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Ling Han was astounded, and said, "What metal is this? It's actually like liquid."

He struck with his sword a few more times, adhering Sword Qi onto the attacks. Pu, pu, pu, two silver-colored puppets were wounded in several places, but immediately began to heal at an extremely face pace. They were like water—cut it open, yet it would be fine when restored.

Peng, peng, the two silver puppets also launched attacks at Ling Han and the other three. Though their bodies were tender like water when attacked, their two fists were extraordinarily fierce. As a fist landed, terrifying power circulated, extremely frightening.

"Come, let's compare!" Ling Han said with a smile, put away the long sword, and clenched his fists, charging over.


His two fists clashed fiercely with the silver puppets', and instantly, the two silver puppets' four arms surged like waves at the same time, spreading from the fist to the shoulders. During this process, the power of Ling Han's punches was gradually neutralized, and when the strange sight reached the shoulders, the punches' power completely dissipated.

Ling Han, however, didn't have such a physical structure, and could only forcibly take this hit. Though his physique was the level of same tier rare metal, and forcibly taking this hit was as if nothing had happened, his organs were still shocked a little. They recovered with Indestructible Heaven' Scroll circulating once.

"Mother of God!" Big Metal Head cried out. His face was all green; he clearly knew the two silver puppets destructive power and defensive power, and being unharmed after receiving Ling Han's punches was something he'd completely anticipated. However, Ling Han actually also took two punches head on and was fine, making him extremely shocked.

As he saw it, the two silver puppets were complete monsters, but Ling Han was more monstrous than the monsters; at least, the two monsters' arms still fluctuated.

Ling Han revealed a smile, and said, "I once heard of a strange metal called Origin Mercury, fluid in state and unbreakable with just heavy power. Presumably, these two puppets were made with Origin Mercury, which is why they have such strange properties. However, this thing fears fire the most!"

Ling Han shook both hands. The Five Elements Chaos Lotus was lightly fluttered, turning all Origin Power into the fire element. Instantly, raging flames were bound to both his hands. He leapt up and charged towards the two silver puppets again.

Hong, his punch struck the pit of a silver puppet's stomach, and his fist sunk in without a doubt. However, if he pulled out his fist, the silver puppet would immediately recover its wounds.

This time, it wasn't so easy. Flames were ablaze on Ling Han's fists, and as the frighteningly high temperature circulated, the wound continued to expand. This puppet was like an ice cube that met a flame, immediately beginning to melt.

"Found it!" Inside the puppet's broken chest cavity, a silver ball shimmered, covered with densely packed symbols.

Puppet's heart!

This was a puppet's brain, heart, and source of power. Without this thing, it would be just a pile of junk!

Ling Han reached out to grab the heart, but infinite silver metal swirled, concealing the heart in order to prevent Ling Han from destroying it.

"Can you hide?" Ling Han said with a smile. On his hand, the flames raged, and as the metal immediately melted continuously like a snow mantle, the heart appeared before his eyes again.


The other silver puppet obviously wouldn't stare blankly, raising both its fists and smashing down on Ling Han's back.

Ling Han didn't even turn his head, and simply pressed back with his left hand to block this attack.


Before the silver puppet's attack even landed, Helian Xun Xue had already stepped forward and swung the brick, smashing the silver puppet. She was quite violent, and under the smash, the silver puppet's entire body rippled and was sent flying, crashing heavily into a mountain's wall.

With a pa, it was like an egg—crack and splat, and it turned into a pile of liquid. However, the liquid immediately began to squirm and creep towards the exposed puppet's heart, apparently trying to reconstruct the body.

This girl's brute force was truly terrifying, smashing such a strong puppet into pieces with a single attack.

Ling Han reached out and grabbed the puppet's heart, pulling it out fiercely. The silver puppet immediately fell down feebly and continued to squirm, as if trying to turn into human shape, yet unable to do so no matter what.

On the other side, Hu Niu also picked up the the second puppet's heart, disabling that puppet's combat ability.

Ling Han waved his hand and stored the two silver puppet's bodies into the Black Tower. He was going to study them; maybe the two puppet's ability to battle could still be restored. In the future, they could be left with his parents, acting as their protection.

They continued towards the depths of the cave. Without walking far, another four silver puppets appeared, launching attacks towards them.

Ling Han was too lazy to attack. He pushed Helian Xun Xue out, and she shrieked as she swatted with the brick in a flurry. Pa, pa, pa, the four silver puppets were instantly smashed into pieces. Ling Han then unhurriedly picked up the puppet's hearts, easily neutralizing this wave of attack.

Big Metal Head stared agape; the combination of the three was too frightening. From his point of view, the defense inside the cave was watertight, but in front of the three of them, this defense was like paper.

"Brother, this isn't the most formidable puppet. The most formidable one is gold, you must be careful!" he warned, seeming to have completely swung in favor of Ling Han.

It couldn't be helped. If Feng Wei Qi discovered that he'd brought people here, Feng Wei Qi definitely wouldn't forgive him, so he could only place his hopes on Ling Han.

"Gold? How strong is it?" Ling Han asked.

Big Metal Head thought for a while, and guessed, "I fear it's reached the Spiritual Infant Tier! I've only heard that there is such a guardian, but never seen it before."

"Spiritual Infant Tier?" Ling Han revealed a thoughtful look. Spiritual Infant Tier beings weren't too frightening; as long as Helian Xunxue or Hu Niu restrained it slightly, he could focus and release 10,000 Techniques Return to One—the explosive attack would be enough to cut down Spiritual Infant Tier opponents.

"Not afraid!" He laughed.

They continued to advance. This entire mountainside was probably all hollowed out—the space inside was ridiculously large. After walking for a while, four lofty statues stood in front of them majestically, each at least five meters tall.

"Strange, I've never seen these rock statues before?" Big Metal said, somewhat bewildered.

A chilling glare flashed across Ling Han's eyes as he directly knocked out Big Metal Head and stored him into the Black Tower, then took out the Demon Birth Sword. He now had three high-class treasured swords, but Demon Birth Sword was definitely the strongest; this was undeniably a tenth-tier Spirit Tool. 

Ka, ka, ka, the four statues trembled slightly, with dust falling off them continuously. Peng, the four statues took a step forward at the same time and revealed a field of resplendent golden light. Frightening aura circulated, making one's skin almost feel as if it was ripped apart.

Spiritual Infant Tier puppets, as expected!

"Hai Niu, you hold them first," Ling Han said with a smile, starting to accumulate power in preparation for unleashing the ultimate move.
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