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Can Ye attacked, and Saber Qi moved unhindered, its might shocking.

Yang Ying Yun giggled, then twisted her fat buttocks and shifted her figure as she reached out with her slender hand, trying to grab the long blade to seize control over it with bare hands.

Can Ye snorted and turned the longer saber, pointing the edge downwards and sweeping it towards Yang Ying Yun.

"An insensitive boorish man. Girls are to be loved, and you can mess around on the bed however you like, just afraid that you won't use enough force, but when striking them, it's better to be gentler!" Yang Ying Yun flipped, and didn't mind at all revealing herself a little. 

This made Zhu Xuan Er, Qin Lian Yue, and He Lan Yun's flush, even seething with anger; how could there be such a shameless woman?

Absolutely shameless!

However, Yang Ying Yun was very strong.

She certainly was at the peak stage Flower Blossom Tier, and her battle prowess reached twelve stars. She couldn't count as too strong of a genius, but she was already very strong. After all, Can Ye had only seven stars of battle prowess; this was a complete stomp.

But, Yang Ying Yun's strength was only two stars higher than Hu Qing Fang's, and she still dared to charge over, clearly having something to rely on.

"Huh?" Hu Qing Fang couldn't help but feel it strange—why did Can Ye become so weak all of a sudden? When he'd fought Can Ye earlier, he lost out repeatedly, having no choice but to give up.

If Can Ye only had such battle prowess, why would he have to run away so sorrily?

"I'll help you!" Qin Liang Yue charged out with her sword and joined hands with Can Ye, combining their strengths to battle Yang Ying Yun.

However, while Qin Lian Yue was exceptionally talented, her cultivation was also a bit too low—the fourth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier with ten stars battle prowess. The two together still couldn't make up for the gap in power against Yang Ying Yun, and were still at a disadvantage.

Chou Zi Fei and the others instantly thought of running. If Qin Liang Yue and Can Ye were not their match, staying to fight would only lead to death.

Ling Han pulled out a Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, and invisible Arrow Qi instantly shot towards Yang Yun Ying.

The Arrow Qi was invisible, and although its power was also much inferior, it was superior in its concealment, and couldn't be better to trip someone.

"Ah!" Yang Ying Yun was hit as expected. An arrow struck her knee; she staggered, and almost fell to the ground.

Can Ye and Qin Lian Yue took the advantage of it to counterattack, and suppressed Yang Ying Yue, temporarily gaining the upper hand.

Yang Ying Yun wanted to counterattack, but her knee kept being hit by arrows, making her only able to constantly yell angrily.

"That again!" Hu Qing Fang muttered; he was defeated in this way.

What methods did the opponent use exactly?

Yang Ying Shi stretched her head out from Hu Qing Fang's embrace, revealing a strange look. She felt the surge of a smear of Origin Power, but it passed in a flash, making her unable to confirm it.

She giggled, and said, "Younger Sister, want your older sister to help you?" 

"Okay!" Yang Ying Yun flew right back onto the carriage. Qin Lian Yue and Can Ye wanted to chase, but saw Yang Yin Shi strike with a palm, with vein-like patterns spreading, turning into a resplendent ray.

Can Ye and Qin Lian Yue both turned pale with fright, and hurriedly sprung backwards rapidly.

"S-Spiritual Infant Tier!" The two of them said quaveringly; even their bodies somewhat shivered.

What could they do… Spiritual Infant Tier absolutely crushed Flower Blossom Tier opponents, not to mention that one of them was at low stage, and another at a medium stage of the Flower Blossom Tier. It would be useless even if all of them were at peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier.

No wonder Hu Qing Fang dared to fight back; as it turned out, he'd called out a Spiritual Infant Tier elite!

Sh*t, what to do now?

"Hahahaha!" Hu Qing Fang laughed loudly. "Never expected it, right? Subbranch Master Ying Shi advanced into the Spiritual Infant Tier half a year ago; suppressing you few mere Flower Blossom Tier warriors is obviously as easy as the turn of the palm for her."

Everyone was shocked. With a Spiritual Infant Tier elite on the scene, it would be difficult for them to escape, let alone make a comeback!

"Gegege!" Yang Ying Shi walked off the carriage, swaying her plump buttocks, and sweept her gaze past the few men one by one. She said, "Your humble servant loves these strong little guys the most; not only full of vigor but also full of Yang Qi, greatly tonic!"

"Older Sister, you can't enjoy them alone!" Yang Ying Yun said hurriedly.


Hu Qing Fang slapped her buttocks, and smiled lewdly. "This young master didn't satisfy your appetite?"

"Young Sect Master only has one treasured stick, but your humble servants are sisters! Moreover, doesn't Young Sect Master still have to 'take care' of Lady Qin?" Yang Ying Yun was not at all embarrassed, and instead swung her plump buttocks, acting coquesttishly.

 Yang Yun Shi turned around, and said, "Young Sister, if you absorb these men's Qi of Origin Yang, you'll have fifty percent chance to charge into the Spiritual Infant Tier!"

Yang Ying Yun was exulted. She said, "Then thank you for the trouble, Sister!"

Yang Ying Shi nodded while gigling, and said, "These handsome brothers, want to spend the spring night with us sisters? We'll definitely let you handsome brothers fully enjoy the worldly pleasures with women!"

Chou Zi Fei and the others' faces changed color; the sisters were going to harvest yang to nourish yin! With Wind Moon Sect's viciousness, falling into their hands, no matter male or female, one would definitely be harvested of all their vigor and die!

Yang Ying Shi looked towards Hu Niu, and turned to ask Hu Qing Fang. "Hmm, there's also a little gir. Xixi, Young Sect Master, want me to leave her to you?" 

"Kill her!" Hu Qing Fang waved his hands. He only wanted to make love with Qin Lian Yue. Although there were countless beauties in the world, but comparisons were the scariest. Compared to Qin Lian Yue, no matter He Lan Yun or the Yang Sisters, they all paled in comparison, being way too far apart.

Hu Niu exploded with anger; they were actually going to kill such a cutie like her?

She jumped out of Ling Han's embrace, pointed at Yang Ying Shi, and said, "Old hag, Niu will kill you!" She then pondered, and turned to ask, "Can Niu kill her?"

"Yes." Ling Han nodded. Hu Niu's enthusiasm for killing was too big, and probably couldn't be changed in this lifetime, so she could only be guided by making her kill people that deserved to be killed.

"Gegegege!" Yang Ying Shi laughed wantonly. Could there be anything more laughable? A seven to eight year old little girl actually said she'd kill her! It made her feel as if she was listening to a joke.

"Niu will warm up first." Hu Niu raised her hands and split her legs, appearing very serious.

Everyone wanted to laugh but couldn't, as they were faced with a hopeless situation.

"I'll restrain them, you guys retreat!" Qin Lian Que decided promptly. She was the one who involved everyone in this disaster, so at this moment, she wanted to take this heavy burden alone.

"Go, go, go!" Chou Zi Fei and the other four men said hurriedly. Although they'd hate to part with an exceptional beauty like Qin Lian Yue, compared to them dying from being deprived of all their Qi of Origin Yang, they'd rather let the beauty die.

"Think you can leave?" Yang Ying Shi laughed grimly. How could a Spiritual Infant Tier attack possibly be blocked by a middle stage Flower Blossom Tier warrior?

Qin Lian Yue placed the sword to her own neck, and said, "If you dare take a step forward, I'll immediately kill myself!"

"Ying Shi Branch Master!" Hu Qing Fang hurriedly shouted. His target was Qin Lian Yue, and if the beauty died, then wouldn't his efforts be in vain?

Yang Ying Shi snorted and halted, yet laughed coldly. "What a bunch of good men, actually letting a girl sacrifice herself to rescue you guys... what men you've made of yourselves!"

Chou Zi Fei and the other four held their tongues, but thought that when they attained certain cultivation in the future, they would come for vengeance.

"Niu's done warming up. Ugly hag, take this fist!" Hu Niu jumped twice and raised her small fist. "Look at Niu's ultimate move, Niu's ascending dragon fist, one punch annihilation!"

Xiu, she darted out.ED/N: a nasty laughter lolED/N: He's the son of the sect master, so they're basically calling him with a title that's like mini-sect master, haha. In other words, he's like a king's son (prince), though dunno whether he's automatically the next sect master or just a candidate.
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