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Fortunately, this large flood dragon didn't care about them at all, and immersed itself in the lake after turning over. That mountain-like figure instantly was nowhere to be seen.

Ling Han let out a sigh of relief. If they were targeted by this beast, then the golden ship definitely wouldn't be safe, and they could only immediately hide inside the Black Tower.

The golden ship soared through the sky. Seven days later, they left the giant lake.

"Middle state is a lot larger than the other four regions," Ling Han exclaimed. In the previous life, the entire vast lands were a whole. It was much unlike now, when they were separated by regions, making it difficult for elites to be in contact.

"Yeah, it's said that only added together do the four regions compare to the middle state in size," Zhu Xuan Er said.

Hu Niu shrunk inside Ling Han's embrace, and was very rarely not causing any disturbance nor being a chowhound. She was overly quiet, which made Ling Han distressed. Ever since this little girl absorbed the power of the obelisk and the Thunder Battle Armor, she would stare blankly now and again, appearing absentminded.

They continued to fly towards the Flying Blossom County. Ling Han and Zhu Xuan Er took turns controlling the ship. Hu Niu couldn't be counted on; if she were to control the ship, then she might actually go south by sailing north, traveling further and further away.

When Ling Han wasn't controlling the ship, he dove into the study of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven. In over a dozen days, he made noticeable progress, and although he couldn't turn his body into lightning, his speed clearly increased.

"However, according to legends, to truly master Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, one must endure thunder strikes and draw the power of thunder to change one's body so as to turn it into lightning.

"But as to how to guide the power of lightning, I still have no grasp of it. Continuing without careful consideration, I fear that I'd only be struck dead by lightning.

"This matter can't be rushed. I must have a sure grasp of it. With my comprehension, I'll be able test it in at most one month.

"Sigh, taking thunderbolts... What sins have I committed?"

Ling Han sighed. Just when he was mocking himself, he felt an intense sense of danger, and hurriedly deviated from the golden ship's original course. Xiu, a flash of Saber Qi swept down; the saber light was world-shaking, as if even the stars in the skies could be struck down. 

This sudden turn made Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu stumble.

"What happened?" Zhu Xuan Er hurriedly asked.

"We're under attack. Which damned guy dares to assault the cute Niu?!" Hu Niu burst into anger and looked outside through the golden ship.

Three hundred meters away, a man stood in the sky. He looked to be in the twenties; resplendent light surged over his entire body, turning into various saber shapes; with a slight lift, the space was torn apart, and it was extremely terrifying.

Spiritual Infant Tier! Moreover, he hadn't just broken through to the Spiritual Infant Tier, but was at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier! It was even possible that he already had one foot into the Deity Transformation Tier!

This person didn't look that young, but after increasing his tier, the changes in his complexion also became quite slow. Combined with his tier and how fierce his Qi and blood burned, this person was at least over thirty, and whether or not he reached forty couldn't be determined. After all, without testing one's bone age, only the approximate age could be inferred.

However, even if he was forty, this person's achievements could be considered outstanding. 

Ling Han was the alchemy emperor in his previous life, and increased his strength by taking medicine, but he'd only reached the Flower Blossom Tier at that age.

In this lifetime, the world's environment changed, and any random genius could break the records of his previous lifetime.

Ling Han didn't leave the cabin and asked indifferently, "Hey, on such a fine day, is it really good for you to attack people like that without grudges nor grievances?" 

"Since you're inside this golden ship, we're not without grudges nor grievances," the man said coldly. "Such great nerve, daring to covet my things!"

Ling Han was astounded, and said, "You're Small Saber King!"

"Hmph, since you know of my reputation, release my father and then suicide as an apology," the man said loftily, not denying his entity.

Ling Han suddenly came to a realization—no wonder the other person launched an attack once he saw the golden ship. Other people didn't recognize this golden ship, but how could he not? Presumably, the man had already been to the cave and discovered that the obelisk disappeared—along with any signs of Feng Wei Qi. Thus, he naturally chased over.

However, his speed was truly fast. Being behind a few days, he still caught up with them despite the golden ship's speed; he couldn't be underestimated. Moreover, the world was so large, but the golden ship was so small, so for him to be able to chase over with such precision, he must have other methods.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Ancient remnants belong to everyone that have the chance to get them. You got it first, then that's your luck, but heaven led me to the place of the treasure vault, and that's also my luck."

"Hmph, I only know that that's mine, and whoever touches it, dies!" Small Saber King's glare turned sharp as he struck out fiercely with a hand chop. The light on his body was raised and turned into a heavenly saber that slashed towards the golden ship.

Ling Han never stopped the golden ship and continued to oscillate with it. At this moment, he didn't need to speed up and just fled by, evading the heavenly saber.


The heavenly saber struck down, and the landscape below was instantly leveled. Ling Han saw a human village affected, the living spirits exterminated. He couldn't help but be furious, and said, "Small Saber King, this is a grievance between you and me, why involve innocent people?"

"That's real funny. Mere moles and crickets? So what if a thousand or ten thousand of them died? Even if they don't die now, in the future…" Small Saber King stopped suddenly, and revealed a grim smile. "Since you're so soft-hearted, why don't you fight me? I don't care whether or not I kill those nobodies below."

Ling Han wouldn't fall for his provocations. Although his battle prowess was exceptional and he could even contend against a low level Spiritual Infant Tier elite after taking a pill, Small Saber King was a peak stage Spiritual Infant Tier, and a genius amongst geniuses; his battle prowess probably almost reached the Deity Transformation Tier.

Small Saber King should be a veteran genius that was half a generation older than Yao Hui Yue, and fighting him head on was definitely courting death.

However, he was obviously Absolute Saber Sect's disciple, so how could he slaughter as he pleased?

"You aren't going to take my life, then?" Ling Han said coldly. "You want to hunt me down, then do as you wish, but if you harm any more innocent people, I won't mind killing your old man!"

Small Saber King thought over it slightly, and said, "Release my father and return the obelisk, then I can let you live."

'Obelisk? Already shattered into pieces, give my a*s!'

"Alright, we'll compromise. Your old man I can return to you, he's just a waste of food here anyway. But, I can't give you that obelisk!" Ling Han said with a smile. 

Not to mention that it was already broken, even if it were whole, Ling Han still wouldn't hand it over. Small Saber King was already frightening enough, and if he were to receive a new Mystical Power, the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, who in the world could stop him?

With this person's nature, he'd definitely become a demon in the future!
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