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"Hmph, the obelisk must be handed over!" Small Saber King said coldly. This Mystical Power was the most valuable thing inside the treasure vault. He obtained the other treasures, and clearly knew how amazing the effects of these treasures were, so he obviously desired the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven even more.

"But I don't want to hand it over, so what to do?" Ling Han said with a smile.

Small Saber King revealed a threatening killing intent, and raised his palm again, the killing intent almost tangible.

"Small Saber King, you really want to be an unfilial son?" Ling Han said with a frown.

Shua, Small Saber King waved his hand, and a saber light struck out, changing into a world-shaking heavenly saber again, slashing towards the golden ship. This definitely surpassed the level of Saber Qi and rose to the level of Ray—the destructive power was extremely frightening.

It could be inferred from the power of the slash earlier that Small Saber King's Saber Ray was condensed with at least twenty flashes of Qi!

This was only a rough estimate. Small Saber King might not have gone all out, so the power of his Saber Ray might be even stronger; perhaps it reached twenty-nine flashes, or even the height of thirty flashes of Qi.

Ling Han was unable to rival him. As the saber light slashed by, the mountains and rivers below suffered once again; another human village was involved, then turned into dust in its entirety.

"Small, Saber, King!" Ling Han said word by word. He'd seen quite a few ruthless people, but not to care about human life in this way, killing at will like wiping off dust, was truly a first-time encounter for him.

This was Absolute Saber Sect's disciple?

In the former years, although Sunset Saber Emperor was cold-hearted, his saber only struck at elites. Never would he attack the weak, and attacking normal people was beneath him.

Two generations of geniuses; both were clearly exceptional, but their temperaments were so different.

Ling Han was furious, and said, "Xuan Er, control the ship to hit that bastard. I'll restrain him!"

"Brother Han, be careful!" Zhu Xuan Er warned with a worried look on her delicate face. She obviously didn't doubt Ling Han's strength and talent, but Small Saber King cultivated for many more years than Ling Han; this was a major shortcoming.

Ling Han exited the cabin and faced off coldly against Small Saber King. Hu Niu also appeared, with her two small hands on her hips, also extremely angry… truly tired of living, this bastard actually dared to attack the cute lord Niu Niu.

Small Saber King stared at Ling Han for a while, and suddenly shouted, "What, you're… Ling Han!" 

"Didn't think I was that famous!" Ling Han said unenthusiastically.

"Heaven Grade alchemists are still quite rare," Small Saber King said indifferently. "But in my eyes, so what if you're a Heaven Grade alchemist? I hear you received the Twelve Palace's legacy and the whereabouts of a divine treasure trove. I'm not interested in the Twelve Palaces' legacy, but I still do have some interest in the divine treasure trove.

"How about this, hand over the whereabouts of the obelisk and the divine treasure trove, and I'll not only let you live, but also give you a treasure. How about it?"

Ling Han sneered, and said, "Nothing about it. I don't deal with beasts!"

Xiu, at this moment, Zhu Xuan Er was already prepared, and Origin Crystal Cannon immediately fired towards Small Saber King extremely quickly.

Saber light flashed, a field of brilliance.

Unknowingly, Small Saber King unleashed a cyan-colored long saber and slashed apart the Origin Crystal shell, which swept separately by his two sides. He was enveloped by Saber Qi, looking like a god, his presence terrifyingly shocking.

"Want to harm me with just this Golden Dragon Ship?" Small Saber King's expression was indifferent, and his gaze fierce, also like the heavenly saber.

"Go die, take Niu's thunderbolt bullet!" Hu Niu's small hand flicked. Zi zi, two flashes of lightning immediately shot towards Small Saber King. 

These two flashes of lightning were actually faster than the Origin Crystal Shell earlier!

Lightning was the fastest in the world to begin with.

Small Saber King slashed straight across. Pu, pu, the Saber Ray was unleashed, but it was extinguished with the two flashes of lightning.

This made Ling Han and Small Saber King greatly shocked.

After all, Small Saber King was a peak stage Spiritual Infant Tier elite, and even cultivated Saber Ray, while Hu Niu was only in the Flower blossom Tier, and didn't even have Qi. However, the two people's attacks were both destroyed, showing that the power of their attacks were not too far apart.

This absolutely overturned the common sense in martial arts!

Small Saber King was both furious and shocked. That attack was obviously not his full strength, but it definitely shouldn't have ended that way! However, this only made him shocked momentarily, and after seeing the two flashes of lightning, he exploded even more with anger.

"My legacy was actually stolen by this little girl!" He was absolutely going mad.

Inside the ancient dynasty's treasure vault, the most precious thing was obviously the legacy of Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and according to the information he'd received, there was only one chance to obtain the inheritance. Once the legacy was passed on, the obelisk would self-destruct, never allowing a second person to obtain it. 

After scheming for three years, the great task should soon have been accomplished, but suddenly it was like a direct blow to the head; how could he not be bursting with anger?

"Hmph, I'll kill you all and directly search your souls!" Small Saber King said balefully. The legacy couldn't be expressed in words or characters, so if he wanted to obtain Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, he could only search the soul.

"Wretch, you won't get the chance!" Ling Han said coldly.

"Watch Niu's awesomeness!" Hu Niu shouted, and moved both hands repeatedly as lightning attacks were unleashed one after another, bombarding Small Saber King like raindrops.

She was truly a freak. Ling Han just grasped a bit of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, being quite a way from using it in practice to harm enemies, but this little girl could already use it with ease... absolutely incredible.

Perhaps this also had to do with the intertwinement of the lightning. She almost completely absorbed the lightning in the Thunder Battle Armor and the obelisk at the same time, allowing her to skip the step of being struck by lightning to directly operating the Mystical Power with ease. 

Small Saber King snorted and brandished his long saber, firing Saber Rays that swept towards the golden ship one after another.

Peng, peng, peng!

Although Zhu Xuan Er evaded in every way possible, the Saber Rays were too concentrated, and it was unavoidable that a few attacks would land. Fortunately, the golden ship had a single-layered shield, which could block the attacks of Spiritual Infant Tier elites after being fully activated; however, after several hits, the shield trembled, being on the verge of breaking.

Hu Niu shouted loudly and initiated an attack. As her figure flashed, she turned into a flash of lightning and charged towards Small Saber King, instantly appearing before him. Her small fists fired out, enveloped by lightning.

"Impudence!" Small Saber King snorted and brandished his saber, trying to cut Hu Niu in half at the waist.

"Small Saber King!" Ling Han roared. The Sunset Bow was unleashed and the arrow was mounted, and as endless Origin Power gathered, the entire arrow turned into a white light. He already activated the Eye of Truth and found the most fragile region of Small Saber King's defense.

Small Saber King originally wanted to cut Hu Niu in two, but after discovering that Ling Han was accumulating power, his expression changed drastically; he didn't dare underestimate this arrow, as the momentum of his saber slowed slightly.

Xiu, Ling Han fired out an arrow. The fierce arrow penetrated the sky and almost disregarded the distance, immediately arriving in front of Small Saber King. However, Small Saber King was truly formidable. Even under such circumstances, he still swung his saber, firing out a world-shocking Saber Ray.


The arrow was instantly deflected forcibly, and its straight shaft actually appeared to be bent.
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