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Everytime martial artists increase in lever, their power was amplified drastically by tenfold to hundredfold; however, as for speed, being able to increase it by one-fold was already good.

Thus, Ling Han cultivated a body of lightning, and increased his speed explosively by threefold. With the addition of the Fairy Demon Step, his speed already surpassed the Spiritual Infant Tier, crossing into the heights of the Deity Transformation Tier.

"However, running isn't a solution, after all. I still have to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier as soon as possible. This way, I'll truly qualify to stand against Small Saber King.

"Sigh, the martial arts level in this life is truly too high. If it were the previous life, with my strength now, only Sword Emperor and the like would qualify to compete with me at the same age, and nothing less than monsters hundred years of age would be able to suppress me.

"Now, it's great; the prodigies under hundred years of age are like bamboo shoots after the rain, emerging without end.

"Hehe, but only this can give me enough motivation.

"I just cultivated the body of lightning, and can't truly turn my body into lightning yet, but it's not far from that that step. At that time, my battle prowess will become even more powerful."

Ling Han walked to Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er, then revealed a smile, and said, "Let's go. We should go to Thousand Flower Prefecture to see the present-age prodigies."

"Let's go!" Hu Niu jumped in joy. Staying here for several days, she was very bored.

Unfortunately, their golden ship was busted by the diamond puppet, and they had no means of transportation now; they could only walk on foot. They were too lazy to find another carriage, and just walked.

To lessen the troubles, they all disguised themselves.

Ling Han originally thought of disguising the three of them as husband and wife with a cute daughter, but Hu Niu was unwilling to no matter what. Consequently, they could only disguise as three siblings. Ling Han became a few years older, Zhu Xuan Er covered her exceptionally beautiful face, while Hu Niu turned into a small clown.

Ling Han specially activated an old art that usually didn't have much use to let the presence he emitted become a lot weaker, decreasing to the Spiritual Ocean Tier. This way, if Small Saber King could still find him, then Small Saber King was truly capable.

They left Nine Clouds City and headed towards Thousand Flower Prefecture.

Ling Han wasn't in a rush. The opening of the Restore Heaven Academy was only news, and the true entrance exam was still a long way off; at least, the news that he heard at Nine Clouds City was that the period of the exam wasn't decided yet.

There was at least half a year's time no matter how one thought about it; otherwise, with the massiveness of the vast lands, many people wouldn't make it in time.

They strolled onwards; this was also cultivation anyway. 

"Hm?" Ling Han paused slightly and looked back, seeing dust flutter away as a party rapidly approached. 

He first thought that Small Saber King had caught up again, but immediately discovered that it wasn't the case; these people were only Flower Blossom Tier warriors.

There was a total of seven people, moving swiftly and soon catching up to the three of them, then continuing to advance onwards without pausing. 

Ling Han's gaze swept by, and he couldn't help but reveal a surprised look, and said, "Can Ye!"

Within the party, someone immediately stopped in their steps, and turned around. His figure slim and his entire body emitting a piercingly cold Saber Qi, he was as if a sharp unsheathed saber. He looked surprised at Ling Han with doubt in his gaze.

It was Can Ye.

In the long time since they'd seen each other, he actually broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier and walked down his own path, becoming extremely confident.

"I am Ling Yun," Ling Han said with a smile.

Hearing this name, Can Ye immediately understood that this was Ling Han, and instantly revealed a joyful expression.

"Can Ye, what's the matter?" a girl in red clothing asked. She was extremely beautiful; her beautiful hair was like the clouds, and her skin was smooth like jade; under the sunlight, it actually had a luster, as if she were a goddess. 

Can Ye didn't speak. Ling Han approached with a laugh, and said, "Running into an old friend in a distant land. I'm Ling Yun, Can Ye's fellow-townsman."

"Oh!" The girl in red and the others all nodded—so it was a just a fellow-townsman. These six people were all remarkable people, with striking appearance and the feel of soaring confidence, apparently all coming from prestigious families.

They saw that Ling Han was only at the Spiritual Infant Tier, so they obviously wouldn't take another look at him. If it weren't for Can Ye, who wouldn't move, they definitely would've turned to leave; a person like Ling Han wasn't at all in the same world as them.

"Young Master Ling!" Can Ye was extremely stirred up.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "With you calling me Young Master Ling, should I not also call you Young Master Ye? Don't be so cheeky."

Can Ye came to realize that Ling Han concealed his identity, and simply laughed, no longer persisting in calling Ling Han young master.

The girl in red clothing and the others were somewhat indignant; how could a mere Spiritual Infant Tier qualify to rank amongst them? 'After calling you young master, you actually acted smug and affected...? Just where that confidence came from...?'

"Can Ye, we should set out quickly. I already received reliable news that the Restore Heaven Academy will formally open in half a year. Going there earlier, we might be able to know the contents of the exam and prepare for it," someone urged.

"Oh, it's going to be half a year before Restore Heaven Academy opens?" Ling Han interjected. He might as well take advantage of this gap in time to search for the whereabouts of Boundless Mountain. 

"What does it have to do with you?" A pretty boy looked impatiently at Ling Han, revealing a look of contempt; could this brat also be thinking of going to the Restore Heaven Academy? What a real joke. A man already in his twenties and only at the Spiritual Infant Tier... if this could get in Restore Heaven Academy, wouldn't it be a joke?

They were recruiting the elites of the world, the prodigies of prodigies, and only people like them were qualified to enter.

"Chou Zi Fei, what are you suggesting?" Can Ye looked balefully at that pretty boy, unhesitatingly unleashing his long saber and pointing it at that person.

"Can Ye, for this good-for-nothing, you would actually draw your sword at this young master?" That pretty boy called Chou Zi Fei looked full of astonishment. He completely didn't expect Can Ye would suddenly turn hostile towards him for a mere Spiritual Infant Tier.

"Apologize!" Can Ye said coldly, his gaze like a saber, baring a murderous aura.

In his eyes, Ling Han was a benefactor and an idol he worshiped, yet Chou Zi Fei dared to show contempt for Ling Han... It obviously made his killing intent burn.

"Can Ye, seeing that your talent isn't bad, I associated with you, but don't think that you really have the right to sit as equals with this young master!"

"Whatever, whatever. Everyone's friends, no need to make it unpleasant!" A man came forward with a smile to ease the situation, and said, "Since you guys are going to Restore Heaven Academy, then let's go together."

Chou Zi Fei wanted to oppose at once—to travel with a nobody? However, before he spoke any word of objection, a man stopped him, and said in a low voice near his ear, "Won't messing with this brat will be quite interesting?"

Hearing this, his thoughts to object came to an end, and he simply looked coldly at Ling Han before he left dejectedly, thinking that he would definitely make it unbearable for this guy in the following days.

Although Can Ye didn't want to drop the matter, seeing Ling Han shake his head, he sheathed his long saber. The situation eased up at last.
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