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Ling Han had wanted to injure Small Saber King with the Sunset Bow and obtain his blood for the curse, but Small Saber King was certainly strong, deflecting all his attacks; it was rather Hu Niu who'd succeeded.

He extended a finger and pressed it on one of the Vial of Curses' patterns, which was the death curse.

However, Ling Han was taken by surprise as the pattern actually didn't light up. 

"Hmm, what's going on?" Ling Han was startled, but soon thought of how some people's natal horoscopes were strong, and they hard to be cursed to death. For example, he was one; he was fine entering the ancient mineshaft, and had at least ten days to half a month before he would be affected by the Cursed Qi. 

It looked like one drop of blood wouldn't be enough to curse Small Saber King to death,.

Ling Han settled for the next best thing, and said to himself, "Can't curse you to death, then I'll curse you to fall ill. Can't let you off that easily!"

He pressed on another pattern, and this time, the pattern lit up.

This meant that the curse had come into effect, and the effect was illness. As for what illness, Ling Han didn't know.

Ling Han proceeded on foot. He felt that he'd really suffered a great loss this time with the golden ship smashed and three arrows lost. In days to come, he definitely had to take down Small Saber King who'd obtained almost the entire ancient dynasty's treasure vault, which would be enough to make up for his losses.

But now, Ling Han decided to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier as soon as possible, or else he could only run when encountering Small Saber King. Moreover, if it weren't for his possession of the Black Tower, he might not even be able to escape.

Under the great pressure, his fighting spirit also began to rise. 

However, after only walking for a short while, he suddenly felt a bad premonition, and raised his voice. "Since you've come, why hide?"

Small Saber King's figure surfaced as he said coldly, "You think you can escape from my grasp? Truly too naïve!"

"Whether I'm naïve or not is another matter, but It looks like you're about to have bad luck!" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Oh, what sort of bad luck?" Small Saber King said casually while closing in on Ling Han. He didn't dare to be careless, not having sensed Hu Niu's presence all along; that little girl could turn into lightning and was extremely fast, and her teeth were darn sharp, being able to bite through even his defenses.

Ling Han pondered, and said, "Just you wait!"

"Ha!" Small Saber King sneered. He obviously assumed that Ling Han was trying to intimidate him with empty words, and continued to close in on Ling Han, emitting his saber intent to lock onto Ling Han. As long as Ling Han moved slightly, he would strike out with heavenly saber to kill Ling Han on the spot.

The reason why he didn't unleash his saber was that he still wanted to know Hu Niu's whereabouts; she had grasped the Mystical Power, Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, which he was determined to acquire.

"Gu!" At this moment, his stomach suddenly growled.

Small Saber King's complexion instantly turned weird.

He… actually had a stomachache!

How was that possible!

After advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier, martial artists broke away from the temporal, and definitely couldn't get sick, let alone suffer from a stomachache. However, now, he truly felt his stomach hurting like hell, and something was surging on, almost rushing out.

That made no sense!

Starting from the Flower Blossom Tier, even if martial artists ate, the benefitial things would be absorbed by the body while the impurities would be discharged through the skin; the entire person was without grime and contamination, and definitely didn't have the need to relieve oneself.

Now, he simply wanted to empty his bowls, unleashing stuff to his heart's content.

"Look, you've got bad luck as expected," Ling Han said with a smile.

Small Saber King wanted to unleash his saber, but pu, he farted loudly, and his face turned green. That urge became more and more intense; it was useless even if he clamped his legs tightly, unable to hold it back in at all.

"You, you wait!" Small Saber King was a reputable person anyhow, and wouldn't possibly fight while spraying out shit. He hurriedly turned, twisting his butt to leave. He scuttled into a bush, and instantly, the grumble of his stomach was like thunder rolls, echoing pi li pa la, impossible to stop once it started.

"Respects! Respects!" Ling Han said from afar. "Small Saber King is impressive as expected, a maneuver of stench to assail enemies is simply unprecedented. Truly can't learn it even if one wanted to!"

Small Saber King wanted to retort, but his stomach was still rolling in waves, and he instantly let out a smothered groan, holding his breath and pushing it all out satisfyingly.

"Take an arrow!" Ling Han drew Sunset Bow, and the arrow already mounted on the string.

"Ling Han, you have no shame!" Small Saber King roared angrily. Without Hu Niu restraining him, he actually didn't fear Ling Han's marksmanship, but with his current situation, was he going to swing his saber while spurting stuff out of the other end?

"Against a deranged person like you, what standards need to be held?" Ling Han fired an arrow. He was also furious to the extreme; Small Saber King killed the people of two villages in cold blood, and Ling Han fired this arrow despite knowing that it would only cut Small Saber King an even sorrier figure, still deciding to waste it for once.

Xiu, the arrow turned into a streak of white light, firing out like a flying dragon in the sky.

Small Saber King had no choice but to swing his saber to ward it off. With his butt bare, that look was truly wretched to the extreme.

"Ling Han, if I don't kill you, I swear I won't be able to live…'"


Before he finished his fierce words, he was forced to squat down again, defecating to his heart's content.

"Kill me? I'm the one that's going to kill you!" Ling Han snorted, and no longer attacked, turning to leave.

The opponent still had a diamond puppet, which was probably searching for him separately. It had already been a long while, and presumably, Small Saber King had already summoned the puppet through a mystic art. If he didn't leave now, he would have to hide in the Black Tower again.

He used the Demon Fairy Step, fluttering in the wind and moving further away. From afar, he still seemed to be able to hear that thunder-like sound of diarrhea.

Spiritual Infant Tier was strong even in this aspect!

After three days, Ling Han arrived at a city.

The decorative pattern on the Vial of Curses had already dimmed. Small Saber King's drop of blood had been exhausted, and he could no longer be cursed. Ling Han found it a pity; if he could make Small Saber King die from diarrhea, it would actually vent his anger.

He summoned both Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu. The three walked on the streets, but soon they saw that people were pointing fingers at them. After a while, Ling Han discovered that portraits of him and Hu Niu were posted over the city.

This was a bounty notice, which said if one discovered their whereabouts and provided the information, one would receive a large amount of rewards. However, the bounty only had him and Hu Niu's portraits, but not their names. 

Apparently, Small Saber King issued the bounty; presumably, he still had some qualms, not daring to mention Ling Han's name—after all, Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist. If one publicly set a bounty for one, wouldn't they have to fear the Alchemy Society's thunderous rage?

…He was currently only in the Spiritual Infant Tier, and hadn't advanced into Shattering Void Tier, which would let him to do whatever he wished.

Ling Han hurriedly left with Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er. As expected, Small Saber King chased over shortly. He, Hu Niu, and Zhu Xuan Er entered the Black Tower, changed their appearance with Disguise Pill, and then appeared overtly again.

"Ling Han!" Just as they were about to leave the city, Small Saber King charged over, aiming right for Ling Han and Hu Niu with a saber slash, like an immortal beyond the skies.

How'd this guy discover them when they were disguised?

Ling Han was astounded, hurriedly employing the Demon Fairy Step to evade, while Hu Niu turned into a flash of lightning, charging towards Small Saber King.

"You want to use the same old moves in front of me twice?" Small Saber King sneered.
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