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Ling Han woke up, feeling refreshed.

He got up and couldn't help but let out a sound of surprise. Discovering that he was without a piece of clothing, he hurriedly took out clothes from the Black Tower to wear. He remembered, under the intertwining lightning, the clothes on his body certainly broke into pieces.

After all, the Thunder Battle Armor was destroyed.

He couldn't help but cry inwardly in pity. That was a tenth-tier Spirit Tool, and although it was damaged, it was still a precious treasure.

"Hmm, where's Hai Niu?" Ling Han's gaze swept about, but he couldn't find that push over young woman. How strange—this girl stuck to him all day, but actually had times where she disappeared.

Where did she run off to?

Ling Han summoned Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er from the Black Tower. This little girl certainly was a freak, waking up after sleeping for a short while, and thoughtlessly acting as if nothing had happened.

"Hu Niu, do you feel any different?" Ling Han asked.

Hu Niu titled her head as she thought for a while, and said, "Niu knows this now!" Her right hand raised up, zi, a flash of lightning fired out and turned into an electric arc, and pa, the mountain wall instantly had a huge hole in it.

T-Thunderclap Ninth Heaven?

Ling Han was astounded. He'd only received this Mystical Power's legacy, but this little girl could actually use it? Whatever... This little girl was awfully strange, but it was alright as long as she was fine.

Ling Han went to look at the obelisk again, but discovered that the stone tablet was already broken into ten chunks, while the symbols on them dimmed and blurred. He pressed his hand onto it, but the broken stone immediately shattered, turning into debris.

The legacy was already gone, acquired by him and Helian Xun Xue, and others would have no opportunity with this wonderful technique.

If Ling Han wanted to impart it to others, then it would have to be after he'd cultivated this Mystical Power to grand mastery, branding it with immense power. Now, he couldn't replicate it at all, because he didn't have the verbal chant illustrations; he received the pure dao process.

"Strange, why has that Hai Niu not returned?" Ling Han said to himself, and called out loudly for a while. The echoes were ceaseless, but the girl never showed up.

The three began to search, and couldn't find her all along. This result made Hu Niu very happy because she never had the advantage in the contests against Helian Xun Xue. Now that this woman disappeared, she obviously couldn't wait to celebrate.

Helian Xun Xue couldn't be found, but the golden battleship was another story. It was unknown what material the ship was forged from, being only ten meters long and about three wide. There was actually a refined hold, so rather than calling it a battleship, it was better described as a simplified moving imperial residence.

On the ship there certainly was an Origin Crystal Cannon installed, being able to compress and fire the power within Origin Crystals, its destructive power shocking. However, it also burned Origin Crystals like there was no tomorrow. The attack would equal the level of the Origin Crystals used, though the upper limit was the Spiritual Infant Tier.

After Ling Han mulled over it for a while, he soon understood how to use this battleship. Pouring his divine sense into a crystal at the prow, one would be able to control it freely, relying on the power of Origin Crystals to sail and fly.

"A good thing, just that it burns too many Origin Crystals." Ling Han nodded. With this thing, he'd never need a carriage on a journey, and it was also very fast.

"Ruining the Thunder Battle Armor in exchange for a Mystical Power plus this treasured tool is not a loss," Ling Han said, but was still a little regretful. The Thunder Battle Armor had been quite handy.

"Could that foolish girl have run off on her own?"

The three exited the cave and searched again, but still couldn't find a trace of Helian Xun Xue.

"Let's stay here for three days, and if we still don't see that foolish chick, let's go." Ling Han made a decision.

These three days obviously wouldn't be wasted. Ling Han began to cultivate the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven. Infinite symbols circulated in his consciousness, converting into his comprehension; however, it couldn't be put into words, as it surpassed their level.

The legacies of Mystical Powers weren't conveyed through words, but another medium. The Eye of Truth, for example, was in an eyeball, the Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow was in a statue, and the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was in an obelisk.

Three days went by in a flash. As Ling Han raised his right hand, a flash of lightning sparkled with zi zi zi sounds.

"Sadly, I don't have thunder spirit base. If I had, then combined with the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, the power would be a little stronger." Ling Han shook his head and sighed. This Mystical Power was truly extraordinary, though he only realized the smattering of it and could only fire out lightning.

After cultivating it to a certain degree, he could turn his body into lightning, not only being able to evade direct power impacts, but also having ridiculous speed.

Not all attacks could be avoided, but just those of pure power. That was because no matter how strong a force was, it was impossible to injure lightning. However, flames, frost, and other elemental attacks could still pose a threat to a body of lightning.

As to what damage could be done, that would depend on how the battle prowess of the two parties compared.

"Losing the Thunder Battle Armor but gaining a body of lightning is obviously a loss in the short term, but from a long-term point of view, it's well worth it. Armor is, after all, merely something external, and it was already damaged and unable to unleash its full power.

"However, I still have a long ways to go before turning my body into lightning."

Ling Han shook his head and stood up. Three days had passed, but there was still no trace of Helian Xun Xue. She seemed to have really disappeared.

"Strange, could this foolish girl's memory have been restored?" Ling Han muttered.

"...Doesn't seem right. If her memory was restored, why would she let me go? Other things aside, after these days, she definitely knows that I have a treasure that can accommodate living things. Moreover, she doesn't want the Vial of Curses anymore?

"Strange, a foolish girl's thoughts are out of the ordinary as expected, and can't be guessed with common sense."

The world was too big, and if someone really wanted to disappear, how could they be found? Ling Han could also conclude that he was with Helian Xun Xue not long ago, receiving the Mystical Power's legacy together—after they received large amounts of memories, they both fell unconscious.

Helian Xun Xue was probably first to wake up, but this girl chose to leave… if they were enemies, shouldn't he have been killed by her on the way out?

"Whatever, let's leave it. She's an enemy anyway, so it's better that she left," Ling Han said to himself. However, people had feelings, and after interacting for such a long time, suddenly missing someone who pulled on the hem of his clothes all day was really something he was unused to.

They boarded the golden ship. After Ling Han set sail, it immediately floated up and flew at a surprisingly fast speed.

From an outside perspective, it was a streamlined ship, but looking out from within the hold, it was transparent, so the view completely unaffected. It was extremely miraculous. The three of them were filled with wonder for a while, but soon became indifferent, switching to sleeping or eating meat—whichever it was what they needed at a given moment. 

At some point, Hu Niu suddenly clapped her hands, and said, "What a large snake!" 

Ling Han turned his head to look, and saw that a leviathan suddenly rose from the lakebed. The parts of it that were revealed were like a mountain, terrifyingly massive, and despite being in the ship, Ling Han still felt a frightening pressure, while Zhu Xuan Er leaned in his embrace, weak and powerless.

That thousand-year-old flood dragon!

"Let's run! This big guy isn't in the Heaven Tier; I fear it's already advanced into the Shattering Void Tier!" Ling Han hurriedly sped up the ship.
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