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Exchanging less than ten blows, Ling Han knocked away the sanguine saber from Feng Wei Qi, and placed the sword on his neck. He laughed mischievously, and said, "Now can we talk?"

"If you want to kill, then kill!" Feng Wei Qi actually didn't show any sign of fear. He looked coldly at Ling Han. "But, you'll also die soon!"

"Oh, could you possibly know how to cast curses?" Ling Han said with a smile. If Feng Wei Qi really had a treasure like the Bottle of Curse, he might have some scruples.

"My son is a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, and a peak stage Spiritual Infant Tier at that!" Feng Wei Qi laughed loudly. "When you kill me, he'll immediately sense it, and no matter where you hide, he'll find you and kill you!"

"I really thought you weren't afraid of death. After all that, you're still threatening me to make me not kill you!" Ling Han shook his head, patted him on the face with a smile, and said, "Who doesn't fear death? Being able to live fine, of course no one wants to die.

"You can tell me about the situation here. We don't have any grievances anyway, so it's not like I can't spare your life."

Feng Wei Qi sneered, and said, "Don't imagine it! There were definitely no false words in what I just said. My son is Absolute Saber Sect's Small Saber King. If you don't believe it, you can ask anyone."

Ling Han stroked his chin, and said, "Usually, I've only seen the second generation juniors brandishing their parents' banner to act recklessly. Never had I thought that that I'd have encountered one who relied on his son's reputation to act like a tyrant. It really has refreshed my outlook of life."

He knocked out Feng Wei Qi with a single palm and stored him inside the Black Tower, planning to properly interrogate him.

"This parasol is so beautiful." Losing Feng Wei Qi's control, that parasol fell down from the sky and was held in Helian Xun Xue's hand as she fondled it admiringly.

Ling Han approached to take a glance, then couldn't help but frown, and said, "This doesn't seem like the original, but a replica."

The parasol handle and the canopy had vein-like patterns carved on them, but the marks were very new and didn't seem like an ancient article. If this Spirit Tool was newly crafted, then there wouldn't be just one. Moreover, these materials were only of the sixth tier; did that mean that if there were seventh-tier, or eighth-tier materials, a stronger Myriad Gauze Parasol could be made?

This Feng Wei Qi needed to be investigated carefully!

Ling Han and Hu Niu entered the Black Tower, while Helian Xun Xue could only sulk again.

Ling Han looked at Feng We Qi and said in an calm tone, "Tell me all the details about this cave." 

"Haha, you're dreaming!" Feng Wei Qi seemed quite a ruffian, but there was still fear in his eyes; suddenly arriving at this inexplicable place from the cave was beyond common sense, making him involuntarily feel fear.

Could he have lost consciousness for many days?

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "In here, no one can say no to me, and you're obviously no exception. I have all the ways to torment you; just see how long you can preserve."

"Bring it on! If I say anything in weakness, then I'm a b!tch!" Feng Wei Qi said with his neck raised.

After half a day.

"I'll talk, I'll say anything!" Feng Wei Qi screamed tragically. In this half a day, he suffered various unimaginable tortures—burning, drowning, burying—and making him die, then come to life, and then die; it was truly worse than death, and he couldn't even die even if he wanted to.

He now only sought to be freed.

"You really are Small Saber King's old man?" Ling Han asked.

"Yes, I'm really his father," Feng Wei Qi said, gasping for breath. His eyes already lost focus, as if he'd become foolish.

"Why did you come here?" Ling Han asked.

"When my son was exploring historic sites, he discovered clues about this place. He came here first and received a few ancient articles," Feng Wei Qi replied. "But my son is focused on cultivating, so I came here to manage the excavation project."

"What is this place exactly?"

"I'm not too sure, either. I only know that it belongs to an ancient dynasty from hundreds of thousand years ago," Feng Wei Qi said. However, it was what he said next that jolted Ling Han's mind. "That ancient dynasty wanted to open the skies and transport the entire vast lands into the god realm, but failed. This place is only a treasure vault of that ancient dynasty in its former years."

Opening the sky... it was about opening the sky again!

Ling Han was shocked. That ancient dynasty was truly bold and daring in seeking to ascend with the entire vast lands into god realm, making all mortals divine citizens—thinking about it gave one the feeling of being on pins and needles.

"Say, how many treasures have you dug out from here?" 

Feng Wei Qi explained one by one, and as Ling Han listened, he was more and more shocked.

This place had primarily puppets. Other than gold, silver, and iron, there was a diamond puppet, though it was only one, and was long taken away by Small Saber King; if this type of puppet were to fully unleash its might, it was equivalent to a Deity Transformation Tier elite, and what was more terrifying was that it possessed a considerable intelligence.

Additionally, gold, silver, and iron skin puppets were far from the amount that Ling Han saw, and all were taken away by Small Saber King. As for what Small Saber King wanted to do, Feng Wei Qi didn't know, either; he was only excavating this historic site in his son's stead.

Other than the puppets, the battleships that Ling Han saw previously were only divided into two types of gold and black. The black battle ship could pose a threat to the Flower Blossom Tier elites, and there were a hundred vessels of this kind. The golden battleship could annihilate Spiritual Infant Tier warriors, but there were only ten vessels; this place only had one left, though, as the others were all in the hands of Small Saber King.

Fortunately, this golden battleship wasn't by Feng Wei Qi's side; otherwise, Ling Han wouldn't have taken down Feng Wei Qi so easily, and would instead be hunted down.

The golden battleship was not only more powerful, but was also a flying type treasure. It was only a hundred meters long and flew extremely fast, but also exhausted a lot of Origin Crystals. Black Wood Island was well fortified, so Feng Wei Qi never thought that he would have the need to use this large-scale Spirit Tool.

Other than this, there were various practical Spirit Tools like the Myriad Gauze Parasol. This certainly was a replica, because the real article was already damaged, but even the replica could still make Deity Transformation Tier elites unable to sense Spiritual Qi—an extremely terrifying thing.

Ling Han exclaimed inwardly; just how powerful and prosperous was this ancient dynasty? This was only one of their treasure vaults, but the various treasures excavated here already made him shocked. 

However, the most important was still that obelisk. It was said to be related to a Mystical Power, and only the this obelisk hadn't been unearthed over the three years; the power of lightning was too frightening, greatly affecting the undertaking's progression.

From the information Small Saber King obtained, that ancient dynasty had a total of four Mystical Powers, sealed separately in four treasure vaults. The one here was called "Thunderclap Ninth Heaven," and was the weakest of the four; the most formidable one was called "Nine Deaths Heaven Art," and had the ability to disrupt life and death.

Small Saber King cared very much about this Mystical Power, and would inquire about the excavation of the obelisk from time to time. If it weren't for his special identity, he'd actually rather personally keep watch.

"Now, I've got quite the bargain," Ling Han said.
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