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"You, you've got into a big trouble!" Chou Zi Fei immediately shouted at Ling Han. "You know who he is? Wind Moon Sect's sect master's son! Wind Moon Sect has Heaven Tier elites; can you afford to provoke such a force?"

"Exactly, you're going to get us killed!" Cen Jian Sen also said.

Can Ye sneered, and said, "If your wife, mother, and daughter were in this situation, could you guys also speak such words and watch indifferently on the side?"

No one spoke, but their expressions couldn't be clearer… they didn't encounter such a situation, so did supposing have any meaning?

Qin Yi Yue smiled instead, and said, "Although our, Dark Glory Valley's, strength as a whole falls short of Winter Moon Sect's, we're not to be humiliated as they please! This matter is bound to be grievances between juniors, and it's impossible for figures too strong to intervene, or else it'll trigger a full-out war between two factions."

Only after hearing her words was everyone somewhat calmer. 

"Let's go; this place is still within the boundaries of the Winter Moon Sect. Although it's not the core area, I've heard there are peak stage Flower Blossom Tier elites here, and they're not easily dealt with!" Qin Yi Yue went on.

Her temperament was graceful and she was also beautiful, having an inherent spirit of a leader; therefore, she immediately became everyone's center and led them.

Everyone promptly nodded their heads; this was still Winter Moon Sect's territory, so it'd be better escape quickly.

They didn't dare walk on the main roads again. Deviating into the forest by the side, they didn't fly, either. It'd consume Origin Power and might not be fast enough, so they simply ran on the ground covertly, which was fast and strength-saving.

At night, they stopped to rest and raised a fire to roast rations and dried meat, and began conversing at the same time.

"So you guys are also going to the Restore Heaven Academy." After listening to everyone talk, Qin Yi Yue nodded, and said, "I'm also going there, but ended up encountering Hu Qing Fang half a month ago, being entangled with him constantly. Luckily, I received everyone's help!"

Only Can Ye intervened, while the others even reprimanded him afterwards, but she knew how to conduct herself, and obviously wouldn't bring this up and make the atmosphere awkward.

Some people looked ashamed. Chou Zi Fei was self-content and smug as if it were as she said, with everyone helping in the time of danger; more so, even as if it hadn't been Can Ye who rescued her, but him.

"Lady Qin, no need to worry. If Hu Qing Fang dares to come again, see if I won't defeat him utterly!" he boasted without shame. Who didn't know how to talk big? It was to ingratiate himself with a beauty anyway, so no matter how big the talk, he could still blow it up to the skies.


Other people still had scruples and didn't laugh out loud, but Hu Niu absolutely didn't know what giving face was, instantly bursting into laughter.

"Little girl, what are you laughing at?" Chou Zi Fei blew off the skies with the big talk, and obviously feared most being uncovered and humiliated, so with this little girl's laughter, he was angered from humiliation and glared at her.

"Is it not funny?" Can Ye drew his saber and glowered at Chou Zi Fei.

"Such a cute little girl!" Qin Yi Yue reached out to hug Hu Niu. Though the little girl was painted with a clown face now, it still couldn't hide her bizarreness and endearingness. 

"Ugly girl, don't dream of hugging Lord Niu Niu!" Hu Niu retreated hurriedly as if avoiding bad luck.

However, she complied with Ling Han's instructions, and didn't use power recklessly, so how could she evade a med-level Flower Blossom Tier's reach? She was instantly embraced by Qin Yi Yue, and her small head was buried in Qin Yi Yue's lofty breasts.

"Niu's going to suffocate! Ugly girl, hurry up and move your fat away from Niu's face, or Niu will flip out!" Hu Niu gesticulated and bawled.

Chou Zi Fei and the other four men looked on enviously, thinking if they could personally change places with Hu Niu… Instantly, they almost felt a nosebleed spurting out.

Qin Yi Yue also couldn't help but laugh, and let go. Hu Niu hurriedly fled back to Ling Han and hid in his embrace, then asked Ling Han in a sweet voice, "This ugly girl wants to use her fat to suffucoate Niu, can Niu beat her silly?"

'How detestable, to actually want to conspire to murder the cute Niu Niu!'

With her mentioning the fat on her chest twice, Qin Yi Yue was somewhat flushed. This little girl was cute, but she spoke so… Why was it called fat? It was clearly two firm and upright mountain peaks, so how was it at all related to fat?

They were at most a bit larger than usual. Qin Yi Yue was still quite self-satisfied, and sometimes, when she admired herself in the mirror, she felt a tiny sort of bitterness; in the future, who knew which man would be allowed close to them.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Forget it. She just likes you, so be generous like a lord and don't argue with her."

Hu Niu bit on her finger and thought for a while, then finally said, "Alright, Niu's a magnanimous person, so Niu won't fuss over minor matters with the ugly girl!" Though that was what she said, her slippery gaze didn't seem to be letting the matter go so easily.

Other people didn't know what the little girl was capable of, so they all laughed loudly, feeling that children's words carried no harm; they thought that if she knew how terrifying Qin Yin Yue, a medium level Flower Blossom Tier elite, was, she probably wouldn't dare to say such words. 

When eating, Hu Niu definitely wouldn't treat herself unfairly, and took out the food within the spatial ring. Those were vegetables and beast meat nourished within the Black Tower, their taste absolutely delicious, instantly making people drool from the smell. 

Chou Zi Fei and the other five had already smelled it three days ago, but were embarrassed to ask a little girl for food. Now, they could only speed up swallowing their saliva. However, Qin Yi Yue was truly fond of Hu Niu. Walking over without caring, she said, "Beautiful Niu Niu, can sister get a piece?"

Hu Niu thought for a while with her head tilted, and said, "Fine!" She divided up a small piece of meat, then wrapped it up with raw vegetables, handing it over to Qin Yi Yue, and said, "This is a new eating method Niu invented, called vegetable wrapped meat."

Qin Yi Yue opened her small mouth and bit right on the vegetable wrapped meat, slowly chewing. She originally just wanted to tease Hu Niu, and wasn't really fond of food, but once she chewed on it, her delicate face changed color.

How could it be so delicious!?

The lightness of the vegetables fused with the roasted meat's richness complemented each other's strong points, stimulating her taste buds. She felt as if she'd reached some sort of climax, and her face instantly flushed red. For a moment, her brain was as if it'd short-circuited, and she only felt ceaseless stimulation, making her involuntarily moan; like a cat's cry, it tickled people's hearts.

Chou ZI Fei and the other four men almost howled collectively. This moan was too alluring, and made them unable to bear the wish of transforming into evil wolves, pouncing at that enchanting little white sheep. 

Unfortunately, this little white sheep possessed terrifying strength; unless they were tired of living, how would they dare pounce on her?

Qin Lian Yue finally came back to her senses after a long while, and involuntarily blushed with shame. To actually moan from eating a bite of food, how embarrassing... no matter how delicious it was, she shouldn't have done that and act as if she hadn't eaten for three lifetimes.

"Xixi!" Hu Niu then revealed a devilish smile. 'You'll definitely want to eat more after eating such a delicious thing, but I'm not giving it to you. Let you crave it to death, for actually daring to use two lumps of meat to squish your lord Niu Niu!'
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