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A chaotic fight ensued. Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu had the definite advantage in tier, but the opponent's armors were extremely strange, hard to damage with sharp weapons—even Hu Niu's claws were unable to rip them open. Thus, although these people hacked out blood continuously from being struck by heavy impacts, none of them died.

Hu Niu was infuriated. She leapt out and bit fiercely at a person's armor, and actually forcibly bit off a chunk, showing exactly how frightening her teeth were. 

"Monster!" these river thieves all cried out. In their impression, these armors were indestructible; at least amongst the enemies they met before, there were none who could damage them.

Zhu Xuan Er also changed her tactics, and only warded off blows with her Hundred Ray Sword while her left hand formed a palm and pressed towards these people's chests, attempting to penetrate the armor with overbearing power to kill them directly.

However, she never would've anticipated that these armors actually also had the effect of absorbing brute force. She was clearly at the peak stage of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but the destructive power of her palm attack was decreased steeply to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and could only slightly injure a few river thieves.

"Interesting, interesting." Ling Han nodded continuously. These people's armors were truly an eye-opener.

However, these armors were also just armors, and not Spirit Tools that could be activated to form shields, so Zhu Xuan Er changed her battle style again, thrusting directly at the neck and eyes that were unprotected.

Now, these river thieves were doomed. They couldn't possibly block a peak stage Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite—not to mention Zhu Xuan Er, who was a north region's prodigy. Earlier, she just didn't want to see blood, and now that her desire to kill arose, these people couldn't possibly resist her attacks.

Hu Niu liked to compete, so after proving she could beat the armor, she instantly lost interest, waving her small fists repeatedly as river thieves were killed one by one with a strike to the head. Her killing temperament was extremely terrifying, and now that it welled up, her eyes immediately turned red as she carried out an endless hunt for the river thieves.

"Boss, we can't hold on any longer!" the river thieves cried out one after another; some already ran back to the black ship. Lax in discipline, they were just a group of untrained troops.

The skinny and short man snorted, and said, "A bunch of good-for-nothings, isn't this ruining my, Big Metal Head's, awe-inspiring reputation? Come, prepare the Origin Crystal Cannon and bomb this brat to death!"

"Boss, why bomb that brat to death?" the tall man asked.

"To catch the bandits, first catch the ring leader; shoot the horse before the man. This brat looks like the leader at a glance. Kill him, and obviously everything will be fine. Moreover, are you willing to bomb that beautiful girl into mush?" Big Metal Head said in contempt.

The tall man scratched his head, and said, "I'm willing. Boss, it's not like you don't know me. I only like little girls and little boys."

"Get lost, you pervert!"

On the black ship, several windows opened, and several shiny black cannon muzzles wormed out, pointing at Ling Han while emitting a shockingly chilling glare.

Ling Han instantly felt alert on the inside. He hurriedly shook off Helian Xun Xue, and said, "Hai Niu, stand to the side. This thing seems quite fierce."

As his voice fell, xiu, three flashes of white light shot out, firing towards Ling Han. This speed was really fast; it was fast to the point that the moment he reacted, he'd already suffered the attack. It already arrived before him, and couldn't be dodged. 

In that instant, Ling Han already made a judgement in his mind. This was equivalent to Spiritual Infant Tier attack, so if he activated the lightning barrier, he would at least have thirty percent certainty to block it. However, he had no time to do so. 

Hong, three flashes of white light surged by, but Ling Han already vanished without a sign. The next instant, he appeared again, unscathed.

He entered the Black Tower.

"Pu!" On the black ship, everyone stared agape. In their impressions, once the Origin Crystal Cannon fired, then anyone and everyone would be bombed into sludge; how come not a damn thing happened to this brat? 

"Fire, fire again!" Big Metal Head bawled.

Ling Han flew up, and charged towards the black ship; he didn't want to become a living target.

The cannon's muzzle moved and kept aiming at him, but Ling Han carried out the Demon Fairy Step, appearing suddenly on the left and suddenly on the right. It was so truly vexingly strange that those who watched couldn't capture his trace and couldn't fire even once in a long amount of time. 

Once this Origin Crystal Cannon was employed, Flower Blossom Tier elites certainly couldn't dodge it, because their speeds were far inferior. However, the cannon's muzzle still had to be aimed at Ling Han before it was fired. With this time as buffer, how could a few Spiritual Ocean Tier and Spiritual Pedestal Tier cannoneers capture Ling Han's silhouette?

In a few steps, Ling Han already arrived in the sky above the ship and slashed towards Big Metal Head right away.

To catch the bandits, first capture the ring leader—that was what this guy had said.

However, Big Metal Head simply looked coldly at Ling Han, having no intention of dodging this sword attack at all.


The sword struck down, but a black light screen blocked this attack.

Big Metal Head grinned and roared fiercely, "Hahaha, fire!"

Instantly, three flashes of white light fired over, and this time, they aimed towards this direction in advance, as if knowing Ling Han would definitely be obstructed at this position.

This ship was strange!

Ling Han hurriedly entered the Black Tower again, then immediately came out. He was fast to the point that with most people's reaction speed, they would be unaware that he disappeared for that instant. Even Big Metal Head, who was also at the Flower Blossom Tier, felt like he had an illusion, feeling as if his eyes suddenly seemed to have problems as he saw Ling Han flash away for a moment.

"This ship... where did you guys get it?" Ling Han asked in curiosity. Those solid armors, this ship's defense, and the Origin Crystal artillery shells... such armed force should belong to some super force, so how come it ended up in the hands of a few river thieves?

"None of your business!" Big Metal Head snorted.

"Our boss said, none of your business!" The tall man parroted.

"You shut the hell up! Hurry and command the cannoneers to shoot down all of these people!" Big Metal Head slapped him.

"Boss, didn't you say you're unwilling to kill these two beauties?" the tall man said, feeling wronged.

"Nonsense, our brothers were all killed by them, who still cares about beautiful or not? Kill them all!" Big Metal Head said ruthlessly.

"Kill them! Kill them!" The tall man became excited and ran towards the cabin. 

Ling Han frowned. His figure shifted, arriving beside Zhu Xuan Er. He said, "Xuan Er, enter the Black Tower first."

"Yes!" Zhu Xuan Er immediately nodded and didn't even ask why.

Xiu, her figure immediately disappeared.

Ling Han also put Hu Niu into the Black Tower. Helian Xun Xue couldn't be put in, but didn't need to be. Her physical arts already surpassed the Spiritual Infant Tier, and she didn't need to fear some Origin Crystal Cannon.

"Hmm, where's that big and small girl?" Bewilderment was written all over Big Metal Head's face; how did two living people suddenly disappear? He wasn't stupid, and immediately slapped his thigh in realization. "That's how you evaded earlier!"
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