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The bracelet on Small Saber King's wrist suddenly lit up and fired a light beam towards Hu Niu, confining her. Rushing, the little girl opened her mouth and bit down repeatedly, severing the light beam and obtaining freedom again.

Xiu, Ling Han fired an arrow, but didn't use the Sunset Bow. Instead, he'd directly used his body as a bow and Origin Power as the arrow because there wasn't enough time for him to take out the Sunset Bow. 

Small Saber King, however, didn't dare to be careless. His figure flashed, dodging Ling Han's attack, but missing the best chance to attack Hu Niu.

The arrow of Origin Power brushed past his body, Small Saber King then realized that this arrow's power was far from comparable to the one earlier, and revealed a furious look out of shame. The dignified Small Saber King, the strongest prodigy in the middle state, was actually tricked by Ling Han, frightened by his not-so-strong skill, missing the best chance to take down the little girl.

This little girl's body hid the secrets of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, which he was determined to obtain. 

"Hu Niu, come back!" Ling Han shouted. He didn't want the little girl to take any more risks.

Hu Niu promptly nodded, and jumped back in a flash, making a wry face at Small Saber King, and saying, "Stinky!"

Small Saber King assumed that Hu Niu was mocking the shameful incident a few days ago when he shat his brains out. This seemed to him a great humiliation, and a scar that couldn't be revealed, so when he was mocked openly by Hu Niu, killing intent instantly filled the air.

"Go!" Under watchful eyes, Ling Han didn't want to use the Black Tower. He grabbed Hu Niu with the left hand and Zhu Xuan Er with the right hand, using the Demon Fairy Step and taking to his heels at once.

However, after taking only two steps, he instantly felt a bad premonition, hurriedly shifting his feet and flying towards the side.


A heavy punch landed on the streets and instantly set off a wave of dust. If Ling Han didn't change the direction in which he advanced, he would definitely be directly smashed by the fist. The diamond puppet's figure appeared; its transparent body refracted rays of light, appearing extremely peculiar.

The wave of dust swirled by, and a large pit at over ten meter deep appeared in the streets, extremely frightening.

Ling Han and the girls spurted out blood; although they evaded the attack in time, they were still affected. The power of the Deity Transformation Tier was terrifying, making the three sustain injuries simply from being scraped.

"Where do you think you're running off to?" Small Saber King said coldly, striking out with his saber. Blood instantly splattered on the streets as the passersby all suffered for it, reduced to fragments the moment the Saber Ray touched them. 

This person completely treated life with indifference, being reckless and unbridled, viewing all living beings as nonentities.

Shua, he struck with his saber again.

Ling Han was bursting with anger, his gaze ice cold as he instantly threw out a human body; it was precisely Feng Wei Qi.

Shua, the saber light swept by.

Feng Wei Qi suddenly appeared from within the Black Tower, and without figuring out the situation, he suddenly saw a flash of saber light strike him—something he'd never anticipated. However, this saber light seemed so familiar; that modulation and that sword intent was something he'd seen many times.

It was his son!

Why was his son attacking him? Could he not be his blood-related son…? When he was younger and left home to toughen himself, could he have been cuckolded?

"Ah…" He let out a sharp and tragic scream, and was sliced into two halves by this saber light.

Small Saber King was startled. He'd never anticipated that Ling Han could actually throw out a living person from thin air. He stared blankly at Feng Wei Qi's corpse, and couldn't help but stagger several times.

This was his blood-related father, who he'd thought was confined somewhere by Ling Han, but who knew that Ling Han could throw him out of thin air, something he never would've foreseen!

"Father!" he cried out in alarm, his face pale as he almost fainted.

He could see the lives of everyone in the world as nonentities, but Feng Wei Qi was his blood-related father and the only next of kin. It made him instantly feel as if a knife pierced through his heart; for a moment, he had no thoughts at all. 

Ling Han took it all in, and said coldly, "Now, do you still dare to say that all people are nobodies?"

"Ling... Han!" Small Saber King said word by word, flames bursting out of his eyes. He only had one thought now, and that was to tear Ling Han to shreds to vent his anger. 

Ling Han shrugged, and said, "Don't look at me with those eyes. Before denouncing others, look at the things you've done! Besides, you personally killed your old man. Tsk, tsk, tsk, considering the character of you two, father and son, this also counts as punishing one's own relative in the cause of justice!"

"You shut up!" Small Saber King darted out; he was going to cut down Ling Han. 

Ling Han treaded with the Demon Fairy Step and kept retreating.

Hong, on the other side, the diamond puppet also charged over. With the presence of the Deity Transformation Tier spread ostentatiously, it was more frightening than Small Saber King.

"Hmph, who dares to stir up trouble in my Nine Clouds City?" At this moment, a powerful presence surged out, following the appearance of a sturdy man roughly in the fifties. However, when he saw that diamond puppet, he instantly turned pale with fear and turned to run at once.

What a joke, he was only in the Spiritual Infant Tier, so how could he rival a Deity Transformation Tier being?

In the middle state, although Spiritual Infant Tier elites weren't the top-notch elites, they could still be called experts. Thus, this person ran over ostentatiously, but actually discovered a Deity Transformation Tier troublemaker, frightening him out of his wits.

Ling Han had no intention of getting entangled here. Of the two opponents, one was at the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and another in the Deity Transformation Tier, so he couldn't possibly rival them. He took out the instant teleportation talisman Ma Duo Bao gave him with a smile, and said, "Brother's done playing with you guys, off we go!" 

He pretended to stick the instant teleportation talisman on his body but brought Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu into the Black Tower. If his expression was convincing enough, Small Saber King obviously would assume that he'd used an instant teleportation talisman run away with the two girls.

"How does he have so many instant teleportation talismans?" Small Saber King frowned. Instant Teleportation Talismans were extremely valuable, and being able to obtain one was equivalent to having one more safeguard on life, but Ling Han actually possessed two—something truly unimaginable.

"Could this have been obtained in the Twelve Palaces?" he muttered.

His gaze turned towards Feng Wei Qi's corpse again. His killing intent churned as he clenched his fists tightly. As a son, he definitely had to exact vengeance!

"Ling Han, I'll definitely capture you and tear you into pieces!" he said in a low voice, his expression as fierce as if a wounded beast's.

After Small Saber King left with the puppet, Ling Han exited the Black Tower. He stroked his chin, and said, "With someone's shadow constantly following, I can't always wave around the instant teleportation talisman to deceive him. I have to master the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven as soon as possible; at that time, my body will be like the lightning. Combined with the Demon Fairy Step, I'll be able to compare with him in speed.

"I'll wait for the appearance of the divine thunder here!"

The new year had passed, and spring had come. Once the spring season began, sudden claps of thunder would gradually occur more often. However, Ling Han's luck truly wasn't that great. Waiting in the city for seven days, every day was a sunny and cloudless day—the weather was finer than ever.

Just as Ling Han thought of leaving, the weather suddenly changed. The thunder rolled, and the first flash of lightning came inadvertently.
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