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Ling Han exited the Black Tower and arrived in front of the obelisk. The workers already dispersed in fright, and it was absolutely empty here.

"Han Han, you're ignoring me again!" Helian Xun Xue said with a disconsolate expression, appearing really upset.

Ling Han was speechless. This Hai Niu had been aggressive, condescending, and extremely domineering back then, but now she was actually like a doormat; the discrepancy before and after was so great that he couldn't get used to it.

Facing such a Helian Xun Xue, it was very hard for him to connect her with that domineering princess before and have any killing intent towards her.

"This is a tremendous muddle!" Ling Han sighed; he really didn't know how the two would end after Helian Xun Xue recovered her memory.

Helian Xun Xue pulled on the hem of Ling Han's clothes, revealing a content smile on her delicate face. She was a little lady, desiring too little.

"No one's digging, guess I'll have to do it myself," Ling Han said. He wasn't the type that liked to enslave people, and since the workers all ran, he wouldn't capture those people to get them to continue to work.

Hu Niu also appeared; the little girl's claws were extremely sharp, and using them to dig, they couldn't be better.

The workers from earlier didn't dare to get too close, and excavated thirty meters away, forming a deep pit; Feng Wei Qi fired Saber Qi with the sanguine saber and sliced away from afar, cutting off the stones on top of the obelisk, so the progression was extremely slow. 

Ling Han took large strides forward, and the obelisk was as if it came to life, with flashes of lightning intertwining. Suddenly, a flash of lightning fired out, striking Ling Han.

Pa, Ling Han was instantly sent flying, with black smoke rising from his body, and his flesh was actually somewhat burnt.

It was truly frightening. His physique was on the level of a sixth-tier rare metal, yet was actually burnt with a single strike; the power of the lightning was not to be underestimated.

With a thought, Ling Han immediately activated the Thunder Battle Armor; it was rather interesting to see how things would end if he pitted lightning against lightning. 

He advanced once again, and zi, another flash of lightning was released. This time, the Thunder Battle Armor unleashed its might and blocked it, and they interwove with each other and formed a densely packed white current—the sight was very shocking.

The Thunder Battle Armor seemed to have activated on its own, and carried out an arts battle with the obelisk. That power was already far beyond what Ling Han could wield, and the entire cave was full of lightning. Zi, zi, zi, the current was like a whip, lashing the cave's walls, leaving deep gashes on them. 

The entire cave was trembling as if it were about to collapse.

"Fun!" Hu Niu shouted cheerfully and rushed over.

"Go back!" Ling Han hurriedly shouted. He could only resist relying on the Thunder Battle Armor, or else he would definitely go into the Black Tower. The little girl was freakish, but she probably couldn't resist such powers of lightning.

However, against his expectations, Hu Niu was actually in the lightning as if nothing had happened. Not only so; she also seemed to become the center of the lightning as her body turned into a bottomless pit, absorbing the endless lightning.

"Ling Han, Niu feels so strange!" Hu Niu said. In her eyes were strange arbitrary scenes; there was the annihilation of stars, the death of elites, emitting the endless vicissitudes along with boundless pressure. 

Helian Xun Xue shivered; even if she was actually a Heaven Tier elite, she couldn't resist this pressure and sat abruptly onto the ground, shedding cold sweat like rain.

Ling Han also almost knelt down, but Black Tower vibrated lightly in his dantian and emitted a supreme presence, expelling Hu Niu's coercive pressure and making him return to normal.

"Hu Niu, hurry up and withdraw from there!" Ling Han already knew this lightning couldn't harm Hu Niu, but her change was also extremely strange. Moreover, he always had a hidden worry whether Hu Niu's human-shaped spirit base would revive and take over Hu Niu.

Zi, zi, zi, the obelisk and the Thunder Battle Armor shone brilliantly, and the vein-like patterns on them continued to disintegrate. In an instant, all the lightning disappeared, and the entire cave became pitch black—the torches were all extinguished by the lightning.

In the darkness, Hu Niu's entire body glowed and emitted a shocking aura. At this moment, she was no longer the gluttonous little girl. It was as if she reincarnated into a supreme being that could shatter the highest of heavens and penetrate the depths of hell. If it weren't for the support of the Black Tower, Ling Han would definitely be lying on the ground without even the strength to move a finger. 

It was clear just by seeing Helian Xun Xue, who already shrunk into a ball, not even raising her head. 

Pa, the Thunder Battle Armor on Ling Han shattered into pieces and decayed; the essence within the battle armor was drawn completely, turning a tenth-tier material into scrap iron. 

The obelisk also suffered heavy damage as its lightning power became extremely weak.

Hu Niu fell straight onto the ground, falling unconscious.

Ling Han hurriedly ran over and carried the little girl in his arms, sensing her aura. Fortunately, she only fell unconscious, and the various functions of the body were not damaged at all.

Where exactly did this little girl come from?

Ling Han sighed and held back his curiosity, placing the little girl into the Black Tower.

Helian Xun Xue stood up. Her gaze seemed somewhat hazy, and her entire person was also somewhat out of it as she walked towards the obelisk. Her mind was now somewhat unclear as she reached out with her delicate hands and pressed onto the part of the obelisk that was laid bare outside the rocks.

"You're also going crazy?" Ling Han hurriedly leapt over, wanting to pull her back, but this girl's physical strength was also extremely frightening; he actually couldn't pull her back.

Helian Xun Xue's hand already pressed onto the obelisk, and instantly, Ling Han only felt a mighty memory shock, forming a munificent sight before him: a martial artist physical turned into lightning and battled fiercely in the skies.

He was truly powerful; whenever he suffered an attack, his body of lightning could evade the attacks, and when releasing punches, the power of lighting erupted, annihilating everything.

Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, a Mystical Power!

Originally, this Mystical Power was protected by the power of lightning, and definitely couldn't be learnt so easily, but the Thunder Battle Armor and the obelisk had formed an intriguing interaction. Then, Hu Niu entered randomly and absorbed a large amount of the lightning power; the obelisk also lost its protection, and the Mystical Power legacy was inherited easily.

Characters shone in Ling Han's consciousness; he was now cuddled with Helian Xun Xue, so this Thunderclap Ninth Heaven's legacy simultaneously fell on the both of them.

Turning the body into lightning and shattering all of time!

Zi, zi, zi, the remaining lightning power intertwined on their bodies, and turned their clothes into flying ash; their bodies entangled and melted into one. 

Under the impact of this Mystical Power memory, Ling Han also became dazed. It was as if he had a strange dream and turned into a dragon knight, trying to subdue a restless dragon, tangling and fighting.

At last, he obviously won and rode on the dragon, speeding along and feeling great.

Dazzled, he fell into slumber because of exhaustion, and endless lightning in his consciousness turned into lightning symbols—the essence of Thunderclap Ninth Heaven.
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