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Peng! Peng!

Although Small Saber King deflected the arrow, he was struck by Hu Niu's small fist, and even with his impressive power, he still stumbled from the hit and hacked out a mouthful of blood. His entire body even began to shiver; how could the power of thunder be looked down upon?

"Damn it!" The look in his eyes was fiendish. This Mystical Power was supposed to be his, and the stronger Hu Niu's battle prowess was now, the more he was jealous, wishing to cut open Hu Niu's brain immediately to extract the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven.

"Very good, you guys have successfully enraged me!" Small Saber King grasped his saber. Weng, the Saber Qi all over his body overflowed, with black-colored light intertwining. The presence of despair interwove in heaven and earth, making one have the urge to suicide.

Ling Han felt a chill within. Small Saber King walked the path of saber of despair; a saber strike would seize one's mind, making one have thoughts of despair and even forgetting to ward off blows.

Under the influence of this saber intent, Zhu Xuan Er found it difficult to even control the ship. The golden ship kept swaying left and right, as if about to fall.

"Xuan Er!" Ling Han shouted loudly, like a wakeup call that provoked one's thoughts.

Zhu Xuan Er immediately returned to her senses. She also possessed the aptitude of a king amongst martial artists and began to walk on her own path. Even if she wasn't as freakish as Ling Han, she wouldn't be completely controlled by someone else's saber intent.

She had just let her guard down. With Ling Han's shout, she immediately restored her senses.

"All of you die!" Small Saber King brandished his sword, and a Saber Ray three hundred meters long came sweeping, its might shocking.

Hu Niu moved agilely, and her small body swung, attacking Small Saber King again. Meanwhile, Ling Han took out another arrow and mounted it on the bow, drawing the bowstring but not releasing it. The unlaunched attack posed the greatest threat. 

Small Saber King had no choice but to put a large part of his focus on Ling Han. Ling Han's arrow was enough to pose a threat to him, and had to be guarded against. However, if Ling Han released the arrow, then he would strike it down in a single blow and fear it no more. Ling Han deliberately didn't fire it, making him on tenterhooks and distracted.

Hu Niu took the advantage of it to attack, and as she waved her small fists, lightning wove closely.

Small Saber King snorted, shaking off Hu Niu and charging towards Ling Han. This constant threat had to be eliminated first, or else he wouldn't be able to unleash one hundred percent of his battle prowess at all.

Peng, peng, Hu Niu's small fist struck Small Saber King's back, but only set off a chain of lightning. His defense had already been completed activated, and he could actually take Hu Niu's attacks head on without being harmed.

Small Saber King charged with his sword, attacking towards Ling Han.

"Damn it, you dare to ignore Niu!" Hu Niu was infuriated. Her small body turned into lightning again, and in a flash, she already appeared behind Small Saber King. Riding on his neck, she opened her mouth and bit towards him.

"Ah…" Small Saber King screamed tragically. He clearly already spread his defense completely, and even a high level Spiritual Infant Tier wouldn't break through it; however, encountering Hu Niu's teeth, it became a mere display.

A streak of blood shot up. It was actually silver in color, showing this person's peculiarily. 

"Damn it!" Small Saber King swung his sword towards his back. Hu Niu flashed again, turning into a flash of lightning to escape; her battle instincts were too astounding.

"Small Saber King!" Ling Han shouted fiercely and fired out another arrow.

"You really think I can't deal with you guys?" Small Saber King let out a battle cry, and silver-colored rays of light set off from his entire body. His entire person also turned silver, as if turning into a statue; his battle prowess rose rapidly.

Peng, he struck with his saber and directly crushed the arrow into pieces.

"Not good!" Ling Han's expression changed drastically as he shouted, "Hu Niu, hurry on back!"

Small Saber King was at the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and even one foot into the Deity Transformation Tier. Now, it was unknown what mystical art was or bloodline was activated by him, but he directly crossed into Deity Transformation Tier.

It was no longer possible to face him.

Hu Niu was sharp, and in a flash, she already appeared on the golden ship.

"Go!" Ling Han shouted loudly, and continued to draw the bow, firing towards Small Saber King. However, with three consecutive shots, he also felt exhausted and couldn't even stand firmly, his figure swaying. 

This arrow slowed Small Saber King slightly. After all, the combination of two Mystical Arts, Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow and the Eye of Truth, with the usage of seventh-tier rare metal, couldn't possibly be taken lightly.

But for Small Saber King who'd already crossed into Deity Transformation Tier, this was also just a matter of waving his saber once.

Zhu Xuan Er hurriedly controlled the ship, sailing away swiftly.

"You think you can escape?" Small Saber King sneered.


A fist smashed down out of nowhere, and just happened to block the golden ship's trajectory. Peng, terrifying power surged violently, and the Spiritual Infant Tier level shield was actually instantly shattered; the entire ship was blown up right away.

At this time, a strange human figure appeared in the sky. It was as if forged with transparent crystal; light appeared to refract irregularly off its body, and one had to examine it closely to discover the existence of such a person.

Earlier, he was always hidden in the sky, as if nonexistent. Now, he suddenly launched an attack and blew up the golden ship with a single punch.

Small Saber King arrived, but he was immediately astonished because although there were fragments fluttering in midair, there weren't any hints of the remains of Ling Han and the other two.

"Instantly teleported away?" he muttered.

That peculiar person stood behind him. It was roughly the same height as him, yet it didn't seem to exist. If not for the refraction of light, it truly could disappear from the line of sight. 

A diamond puppet!

It was the puppet of the highest level inside the ancient dynasty's treasure vault, possessing Deity Transformation Tier battle prowess. The extraordinary nature of the materials it was made of allowed it to cloak and possess considerable intelligence; it was simply a natural assassin.

"Even if it was instant teleportation, they couldn't have escaped too far!" Small Saber King muttered, "Under my art of remote sensing of heaven and earth, they'll soon be found! Hmph, they obtained my Mystical Art, yet are still trying to run?" 

He left treading on air. Meanwhile, the diamond puppet quietly disappeared in the sky; no one knew where it went.

Ling Han obviously didn't use any instant teleportation talisman. He certainly had such a treasure, but didn't plan on using it here. In the instant that the golden ship was destroyed, he stored Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er inside the Black Tower.

The Black Tower was like a microscopic seedling as it floated down from the sky and fell inside the river in a forest, traveling with the current.

Ling Han soon exited the Black Tower, returned the way he came, and began searching inside the battle area earlier.

"Found it!"

Not long after, he found a silver drop of liquid on the ground. This was Small Saber King's blood; his bloodline had to be special, or he'd cultivated some art that actually turned his blood silver.

This drop of blood was bitten out by Hu Niu—one of several drops spilled. However, some splattered into the water, diluted, and couldn't be found—only this drop of blood landed on a leaf.

A Spiritual Infant Tier being's blood was extremely overbearing, emitting a terrifying presence. The life force of the plant below it was already extinguished, and Ling Han also felt an immense pressure when approaching. 

"A drop of blood, still trying to overturn the skies?" Ling Han spread open Origin Power to guard his body. Iron Sheet Body allowed him to have enough qualifications to withstand such pressure. 

He stored this drop of blood inside the Vial of Curses.

"Let's see If I can't curse you to death!"
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