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Ling Han had the Five Elements Chaos Lotus, which possessed five elements, reaching the perfect balance. Thus, he could absorb five different spirit Qi at the same time, and wouldn't create chaos because any type of spirit Qi was too strong. 

However, the five lotus petals were still there, but the lotus stem… actually turned into lightning!

His spirit base had one more element: lightning.

Moreover, this didn't affect the balance of five element spirit base, but on top of its basis, allowed him to possess the lightning element.

Ling Han was astounded; spirit base could be transformed postnatally?

In the previous life, he entered many historic sites, and acquired many high-level arts and skills, but not even one Mystical Power. However, in this lifetime, his luck was nature-defying, and he'd already acquired three of them.

Mystical Powers could change a person's constitution and spirit base?

Ling Han was astounded; this shattered his understanding. Based on this development, didn't it mean that people could form five element spirit base and six element spirit base artificially? One only had to cultivate different Mystical Powers. 

Then, his six-element spirit base was actually not that impressive, because it could be transformed into one postnatally, and maybe one didn't even need to cultivate Mystical Powers for it as powerful beings could change it with their hands?

What was called remaking and defying nature to change one's fate? This was it.

Ling Han nodded inwardly, no longer proud at all of his own spirit base—there might be many more prodigies in the future that also possessed six-element spirit base like he did. However, the six-element spirit base was already at the pinnacle, and he wasn't any bit inferior to anyone else. 

With a thought, lightning immediately flickered on his body as if he turned into a thunderbolt.

Regarding the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, he crossed through the preliminary threshold at last. 

The sky-filling lightning dissipated, and as Ling Han's figure appeared, the two parties that were battling fiercely stopped and looked towards him.

"Where's the precious treasure?"

"It must've been seized by him!"

Instantly, the elites of the two cities all stared at Ling Han, their gazes chilly, as if they were going to eat him.

"Hey, why are you guys looking at me like that? Those gazes are making me uncomfortable," Ling Han said, smiling.

"Boy, hand over the treasure!" These people already charged over. Earlier, they wanted to fight off the other party so that they could leave the treasure for their own side, but now, they had a common enemy. 

"Just in time, then. I'll test this Mystical Power on you guys." Ling Han laughed loudly. Light flickered on his body as if a flash of lightning, his speed ridiculously fast.


He released a punch bursting with lightning, and peng, peng, peng, nearly twenty Flower Blossom Tier warriors were knocked down by this single punch, leaving only two Spiritual Infant Tier elites who were still chasing him. This also made the two Spiritual Infant Tiers extremely shocked. This boy was so strong, and the power of that single punch was no lower than a Spiritual Infant Tier elite's.

Ling Han revealed a smile; the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven proved itself to be the Mystical Power of an ancient dynasty—it was powerful!

His battle prowess now should've surpassed 20 stars, advancing onto the level of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

"Boy, hand over the treasure, and we can spare your life!" the two Spiritual Infant Tier elites shouted at the same time.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Spare my life? As if you guys are that formidable. Come, come, come, I'll play with you guys; let's see who's more formidable."

"A mere junior at the Flower Blossom Tier dares to be so impudent!?" Zhang Wu Yun and Ma Zai Fang both snorted, and made a grabbing motion at Ling Han.

This sudden thunderbolt bombardment lasted for an entire day, and the treasure that came into the world was definitely out of the ordinary. The two had been stuck at this tier for a long time, dreaming of breaking through, and this mystical treasure might decide whether they could break through.

"Niu will help you!" Hu Niu seeing the battle, couldn't help but itch to have a go.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said," No need, no need. I can handle just these two people!"

He punched out, and 22 dragon elephants surfaced, woven closely with lightning, making them fiercer.

"Such a freakish boy," Zhang Wu Yun and Ma Zai Fang both cried out. Their opponent actually cultivated 22 flashes of Qi—how truly terrifying.

"There's something more impressive!" Ling Han laughed loudly, then adhered the bone pattern, activated the Eye of Truth, and began bombarding the two Spiritual Infant Tier opponents.

His battle prowess was originally approaching 20 stars, and now that he grasped the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, he overcame this limit all of a sudden, finally possessing Spiritual Infant Tier battle prowess. After he activated the Eye of Truth, even if Zhang Wu Yun and Ma Zai Fang were both seventh-level Spiritual Infant Tier, they had no power to fight back, continuously being bombarded by him.

Mystical Power... why was it called Mystical Power?

Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, in addition to the Eye of Truth, let him exterminate a Spiritual Infant Tier elite with a single arrow. The Thunderclap Ninth Heaven in addition to the Eye of Truth might not have the surprise aspect of marksmanship, but its power was no inferior, just no longer having the effect dealing a fatal blow.

The two Spiritual Infant Tier warriors were forced to retreat repeatedly, their expressions full of disbelief. This was truly unimaginable; they were not only at the Spiritual Infant Tier, but also its seventh layer—which meant its high level—yet they were still overwhelmed to the point of having no room to counterattack.

Ling Han let out repeated battle cries, and his fists waved even fiercer. 22 dragon elephants fused into one and turned a light golden dragon elephant, bursting with lightning all over its body. There was also an ancient symbol that surfaced that seemed completely out of this world, and more like it came from a demonic realm.

This dragon elephant was too frightening, and under its heavy stampede, the two great Spiritual Infant Tier elites could only retreat.

"Condensing Qi to form a Ray!" Zhang Wu Yun and Ma Zai Fang cried out. They didn't realize that this was a pseudo-ray, and thought that Ling Han had already advanced into the second level of the way of the fist. This step was truly too difficult to cross, and even though their cultivation was higher, they still only achieved nine flashes of Qi till now.

Without ten flashes, how could they qualify to form a Ray?

Seeing this made them extremely envious. Their opponent was only in the Flower Blossom Tier, and was only in his twenties, yet he'd already cultivated over 20 flashes of Qi and even formed a Ray, making them erupt with envy. 

The more they fought, the more flustered they were, and their fighting spirit dispersed at last as they turned to run in separate directions—what valuable treasure, they didn't want it anymore!

Ling Han didn't chase, either. He didn't have any grievances with these two people that couldn't be resolved; fighting with them was only to test the power of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and the result made him quite pleased.

His speed now increased drastically by threefold, and his battle prowess increased by over five stars!

He was also extremely shocked by this. If Small Saber King were to acquire this Mystical Power, he'd probably be invincible amongst the Spiritual Infant Tier elites, and even able to sweep Deity Transformation Tier opponents! A genius like that, with a foot already into the Deity Transformation Tier... there was no need to doubt at all that he'd definitely possess battle prowess of the Deity Transformation Tier.

However, the ancient dynasty had a total of four Mystical Powers, and this Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was not the strongest; It was truly hard to imagine what an incredible Mystical Power the Nine Deaths Heaven Art would be.

"If I encountered Small Saber King now… I probably still wouldn't rival him, but running shouldn't be a problem," Ling Han said to himself. Despite his speed only increasing by threefold, if combined with the Demon Fairy Step, even a Deity Transformation Tier elite would find it hard to catch up to him.
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