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Big Metal Head snorted, and said, "Well, let us in!"

"Hehe, Big Metal Head, hold on." The small boat sailed forward again, and soon a strange brilliance flashed; it was as if it went through a sticky space, forcibly squeezing out.

"Big Brother Metal, please come up," the four people said.

Ling Han and the others got on the small boat, and the four people rowed again, squeezing back in.

"Hmm, why's this chick holding a brick?" When the four people saw Helian Xun Xue carrying the brick, they couldn't help but wonder whether this chick was thinking of smacking their boss with it.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "This girl lacks a sense of safety; the brick's used for personal protection."

The four gave a smothered laugh, and said, "Following our big brother, she'll definitely feel completely safe."

Ling Han no longer paid attention to them. A few hundred meters of distance was only a few rows for experts to arrive at the shore. This Black Wood Island not only had strange black-colored trees growing everywhere; even the land was also black, and the feeling it gave when stepping on it was very hard.

"Where's the boss?" Big Metal Head asked.

"Big Brother's obviously still in the cave," a random soldier said casually.

"Where's the cave?" Ling Han interrupted.

The random soldier sized up Ling Han, and said, "Boss Metal, your underling is somewhat bad-mannered. Is this something he should be asking?"

Pa. Big Metal Head revealed a fierce look, and immediately slapped the random soldier on the ear, shouting, "You reply when asked! Where's all this blabber coming from!?"

The four random soldiers were all startled, how come he turned hostile so suddenly? They looked at each other, and said, "Boss Metal, Big Brother instructed that when he's inside the underground cave, he won't tolerate being bothered. Since you've already delivered the beauty, please leave!" 

"Brother, what do you say?" Big Metal Head asked Ling Han.

"Dress it cold," Ling Han said, smiling. "Take care of them all."

"Yes, Brother!" Big Metal Head immediately attacked. Pa, pa, pa, pa! Four palm attacks were released by him, and the four people's heads' immediately burst as they turned into four corpses.

Ling Han summoned Hu Niu. This little girl was quite clever and mischievous, and there was no need to worry about her encountering a life-threatening danger. As for Zhu Xuan Er, she was better off staying in the Black Tower; although she was a genius, she was far from comparable to Hu Niu in freakishness.

"The cave. Lead the way." Ling Han kicked Big Metal Head, who was still in shock with Hu Niu's sudden appearance. A spatial Spirit Tool that could accommodate living things was something he'd never heard of, and obviously shocked him.

In front, Big Metal Head led the way, while Ling Han and the others followed behind. Helian Xun Xue looked at the surroundings full of curiosity as she pulled on the hem of Ling Han's clothes, always looking like a mistreated wife.

There was obviously a lot of random soldiers on the island, but Big Metal Head cleared the way. He was a Flower Blossom Tier elite anyway, so he kept on killing a soldier whenever he discovered one, vicious and cruel, as befitting his identity as a lake thief. 

But once time went on, he obviously couldn't silence everyone, and suddenly, the island's alarm sounded. 

Peng! Peng! Peng!

A large sound could be heard as three giant monsters appeared.

These were truly monsters, human-shaped but towering at three meters, and their entire bodies gleamed with brilliance of black colored metals; they were three iron men.

"Puppets?" Ling Han was astounded. Previously, many people thought that the Rock Spirit was a puppet, but in reality, the three big guys before them were the true puppets. With a thought, he summoned the Rock Spirit, and said, "Beat them up!" 

The Rock Spirit instantly pounded its chest and charged out fiercely, engaging in a fierce battle with the three iron men. 

They all seemed inhuman, but both parties had massive differences; puppets were puppets, and like Corpse Soldiers, they lacked life. However, the Rock Spirit was completely different. It was a life that was birthed by miraculous rocks of heaven and earth, being able to continuously grow and evolve.

Now, the Rock Spirit already reached the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier, and only lacked a few opportunities to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier. However, it didn't rely on its own comprehension to break through, absorbing the power of rare rocks to complete this key leap.

"Go, find the cave. Don't stop," Ling Han said to Big Metal Head.

"Yes, yes!" When Big Metal Head saw the Rock Spirit unleashing its divine might, completely suppressing the three iron men puppets, he couldn't help but be shaken. As he saw it, these three puppets were invincible at the Flower Blossom Tier… they were impervious to sword and spears, difficult to injure with sharp tools, and their power was inexhaustible. 

However, they were beaten helplessly by Ling Han's stone puppet, almost turning into three iron sheets.

"Brother, please follow me." He was becoming more respectful; the scale in his heart was completely titled in Ling Han's favor.

They arrived halfway up the mountain. A giant hole was dug open by the hillside, revealing a dark and indistinct space; a few torches were lit sporadically inside, and part of the conditions inside could be seen indistinctly.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, a loud bang could he heard as the Rock Spirit rushed over, obviously having eliminated the three puppets.

Ling Han walked inside the cave and activated the Eye of Truth. Even if the cave was all dusky, it didn't influence the range of his vision. He clearly saw how shockingly large the cave's space was—as big as a small town. Moreover, the silhouettes of several places were strange.

An idea occurred to him, and he said, "The Silver Dragon Ship that Feng Wei Qi gave you, was it taken out of here?"

"Huh, Brother, you're truly god-like, guessing even this!" Big Metal Head said, astounded. This time, he really wasn't boot-licking, but was really shocked.

Ling Han didn't guess randomly. The cave's shape was very strange, and if ships were to be placed here, they would be able to fill up the long dented pits exactly. In other words, Feng Wei Qi discovered an ancient historical site and obtained treasures.

He stayed here the entire day, obviously excavating more precious things.

Ling Han was truly interested now. The Silver Dragon Ship was kickass, the Origin Crystal Cannon posed an absolute threat to even Flower Blossom Tier warriors, and the light screen that spread out even reached the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Presumably, the Gold Dragon Ship was definitely stronger. Feng Wei Qi was still below excavating, so was there an even more shocking discovery left?

Ling Han walked quickly and headed into the depth of the cave. There were traces of excavation everywhere—many things should've been unearthed. Presumably, the three puppets were also unearthed here.

After walking a few steps, Ling Han suddenly felt alerted, and immediately swung his sword. Hu Niu's reaction wasn't slow, either, as she charged out roaring. 

Peng, peng!

Two silver-colored leviathans appeared. They were two puppets, but this time, they weren't iron men; they were silver men. Not as hard as the iron men, these two silver men were instead like humans, possessing surprising dexterity.

Ling Han swept his sword, and punched. The bodies of the silver-colored puppets were immediately dented, yet not broken; they swayed a few times like water rippling and neutralized the two's attacks.

While still at the Flower Blossom Tier, in terms of defense, they were a whole lot stronger than the iron men earlier.

Rigidity was easily broken—these two puppets completely overcame this flaw.
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