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"Brother!" Big Metal Head hurriedly climbed up in a single movement, ran behind Ling Han, and said to Feng Wei Qi in an extremely arrogant manner, "The one surnamed Feng, seeing our big brother, why haven't you knelt down to pay respects?" 

This guy was really a fox exploiting a tiger's might.

Feng Wei Qi instantly revealed a baleful expression. This guy who was always boot-licking actually dared to speak to him like this—the world really was turned upside down! He swept a glance at Ling Han with a grim smile, and said, "Big Metal Head, which nerve of yours went wrong to actually rely on an immature brat?"

"Nonesense, Ling Han's not smelly at all!" Hu Niu said indignantly while pointing at Feng Wei Qi.

"Yes, yes, Ling Han's not smelly at all!" Helian Xun Xue also cried injustice, and even breathed deeply on Ling Han's body as proof, looking somewhat smitten.

"Brother, this guy actually dared to curse at you, beat him to death!" Big Metal Head said ferociously; he already betrayed Feng Wei Qi anyway, so he could only live if the latter died, and obviously wouldn't mind stabbing the other person.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Alright, you go!"

Big Metal Head was first delighted, but hearing the two words "you go," he instantly revealed a bitter smile. If he could go, would Feng Wei Qi even have the chance to be the boss? He hurriedly said, "Brother, I can't!"

"How can men say no!" Ling Han said seriously.

"Brother, I'm not a man!" Big Metal Head said shamelessly. He'd rather have his stick sliced off than fight with Feng Wei Qi—that would definitely end in death.

…Feng Wei Qi now definitely hated him to the core.

"Go!" Ling Han kicked Big Metal Head, who instantly flew out, ramming towards Feng Wei Qi.

"You court death!" Feng Wei Qi snorted. He took out a sanguine saber and sliced at Big Metal Head. Nine flashes of Saber Qi flew out, showing his impressive martial arts talent.

"S-save me!" Big Metal Head unleashed his weapon to ward off blows whilst shouting.

He was only in the second layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, but Feng Wei Qi was at the ninth layer, and even reached the peak stage; as he he couldn't break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier, he sharpened his cultivation at the Flower Blossom Tier to an extremely solid level, and reached a battle prowess of fifteen stars.

Big Metal Head wasn't at genius level, so how could he be well-matched? In only two moves, he was struck flying by the saber, and blood splattered as he fell beside Ling Han's feet with a pa'

"Hmm, why have you come back? Didn't I make you cut off that guy's damn head?" Ling Han said with a smile and kicked once more.

Big Metal Head spat out blood while hugging tightly onto Ling Han's feet and weeping. "Brother, I'll really die if I fight anymore!"

"Hugging so tightly means you still have strength, and aren't lacking ability to fight." Ling Han launched his foot again, kicking Big Metal Head out. Big Metal Head might look pitiful and obedient, but thinking about the dirty dealings he'd done, why show sympathy for such a person?

Just let the two dogs bite each other.

"Boss, I was wrong! I was wrong!" Big Metal Head betrayed once again, kneeling before Feng Wei Qi. "Boss, I had no other way. This brat was going to bust my anus, so I had no choice but to betray you. In truth, my heart was always with you, Boss, and there was never a moment where I thought of betraying."

Even Feng Wei Qi shivered; he'd seen shameless people, but never one so shameless. He laughed grimly, and said, "Since that's so, you can take revenge by killing that brat."

"Ah…" Big Metal Head raised his head, stunned all over the face. There was no playing like this, both having him take the vanguard when he was only so capable; they thought too highly of him.

"Not going?" Feng Wei Qi's eyes beamed with an ominous glint as he clenched the saber in his hand a little tighter.

"I'll go, I'm a bastard if I don't go!" Big Metal Head hurriedly stood up and turned to face Ling Han, wearing a sour expression as tears flowed out. He walked towards Ling Han, but after a few steps, he said, "Brother, Boss, how about everyone sit down, drink tea and chat, and discuss martial arts?"

"Get out the way!" Feng Wei Qi was first to find it unbearable, hacking with the saber from behind. Pu, Big Metal Head was instantly cut into two parts. He looked coldly at Ling Han, and said, "Since you've come here, don't think of going out."

"Is that so?" Ling Han smiled slightly, and observed the surroundings. "What is this place?"

"Does a dead man need to know so much?" Feng Wei Qi said coldly, and took out an umbrella, small and dainty. He tossed it up in the air, and it automatically opened, revolving round and round and continuously enlarging.

"Since I'm a dead man, then what does it matter if I know a little more?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Like I said, a dead man doesn't need to know that much!" Feng Wei Qi shouted sharply, and that parasol instantly unleashed a strange power. All space that was shrouded by it underwent a strange change.

"Hmm?" Ling Han was slightly surprised, because he suddenly couldn't feel the five elements Spiritual Qi.

"Hahahaha, discovered what's wrong?" Feng Wei Qi laughed loudly. "This was left from the ancient period. It's Myriad Gauze Parasol, which can blot out the sun and cover the sky! Now, I've covered the five elements Spiritual Qi with Myriad Gauze Parasol!

"Flower Blossom Tier warriors are strong because they can draw the blessing of heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi with every strike and erupt with hundred times their power. But now, the five elements Spiritual Qi has been eclipsed by Myraid Gauze Parasol, and when you can't borrow power, you're only a tiny bit stronger than the Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior."

Ling Han was astounded, and said, "This truly is a good thing." He also cultivated physical arts concurrently. If the five elements and thunder Spiritual Qi were all obstructed, then he could still fight a Spiritual Infant Tier with his own brute force, right?

"Die!" Feng Wei Qi charged over, and as the saber swept by, the power of lightning was raised.

"No wonder you chose to obstruct the five elements Spiritual Qi. So you actually cultivate the power of lightning." Ling Han suddenly realized. He drew his sword to greet the enemy. As expected, the five elements Spiritual Qi had been obstructed, and his sword attack couldn't receive the boost of heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi, deceasing sharply in power.

"That's right. Unfortunately, you found out too late!" Feng Wei Qi brandished the sanguine saber.

With a ding, the treasured sword cut the sanguine sword, erupting with a chain of sparks.

"What!?" Feng Wei Qi revealed a shocked look. Under this attack, Ling Han actually didn't get sent flying! Could it be so coincidental that this brat also cultivated thunder type arts, so he luckily didn't get restrained?

...Wrong, that sword had no thunder Spiritual Qi.

"You, how can you block my saber?" He couldn't help but ask.

"Want to know?" Ling Han laughed loudly. "Use the secrets here to exchange!"

"Don't dream!" Feng Wei Qi shouted loudly, and swung the saber at Ling Han again.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Don't be so sure, or else it'll be awkward later."

"Die! Die! Die!" Feng Wei Qi roared, and kept swinging the saber, trying to cut down Han on spot.

Ling Han was fearless. His physical art improved quickly, and was not far from the level of his Origin Power; even in the situation where he couldn't borrow heaven and earth's Spiritual Qi, he still possessed fifteen stars or so of battle prowess.

Once he became serious, Feng Wei Qi immediately fell into a disadvantage.
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