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As expected, Qin Lian Yue couldn't control herself with such delicacies, and also liked little girls like Hu Niu. She lowered her posture and asked Hu Niu for food, but Hu Niu wouldn't pay attention to her, and just ate self-absorbedly with juices dripping everywhere; everyone swallowed their saliva constantly, craving for food.

"Alright, alright, seeing how miserable you look, I'll give you another piece!" At last, Hu Niu divided another piece of meat for Qin Lian Yue and wrapped it with vegetables, passing it into Qin Lian Yue's small mouth.

She didn't have good intentions, and wanted Qin Lian Yue to still keep thinking about it.

The little girl was very keen on holding grudges.

As expected, this night, Qin Lian Yue had trouble sleeping. It wouldn't have mattered if she hadn't tasted that umami, but once she ate it and didn't satisfy the desire for good food, she suffered much more; however, it also made her extremely curious what meat exactly it was and how the vegetables were planted to have such tastiness. 

On the second day, Qin Lian Yue targeted Ling Han, and asked him about the origin of those meat and vegetables. 

Ling Han was pestered beyond annoyance, and said, "That's not beast meat, but human meat. The vegetables, well, were of course planted with humans as fertilizer!" 

He said it balefully, which made Qin Lian Yue's delicate face twitch ceaselessly as she retreated in defeat right away. This made Hu Niu convulse with laugher, finally feeling that revenge had been taken.

Qin Lian Yue obviously wouldn't believe it. She hadn't eaten human meat, but as a martial artist, how could she not have seen human flesh? It wasn't like this at all. She could conclude that the beast meat she ate yesterday was Luxurious Musk Deer, a beast whose meat was known for succulence. She had eaten it many times, but not even once was it as delicious as the one the previous day.

She was truly worried; would she have appetite for other things in the future?

Chou Zi Fei and the other four were all very interested in Qin Lian Yue, circling and ingratiating themselves with her in every way possible.

This girl was not only beautiful like a celestial, but also extraordinary in identity, being Dark Glory Valley's master's junior disciple. If they could marry her, then their own status would increase a whole lot, and even their families would climb higher along with them.

In the martial arts world, for Spiritual Infant Tier, Deity Transformation Tier, and Heaven Tier, the difference between each was like heaven and earth, the ranks strict. The five of them only had background of the Deity Transformation Tier, and obviously wanted to claim connections with a true disciple of the Dark Glory Valley.

Not to mention that just Qin Lian Yue's exceptional beauty alone was enough.

However, Qin Lian Yue wouldn't possibly care about them. She was courteous to them for the sake of Can Ye,; otherwise, how would she put up with these craven and cowardly people? Other than practicing martial arts, she liked most to search for various delicacies, and obviously thought constantly of Hu Niu's food, so she inquired Zhu Xuan Er.

She presumed that these foods were definitely not prepared by the little girl personally, and the adults by her side were just Ling Han and Zhu Xuan Er. However, Ling Han already scared her off, and she obviously wouldn't look for trouble again, so she could only find Zhu Xuan Er.

Whatever the two girls talked about, they both laughed sweetly, and soon became very intimate, making Ling Han and Hu Niu astonished.

"Women... truly strange creatures." Ling Han shrugged his shoulders.

"Yes!" Hu Niu gnawed on food while revealing a distressed look, and said, "Then Niu's done for! If Niu grows up, then Niu will become such strange girl... but if Niu doesn't grow up, how can Niu marry Ling Han!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, rubbed Hu Niu's head, and said, "Then don't grow up; it's also good this way."

He always had a knot in his heart—perhaps when Hu Niu grew up, the strange spirit base in her dantian would take her over. A being like that was too terrifying as its imposingness alone could annihilate his Heaven Tier's divine sense; Hu Niu wouldn't be able to resist at all.

"No, no, Niu wants to marry Ling Han! Ling Han is Niu's!" Hu Niu squeezed into Ling Han's embrace and hugged him forcefully.

"Ah, your're strangling me to death!" Ling Han bawled.

"Xixi." Hu Niu laughed heartily.

"You guys are quite happy, huh?" A sneer sounded out as a carriage flew over from the sky, and stopped in front of them with a turn. The carriage fifteen meters long and ten meters high was as if a moving castle, and four scantily clad beautiful women sat in the location of the coachmen.

The Winter Moon Sect and Hu Qing Fang!

He came again.

However, before everyone shouted questions, an extremely resounding cry came from the carriage, wave after wave, as if the tide. This was a girl's moan, quite hysterical, and the carriage even trembled at an extremely high frequency.

Experienced people obviously knew what was going on once they heard it, and they were instantly flabbergasted; doing that sort of thing with so openly?

Ling Han covered Hu Niu's ears, then revealed a displeased look, and said, "Can Ye!"

"Yes!" Can Ye immediately responded, leaping out and striking with his saber.

Xiu, nine flashes of Saber Qi dispersed, and turned into ten streaks along with the saber, slashing at the carriage.

"Impudence!" The four beautiful women leapt out one after another, meeting Can Ye's assault. Peng, peng, peng, peng, amidst the fierce confrontation, the four beautiful women retreated in defeat one after another, but Can Ye's attack was also neutralized.

"Ah…" A long exhalation could be heard from within the carriage. The carriage's intense trembling immediately stopped as a woman said, "Young Sect Master's skills are getting better and better. Your humble servant almost died!"

"Hahahaha!" Hu Qing Fang's proud laughter came from within the carriage; such words were probably the praise that men loved to hear most from women.

The carriage door opened, and out came three people… it was actually a threesome earlier? They surely knew how to play, not only having car sex, but also with three people at once!

The man was obviously Hu Qing Fang. He bared his upper body, and only wore a pair of loose briefs while carrying a woman whose clothes didn't cover her body, revealing it in all sorts of places. Another woman stood next to him; she looked a little over thirty, maintaining herself quite well—her skin was snow-white and tender, her bosom was round and bulging, her buttocks were plump and protruding, large and round.

She wore a loose skirt. At first glance, it was alright, but once the mountain breeze blew and lifted the edges of the skirt, inside was actually completely bare, enough to make people cover their faces in embarrassment.

"Yang Ying Shi! Yang Ying Yun!" Qing Lian Yue cried out. Her gaze was kept on the two girls whose clothes didn't cover their bodies, revealing an intense and scrupulous look. "Be careful, these are Winter Moon Sect's two leaders at this place, and are both in the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, it's rare for Lady Qin to recognize us sisters, what a real honor!" the beautiful woman standing on her own said. She was Yang Ying Yun, while the other one still indulging in Hu Qing Fang's embrace was Yang Ying Shi.

"Temptress!" Qin Lian Yue said in disdain, her gaze full of contempt.

Yang Ying Yun giggled, letting the wind reveal her all over, and said, "What does an unexperienced little girl know. Women need men's nourishment constantly to stay beautiful. This way… hehe, it's convenient to do things!"

"Vulgar!" Qin Lian Yue castigated her.

Can Ye let out a battle cry, and charged towards the carriage; the order he received was to kill!
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