Ying Shi instantly woke up again, and as her eyes opened, she revealed a terrified expression, while her headless body fell.

Hu Niu landed, and casually raising her hand, she tossed the head away.

Yang Ying Shi's body hurriedly rushed after it as blood continued to spurt out from the severed neck, but after dashing over ten steps, she fell onto the ground abruptly. Her hands and legs twitched a few more times, and forever stopped in their movements.

A dignified Spiritual Infant Tier was easily deprived of her head by a little girl, and thus killed on the spot!

The entire scene was nothing but silence.

Qin Lian Yue, He Yun Lan, Chou Zi Fei, and the others all knew Hu Niu and even ate with her. But now, their legs were shivering, and they felt like fainting.

This little girl was too frightening!

Qin Lian Yue thought more of how the little girl was extremely out of sorts and asked Ling Han if she could kill her. At the time, it obviously sounded like a joke, but looking again now, the little girl had clearly been serious.

Unknowingly, she actually circled before death's door, making her break out in a cold sweat, overcome by a terrible chill.

"Ah…" Hu Qing Fang and Yang Ying Yun finally came back to their senses, and hurriedly fled back into the carriage. "Go! Go!" he urged the four beautiful women to drive the carriage away.

"Want to kill the cute Niu Niu? Niu's mad!" Hu Niu broke into a chase. Zi, she turned into lightning and arrived above the carriage in a flash, smashing with a fist.

Weng, a light screen spread open and blocked her fist.

After all, this was Spiritual Infant Tier, and the little girl was only in the high stage of the Flower Blossom Tier; her fists couldn't break through it.

Hu Qing Fang now recovered slightly from the shock, and shouted harshly, "Hahaha, come, come! Want to kill this young master? You still have to cultivate another thousand, ten thousand years!"

Hu Niu burst with anger, opening her small mouth and biting the light screen.

Kacha, kacha, even the light screen couldn't withstand Hu Niu's teeth, instantly breaking apart. However, it was activated by Origin Power, and the shattered light screen was immediately restored, as if racing with Hu Niu wreaking destruction.

In a short amount of time, both sides seemed to be equally matched. 

Hu Qing Fang was scared out of his wits once again, and once more hurriedly shouted, "Go! Go!" 

The four beautiful women hurriedly prompted the carriage, speeding towards the sky.

Xiu, the carriage soon disappeared on the horizon.

Qin Lian Yue and the others were still motionless, dumbstruck. The impact they'd received was really too great.

After a long while, a flash of lightning could be seen as Hu Niu returned. She pouted sourly and put her hands on her hips, and said, "No fun, they ran away!"

You were fierce enough, killing a Spiritual Infant Tier with one hit, and tearing through Spiritual Infant Tier with one bite. This could make the entire world tremble if it were to be known.

At this time, everyone looked towards Hu Niu as if an alarm bell had just been struck. This time, their gazes no longer had any hint of belittlement; this was a small devil, capable of killing them.

"After a fight, Niu's hungry!" Hu Niu stuck to Ling Han, and said fawningly, "Can Niu eat another piece of meat?"

"No, you already ate enough today!" Ling Han shook his head, definitively not allowing it.

"Just eat another small piece, just a small piece!" Hu Niu said in a spoiled manner.

"No means no!" Ling Han was resolute.

"Stingy, Niu's going to turn bad!" Hu Niu pouted and got angry.

Everyone broke into a cold sweat for Ling Han. This was a little devil that broke off a Spiritual Infant Tier's head, and you damn dared to disobey her... weren't you afraid that she'd flip out and twist off your neck to use it as a wine cup?

However, what surprised everyone was that Hu Niu actually didn't cause a disturbance, and glued to Ling Han again shortly, begging piteously. Finally, when she got a piece of dried meat, she was unbelievably happy.

This, this, this was absolutely unbelievable...!

They were all touched; it turned out this little girl was a chowhound, and could be bought with food! If they could kidnap this little girl who possessed the strength to kill low stage Spiritual Infant Tier opponents, then how strong would she be when she grew to her teens or twenties?


They hurriedly took out dried meat to entice Hu Niu, thinking that Ling Han was truly a fool. Such a strong underling obviously needed to be won over properly, and you were actually stingy with a few pieces of meat!

Hadn't you heard the old saying: "if you didn't give up your child, you couldn't hit the wolf"? This wasn't really taking your child, but just a few pieces of meat.

However, they couldn't possibly move Hu Niu, and were all kicked over. Now, if it weren't for her restrained tendency to kill, she would definitely decimate them all for bothering her.

Qin Lian Yue's beautiful eyes concentrated on Ling Han. She thought of the situation earlier, when Yang Ying Yun inexplicably staggered repeatedly, which was something unimaginable for an expert. Now, combined with Hu Niu's freakishness, she had a bold guess.

…Could it be that Ling Han also possessed terrifying strength that could control this ferocious little girl?

"Ugly person, staring at Niu's Ling Han? You're planning something bad, right?" Hu Niu suddenly appeared before Qin Lian Yue. Her small face looked full of vigilance; she really couldn't be careless, since there was always someone having ideas about her Ling Han.

Qin Lian Yue didn't think too much of it, and assumed that the little girl enunciated it unclearly, saying Ling Han's name wrong. She smiled faintly, and said, "Niu Niu, where's sister ugly?"

"Everywhere's ugly!" Hu Niu said sternly, and went on pointing at Zhu Xuan Er. "Not even prettier than that ugly monster, so where are you not ugly?" 

Qin Lian Yue couldn't help but smile. Her beauty surpassed Zhu Xuan Er by countless times, but she obviously wouldn't say it. Instead, she simply asked, "Niu Niu, is your Ling Yun formidable?"

"Of course, as formidable as Niu!" Hu Niu immediately said, her face full of pride.

"Oh!" Qin Lian Yue's beautiful eyes lit up. She knew that Ling Han definitely didn't look that ordinary.
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