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Helian Xunxue charged up and swung the brick, smashing it at the four gold puppets.

Her brute force definitely surpassed the Spiritual Infant Tier. These four gold puppets were certainly in the Spiritual Infant Tier, but in front of her, they were fragile like infants as they were smacked flying continuously.

However, it was unknown what these four puppets were made of, for they showed no signs of breaking even after being smacked by the brick. A shallow cavity in the process of recovering slowly was the only damage they took.

This made Ling Han shocked, but if Feng Wei Qi was here, he would definitely be even more shocked—although these puppets only had Spiritual Infant Tier battle prowess, their quality was the Deity Transformation Tier. Yet, Helian Xun Xue made a cavity with a smash!

In contrast, not a damn thing happened to the brick in her hand; it was clear that its hardness was above eight-tier rare metal.

For Ling Han, accumulating power was just the time of a breath or two. When standing off against a great evenly matched enemy, this amount of time was enough to take his life, but he was now operating the sword without pressure, and naturally soon finished.

"Make way!" Ling Han shouted loudly and charged up. The Demon Birth Sword struck, and a thick long Sword Qi immediately flew out as if a divine dragon, sweeping at a puppet.

Being locked onto by his sword intent, and with the strike so fast, it was impossible to dodge. Moreover, the puppet didn't even have the thought of dodging, simply turning and swatting its palm at Ling Han.


The sword light swept by, and the puppet was severed by the waist. However, Ling Han also took a palm and was instantly sent flying, spitting out a streak of blood.

Spiritual Infant Tier was, after all, the Spiritual Infant Tier. Even Ling Han's physique that was comparable to sixth-tier rare metal was insufficient as the palm attack made him hack out blood. Fortunately, he still wore the Thunder Battle Armor, and even if it wasn't activated, it still eliminated part of the strike's power; otherwise, Ling Han wouldn't have gotten away with just hacking out a mouthful of blood.

Ling Han found his footing, his face somewhat pale, but his mind, Qi, and spirit were brimming with activity. His entire body's Qi and blood boiled as Indestructible Heaven's Scroll circulated within his body—the wounds were in the process of recovering quickly. 

"Ling Han, you're so great!" Hu Niu clapped; Ling Han cut such a large puppet cut in half with a single strike.

"Han Han's so great!" Helian Xun Xue also clapped, forgetting that there were still three puppets attacking her. She immediately felt a gust of air, and it scared her into a wave of screams. She hurriedly swung the brick in her hand widlly, and pa, pa, pa, the three puppets were sent flying once again.

Ling Han targeted the second puppet; 10,000 Techniques Return to One was truly kickass! If he had just used Mysterious Three Thousand, then what effect could three thousand attacks even have on Deity Transformation Tier level rare metal?

But now, 10,000 Techniques Return to One combined with the Demon Birth Sword could even cut through such a rare metal. Of course, Ling Han also adhered a bone pattern into the Sword Qi, increasing its power; otherwise, it would still be able to harm the puppet, but it would be questionable whether it could directly cut the puppet in half.

He began to accumulate power, preparing for the second attack.

These pitiful puppets had no intelligence at all. Otherwise, after suffering a loss, they'd kill him first, or at least stop him from unleashing an ultimate move. However, they all tangled with Helian Xun Xue, almost as if they had to bite down this bone.

Xiu, Ling Han struck with the sword again.

Four continuous strikes swept by, and the four puppets also turned into eight chunks, with strange liquid oozing out from the severed areas, oily and unfamiliar.

Ling Han didn't care that much, and first stored these puppets into the Black Tower; maybe these scraps could be reused.

He summoned Big Metal Head again, and said, "Continue to lead the way."

"Brother, those golden puppets...?" Big Metal Head asked with a dreadfully pale face. He had only heard that those puppets were shockingly strong, but had never personally witnessed them. Now, Ling Han and the other two were here, but the four golden puppets disappeared—how could he not be shocked.

"Stirred suddenly by amorous feelings, they went to make love," Ling Han said thoughtlessly.

"Really?" Big Metal Head's expression was full of doubt; puppets also had needs in that aspect?

"None of your business. Hurry up and lead the way!" Ling Han kicked him.

Big Metal Head trembled as he said, "Brother, this place is too dangerous. If you make me take the lead, I'll die."

"Believe it or not, but I'll immediately make you die if you don't." Ling Han brandished the Demon Birth Sword.

Big Metal Head instantly didn't dare to speak anymore and obediently stayed in front to lead the way.

Clanking sounds were heard ahead, probably made in the process of excavating something, and there was evidently light passing through. Ling Han walked quickly ahead and saw an obelisk that hadn't been fully excavated. Below, many people were excavating, and it was unknown how much of it was left buried in the ground.

This obelisk was entirely black, and a flash of lightning could be seen flickering indistinctly, which indicated this materials specialness. 

"Could it be dark jade?" Ling Han said to himself. "No, no, if it were dark jade, it would only be a fifth-tier material. Solely based on how grand this place looks, dark jade doesn't seem to be qualified to be placed here. Moreover, dark jade fears lightning the most, so how could it have lightning flickering all over it?

"Go see and you'll know," Hu Niu said. Her thoughts were simple, and she obviously proceeded with the most direct method.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Hu Niu's still smarter. Let's go check it out."

"Brother!" Big Metal Head hurriedly shouted, so anxious that his face turned green. "My boss is there! There!" He pointed ahead. A man in an embroidered gown stood in front of the obelisk with his back against them, seemingly in the process of studying this thing.

"That's even better, go and greet him," Ling Han said with a smile and kicked him.

"Aiyo," Big Metal Head cried out as he flew out fast and, pa fell onto the ground firmly with all four limbs spread out.

This movement was too large. The man in embroidered gown immediately turned around, and the workers who were working hard also stopped and turned their heads to look.

"Big Metal Head?" The man in embroidered gown snorted deeply, and his expression revealed an intense fury and killing intent. This place was forbidden; no one could enter or leave, or else he wouldn't have the puppets on guard.

He would put the workers to death in the future, and definitely wouldn't let the secret out. However, one of his subordinates actually came here sneakily, making him extremely shocked. Could it be that what he saw as an impervious defense actually went wrong?

He was obviously Feng Wei Qi. His stature was tall and his face like a red date, appearing imposing without being angry.

"Big Metal Head, how did you come here?" he asked. There was a foolproof defense, so why was it broken through? He had to figure it out.

"This… this humble one admires the boss's brilliance, and under the guidance of boss's light, I came here unconsciously." Big Metal Head spouted a mouthful of lies as cold sweat on his forehead dripped down profusely.

"Hmph, do you believe in your own words?" Feng Wei Qi sneered.

"Boss Feng, since Big Metal Head admires you so much, why won't the two of you become soul mates?" Ling Han laughed as he walked out.
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