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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 601 Guiding the Thunder into the Body

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"Damn, the heavens also like to surprise people?" Ling Han said, and immediately leapt out. Flying outside the city, he immediately activated the mystical art Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and his body and the thunder clouds in the sky acquired some sort of special connection.


The first flash of lightning struck down exactly towards Ling Han, as if intentionally aiming at him.


The power of lightning entered his body, and Ling Han was instantly shocked, being burnt on the outside and tender on the inside. This was the terrifying power of heaven and earth, which could instantly burn Ling Han into a piece of coke.

Despite almost fainting immediately, he gritted his teeth and bore the pain; if he were to faint now, then the pain he'd suffered just now would be in vain.

He hurriedly operated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and guided the power of lightning around his body, transforming it with the mystic art.

Kuang, another flash of lightning descended.

Ling Han became the center of the lightning, and with the activation of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, each lightning received a mysterious pull, being attracted to him.

"F*ck, I haven't even entered the Heaven Tier, yet I'm being struck by lightning!" Ling Han said, gritting his teeth—being struck by lightning didn't feel good at all. Fortunately, this was also a normal lightning; the divine might was much greater when facing a tribulation.

Indestructible Heaven's Scroll was also activated, repairing the damage he endured. This was an advantage that other people completely couldn't compare to.

He made sure not to lose consciousness, and activated the mystic art Thunderclap Ninth Heaven to change his body. The power of lightning coursed through the veins and flesh in his body, allocated by the mystic art, changing Ling Han's constitution.

This was actually quite dangerous. If he didn't endure it, he might be struck unconscious by the lightning, and in such condition, a normal Flower Blossom Tier warrior would definitely thoroughly die in a few more strikes. Even if he didn't die, the power of lightning would run amok within the body, which could cause immense destruction to it.

To say the least, even if there was no destruction at all, the attempt at guiding the power of lighting to change his own body would be an utter failure.

Ling Han forcibly endured the pain of the electric shock, which truly made him want to fall unconscious so that he didn't have to endure it anymore. But, in order to become stronger, he gritted his teeth and continued to activate the mystic art, attracting more power of lightning to strike his way and enter his body.

Zi, zi, zi, his entire person turned into a ball of white light.

Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er watched from afar. Zhu Xuan Er's expression was full of worry, while Hu Niu paid it no mind, and said, "Don't worry, Niu's Ling Han will definitely tough it out."

Zhu Xuan Er carried Hu Niu, nodding, but she was still extremely worried. After all, being overly concerned caused disorder, and she wasn't crude and careless like Hu Niu.

No matter what, Hu Niu was still a little girl.

Lightning wasn't rare, but it was rare when all of it descended towards a single direction. Soon, there were people that came over to have a look; most of them were low-level martial artists, merely at the Spiritual Pedestal or the Spiritual Ocean Tier. It was useless even if they discovered something, as they didn't dare to approach Ling Han; who could resist against such power of heaven and earth?

Hu Niu began to chase away people, and waved her small fists, sending people flying one after another. "What are you guys trying to do to Niu's Ling Han?" She looked like she was protecting her child.

She was too valiant, and even Spiritual Infant Tier elites found it difficult to suppress her, let alone these people who instantly scattered like birds and wild animals.

But not long after, elites also began to appear.

"The thunderbolts are falling concentratedly on the same place, so could it be a precious treasure is about to show itself to the world?" This was what these people thought. Xiu, xiu, xiu, seven Flower Blossom Tier warriors came; the older one looked to be over seventy, and the younger ones over forty. After all, even the middle state couldn't be full of prodigies, having Flower Blossom Tier elites in their twenties at every turn.

At this time, over ten thunderbolts had already fallen. Ling Han's entire body was covered by lightning, which was so terrifying and closely woven that no one's eyesight or divine sense could penetrate it. Thus, everyone could only see a field of lightning, but didn't know what was inside.

"It's definitely a precious treasure that's come into the world; only then would it attract the simultaneous lightning bombardment."

"Wait till the lightning disperses, we'll immediately begin seizing the treasure."

The seven people's gazes were burning. This was a small city, and nothing happened there ordinarily, but today, thunderbolts fell closely and intertwined into a sea of lightning, meaning that a treasure was coming into the world. Naturally, this made them excited, for perhaps this was a turning point in their life; from now on, they would be on the path of great success.

However, this lightning seemed to be endless, continuing to strike without end. 

After one day, another ten Flower Blossom Tier warriors appeared.

The seven Flower Blossom Tier ones of Nine Clouds City instantly acted as if facing a formidable enemy. "What are the people of Great Universe City doing here?"

"Haha, a mysterious treasure has come into the world, and you guys of Nine Clouds City want to have it all to yourselves?" The Flower Blossom Tier cultivators of Great Universe City snorted.

"Hmph, it came into being in our Nine Clouds City, so it naturally belongs to Nine Clouds City." The Flower Blossom Tier elites of Nine Clouds City engaged in a dispute.

"There's no such thing as ownership when it comes to wordly treasures, is there? Besides, isn't this outside of Nine Clouds City?"

"Hmph, a few Flower Blossom Tier warriors dare to be unbridled in my Nine Clouds City?!" That Spiritual Infant Tier elite of Nine Clouds City appeared. A few days ago, he was scared witless by a diamond puppet, but now, he appeared to have the bearing of an elite.

Once a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior appeared, Great Universe City's Flower Blossom Tier ones immediately shut up. It was useless even if there were ten of them; before a Spiritual Infant Tier, the gap in Tiers wasn't something that could be filled by a few dozen people.

"Hehe, Lord Ma, how greatly imposing!" A voice suddenly resounded as a slender middle-aged man walked out, with terrifying brilliance flickering around him.

"Zhang Wu Yun!" Nine Clouds City's Spiritual Infant Tier's eyes tensed up—the other person was also in the Spiritual Infant Tier.

"Worldly treasures... those who see it were destined." Zhang Wu Yun smiled slightly. "Ma Zai Fang, if you want the treasure, then we'll see who has the skill."

"Then let's battle!" Ma Zai Fang rushed toward the other party, and the Flower Blossom Tier warriors of Nine Clouds City also attacked their Flower Blossom Tier counterparts of Great Universe City; the treasure had to be kept for Nine Clouds City.

Peng, peng, peng, they instantly got into a fierce fight.

Zhu Xuan Er watched with astonishment, and felt it more laughable on the inside, thinking what expressions would they have when they discovered that within the lightning wasn't some treasure, but just Ling Han.

Hu Niu, on the other hand, burst with fury again. She was afraid that these people would be in Ling Han's way.

Fortunately, the fight didn't reach Ling Han's side in the end, or else the little girl would definitely intervene.

Ling Han was already gradually entering an optimal stage. The power of lightning circulated in his body; his entire person also seemed to turn into lightning, becoming dazzling white lightning; even the essence of life underwent a change. 

The intense pain from earlier had already disappeared, and now he became more and more relaxed, even somewhat enjoying the bombardment of lightning as if it were giving him a massage.

Attracting thunderbolts into one's body to transform oneself.

It succeeded.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and stopped guiding the mystic art; the lightning that filled the sky also dispersed at last. This shouldn't have continued for this long, but being affected by the mystic art Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, which produced a mutual interaction, made it last till now.

He looked into his body, trying to find specific changes, but when his divine sense swept by his dantian, he couldn't help but reveal a shocked look.
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