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"You've guessed right, but no there is no reward!" Ling Han laughed loudly, and flew up again. With Purple Bale Sword in hand, he carried out the Demon Fairy Step, not giving the opponent time to aim at him, while he himself was accumulating power, preparing to fire the ultimate move—the 10,000 Techniques Return to One.

Mysterious Three Thousand was used to attack numerous enemies; it worked like a charm, but when used to attack something solid, the 10,000 Techniques Return to One was obviously more kickass; gathering three thousand attacks into one attack, the destructive power was just unimaginable.

"Fire!" Big Metal Head cried out.

The cannon muzzles kept moving, yet they couldn't aim at Ling Han, so the cannoneers thought they might as well give up on him as they turned it towards Helian Xun Xue.

Helian Xunxue was instantly scared dreadfully pale, and said to Ling Han, "I didn't hit them, so why are they hitting me?"

"Because they're bad guys, and bad guys don't reason with you," Ling Han explained. "So against bad guys, you don't have to reason; just swing the brick and smash!"

"Oh." Helian Xun Xue nodded, made a gesture to aim, and then, with a xiu, hurled the brick.

The brick flew fiercely, and when it was about to smash into the black ship, a black screen suddenly appeared on the surface of the ship, forming a shield just like before. However, this time, the light screen didn't have the expected effect.

With a peng, the light screen was entirely shattered by the brick; the brick's momentum remained unstopped as it continued to sink into the hull. Next, peng, peng, peng, peng sounds kept resounding, and xiu, the brick flew out the other end of the hull like a meteor, shooting fiercely inot the distance.

"My brick!" Helian Xun Xue cried out, and hurriedly chased after it, treading on water.

Hong, long, long, the black ship let out a strange sound, and as flames and black smoke emerged, the hull began to tilt. The ship was actually sinking!

Ling Han grimaced. Helian Xun Xue's throw of the brick was truly kickass, directly sinking a large-scale Spirit Tool of a treasure ship. 

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The hull started to explode. The large cannons on the ship could turn Origin Crystals into attacks, which was an impressive thing, but also extremely unstable. Now that the hull was on a big fire, these Origin Crystals that have been specially processed also detonated.

This was equivalent to several hundreds of Spiritual Infant Tier experts attacking from within the hull. The destructive power created was too terrifying, and the entire ship almost instantly disintegrated. Most of the lake thieves couldn't even react as they were directly blown into smithereens, and only Big Metal Head and his tall assistant escaped in time.

After all, they were at the Flower Blossom Tier, and while not being able to fend against Spiritual Infant Tier was one matter, acting quickly according to circumstances and escaping in time still was another, and it left them with a slim chance of survival.

Unfortunately, Ling Han was waiting for them.

Pa, pa, Ling Han knocked them out with two slaps, and directly brought them into the Black Tower.

"Han Han! Han Han!" Helian Xun Xue carried the brick back, and when she saw Ling Han suddenly disappear on spot, she couldn't help but be very displeased. This guy would sometimes suddenly disappear, causing her to wait for a long while—so terrible.

Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han slapped the two awake. Since they entered the Black Tower, they wouldn't be leaving for the rest of this life. Considering that they were lake thieves, they definitely didn't hold back in killing people, and the punishment of life in prison wasn't excessive.

"Where's this place?" After Big Metal Head woke up, he was instantly shocked.

"Boss, where are we?" The tall man grabbed onto Big Metal Head's arm in fright.

"You ask me, but whom the heck do I ask?" Big Metal Head immediately lashed the tall man's head.

Ling Han coughed once, and said. "You guys are now my captives. If I want you guys to live, you guys can live. If I want you guys to become eunuchs, you guys will be missing a stick."


The two hurriedly covered their crotches with their hands. Weren't men called men precisely because they had a stick?

Ling Han laughed mischievously and reached out with his hand, gesturing a pull on the left and right. Big Metal Head and the tall man's hands were separated by an invisible power, their bodies began to float, and their limbs were pulled into the shape of the character 大.

Big Metal Head's face was scared pale, and he hurriedly warned Ling Han, "You, don't you mess around. My boss is really intimidating. If you dare harm a single hair of mine, my boss will definitely slaughter you!" 

Ling Han uttered a "ya" in surprise, and said, "Aren't you the boss?"

"I'm their boss, but I still have a boss!" Big Metal Head said, straightening his neck. "I'll advise you now: don't ever go against my boss. Although my boss is also in the Flower Blossom Tier, he's mastered many strange things, and his battle prowess is too terrifying." 

"Oh, just like that ship?" Ling Han said thoughtlessly.

"Hmhm, mine's only a Silver Dragon Ship, but our boss uses a Golden Dragon Ship! That's called impressive!" Big Metal Head said proudly.

Ling Han intentionally sighed, and said, "First time seeing a captive act so proud. Whatever, I'll castrate you first!"

"Castrate, you can't castrate me!" Big Metal Head's face was frightened green. "You're not scared of my boss finding you for revenge?"

"Not scared." Ling Han smiled.

Those words were clear and simple, but Big Metal Head didn't know how to retort.

On the side, the tall man didn't even dare to fart in fear that Ling Han would notice him.

Ling Han summoned the bone sword, and said, "I'll ask once, and you guys answer once. Answer together; whoever is slower in replying, I'll slice off his nut. After slicing off the nuts, I'll slice the stick. You guys count for yourselves just how many nuts and sticks there are for me to slice."

Wasn't this simple enough?

"Two nuts," the tall man said.

"One nut," Big Metal Head said almost in the same breath; evidently, Ling Han's threats were effective.

"Huh? Boss, you only have a single nut?" the tall man immediately asked in curiosity.

"Hahahaha, cracks me the hell up... how could there be a person with two nuts?" Big Metal Head laughed loudly, tears almost coming out from laughter.

Were these two people buffoons?

Ling Han flashed the bone sword, making the two shut up, then said, "Who is you guys' boss?"

"Feng Wei Qi."

"Big Metal Head."

Ling Han glanced at the tall man—was this guy truly an idiot? He then looked at Big Metal Head, and said, "What's this Feng Wei Qi's background?"

"I don't know, either. I was originally the overlord here, rampaging on these waters. Who didn't fear me? However, our boss is even more impressive. After coming here three years ago, our boss subdued me and gave me that ship, making me even more formidable," Big Metal Head said.

"And that armor, Feng Wei Qi also gave to you?" Ling Han asked again.

"Yes." Big Metal Head nodded honestly.

"Feng Wei Qi, where's he now?" Ling Han asked.

Big Metal Head somewhat hesitated, but when the bone sword flashed and a gush of blood came over his crotch, he instantly shivered in fright, and said, "Our boss is at Black Wood Island. He's always there."

"And where's Black Wood Island?"

"In the dense fog lake's southwest corner; ordinary people can't find it at all!" Big Metal Head actually revealed a proud look, but immediately felt his nut in pain, causing his expression to collapse.
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