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Ling Han nodded, and said, "Take me there."

"But, our boss ruled that we can only go there once every month to deliver beautiful girls," Big Metal Head said with a distressed expression. "There are restrictions everywhere around Black Wood Island, and if our boss isn't too happy, not only will no one be able to go in, they'll also be killed."

With a swoosh, Ling Han slashed with the sword, and instantly blood gushed again. 

"Ah!" Big Metal Head screamed tragically.

"Ah!" the tall man also screamed tragically.

After Big Metal head screamed a few times, he looked towards the lofty man, and said, "I was the one that was sliced, what are you screaming for?"

"Boss, the one who was sliced this time wasn't you, it was me!" the tall man said as tears flowed out his eyes.

"Hmm?" Big Metal Head lowered his head to look, and when he discovered that his stick was still present, he instinctively felt very reassured and even revealed a smile thoughtlessly.

"Boss, I lost a nut, why are you still laughing?" The tall man was extremely gloomy.

"I lived with a single nut for over eighty years, what the heck are you afaraid of!" Big Metal Head sneered.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Which one of you will take me to Black Wood Island?"

Big Metal Head and the tall man shook their heads simultaneously; whether it was privately taking an outsider to Black Wood Island or going to Black Wood Island at an unregulated time, it was a road to death. Compared to their lives, nuts and sticks weren't much.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "Whoever takes me, I'll let live, and as for the one who doesn't listen, he'll be fertilizer here."

"I'll go!" Big Metal Head and the tall man shouted simulatenously.

"Don't you guys value loyalty quite a lot?" Ling Han smiled. 

"What's loyalty, is it edible?" the two of them said shamelessly.

Ling Han couldn't help but be speechless; whoever received these two subordinates would truly be out of luck. He first exited the Black Tower, but seeing that he'd already sunk deep into the lake, he hurriedly swam upwards. 

He broke through the water, and instantly saw a black shadow pounce over, tightly locking onto his neck. "Han Han, bad, I was so scared alone!" It was obviously Helian Xun Xue.

"Stop strangling, I'm going to die!" Ling Han said with his tongue sticking out. This woman didn't know Tiers, and naturally didn't know just how strong she was, clinging onto him desperately. If it weren't for his attainment of Iron Sheet body, he truly might be strangled to death.

Helian Xun Xue finally let go, feeling aggrieved, but her left hand pulled on the hem of his clothes, while her right hand carried the brick; her mood was extremely unbeautiful, and she very much wanted to smash someone.

Ling Han took Big Metal Head out and had him point the way as the three headed towards Black Wood Island.

Inside the dense fog, one's sense of direction was completely unreliable. Big Metal Head took out a compass and kept adjusting the direction, leading them forward.

Ling Han swept a glance at it, and said, "This compass is not bad." A normal compass would be ineffective here, therefore a compass that could still work was quite amazing.

"This was bestowed on me by our boss!" Big Metal Head said proudly.

Under the guidance of the compass, they still traveled for two days. An indistinct black shadow appeared in front, as if a massive crawling beast, its size immeasurable.

"That's the Black Wood Island," Big Metal Head said. "Can I hide first?"

"Why hide, aren't you and your boss sworn friends?" Ling Han said with a smile. "Go, lead the way ahead and open the door, or else I'll chop you up!"

"Brother, you can't play me like this!" Big Metal Head was on the verge of crying. "Our boss said that we could only come at the beginning of every month to bring over the kidnapped beauties and replenish the exhausted Origin Crystal Cannons while at it. Coming at this time, our boss would ignore us and use the restrictions to kill all of us!"

"Don't worry, I'll cover you," Ling Han said with a smile.

Big Metal Head looked at him with a gaze full of doubt, apparently not in the least confident in what the other party said.

Ling Ran raised the bone sword, and said, "You can bet—if you don't lead the way, you'll immediately die! Lead the way, and you'll have a chance of survival. If your head's still any good, you should know what to choose."

With a long face, Big Metal Head said, "I'll lead the way."

They continued onwards, and soon, the dense fog dispersed. A large island appeared ahead, its shape like a new moon. At first glance, the entire island was dark. 

Examining closely, quite a lot of trees grew on the island, but each was like a metal tree, black like ink and bare without a single leaf. They stood there like a forest of metal spears.

Big Metal Head brought them to a mile off the island, stopped, and said in a low voice, "Going any further, we'll trigger the restrictions." After explaining to Ling Han, he raised his voice and said, "Brothers on the island, I'm Big Metal Head, here to deliver goods for the boss!"

After a short while, a voice came from the island. "Deliver goods? Today's the fifteenth, it's still far from the beginning of the month! Boss Metal, it's not like you don't know Big Brother's rules!"

Big Metal Head moved aside, and said pointing at Helian Xun Xue, "Hehe, the goods this time are especially beautiful, so I wanted to deliver it in advance!" 

Being about five hundred meters apart, even Flower Blossom Tier elites might not be able to clearly see Helian Xun Xue's looks, and could only see that she was a woman.

"Boss Metal, don't you make things difficult for us. Big Brother's rules can't be broken!" A voice sounded from the island again.

"You idiots, blockheads, can't get it straight?" Big Metal Head yelled. "If the boss knew that such a beautiful girl was delivered next month, your heads are going to fall. Can you guys carry this responsibility?"

He paused shortly, then went on, "Alright, if you guys don't believe it, then send a ship to examine for yourselves."

There was no sound from the island, but after a short while, a small ship sailed over.

Ling Han was astounded. Big Metal Head looked stupid, but was actually an expert when it came to acting. It made sense; it was precisely because he gave a stupid impression, so who would still doubt that he would be smart enough to deceive people?

But with a bit of thought, being able to advance into the Flower Blossom Tier, would he really be an idiot? Would anyone?

The small boat sailed over and stopped three meters away. This distance naturally allowed for clear vision.

"She truly is a beauty!"

"A symbol of beauty!"

"Tender like water!"

There were four people on the ship, all staring at Helian Xun Xue and almost drooling.

"Hmph, now you know that I'm speaking the truth, right?" Big Metal Head snorted.

"Big Brother Metal, who's this guy?" The four people on the ship stared at Ling Han.

"He's my underling." Big Metal Head said with neither a flushed face nor any gasping. 

"Ah, Big Brother Metal, you're injured?" The four people looked towards Big Metal Head's lower body, and could clearly see traces of blood.

"Training too diligently, I suffered a small injury." Big Metal Head spouted nonsense. 

"Big Brother Metal, you truly are fine!" The four people stuck their thumbs up all together.

Ling Han couldn't help but shed cold sweat.
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