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Considering it for a moment, Ling Han finally gave up the tempting idea. After all, Yin Le was hidden in the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, where Heaven Tier and even Shattering Void Tier elites kept watch, so trying to kill him was way too difficult.

He'd kill him in the future; Yin Le was just a nobody, anyway.

Ling Han no longer employed a carriage. He just went through the mountains and forests with the three girls. Accompanied by beauties, he flirted with Zhu Xuan Er, the exceptionally beautiful fairy, from time to time, and was teased by Helian Xun Xue, the endearingly silly girl, from time to time, and contested against Hu Niu for meat; his simple life was actually very comfortable.

After seven days, a vast expanse of water appeared before them.

It wasn't a sea, but an inland lake, though it was vaster than an ocean. It was called Yang Zhong Lake.

Sailing across with a boat would be too slow, so the four of them treaded on water; with their abilities, even the lakewater's surface's slight tension was enough for them, letting them traverse as if on land.

However, treading on water was different from dashing on the ground, after all, and it was unbearable after one day. At night, they searched for an island to rest, and after a good sleep, they continued to advance on the second day.

This inland lake was ridiculously large as expected. After three days, they still hadn't gone out of it. After referencing the map, it turned out they only walked half of the route.

In front, a dense fog suddenly appeared—an expanse of white.

"According to the legends, there's a thousand-year-old flood dragon here, swallowing clouds and spitting mists, and it's the source of the mist on the lake. Not sure if its real or fake, though." Ling Han stopped in his tracks, and didn't enter the mist right away.

Hu Niu immediately clapped her hands and shouted, "Niu wants to eat flood dragon meat!" 

"Being able to live a thousand years, this flood dragon at least advanced to the Heaven Tier. Let's not deliver it any food," Ling Han said with a smile.

Hu Niu pouted her small mouth, appearing very pitiful; she still hadn't eaten flood dragon meat before.

"However, we do have a true dragon's descendant, who might be able to coerce that flood dragon," Ling Han said.

"Who, who?" Helian Xun Xue said in an extremely curious manner.

Ling Han and the others all gazed at her. "Of course it's you!"

"Me?" Helian Xun Xue pointed at herself, shook her head repeatedly, and said, "I'm a human, not a beast."

"Let's go. If we encounter that flood dragon, we can hide and let this Hai Niu deal with it," Ling Han said with a smile, then said to Helian Xun Xue, "Hold the brick well. If something comes out later to sneak attack us, you smash it!"

"Yes!" Helian Xun Xue nodded forcefully. She didn't know about Tiers; otherwise, if she'd known, she would have definitely closed her eyes in fright. After all, she thought she lacked the strength to fight an opponent so strong. 

The four walked forward. The mist carried an intense fishy smell, which made people want to puke. It was no wonder people guessed that there was a flood dragon there. Judging by the fishy smell, there definitely was a big fellow in the lake.

"Ang!" A deep sound resonated. Ripples immediately surged on the lake's surface and formed a raging tide, which was over three meters tall, crashing towards the four of them.

They hurriedly flew up and evaded the raging wave. Hong, the wave swept past them, but immediately another wave surged, crashing over heavily.

After at least ten waves, the water's surface finally calmed down.

"That big guy yawned?" Ling Han said, astounded. It was truly hard to imagine how massive of a body this lake beast had, producing such a large commotion with jut a yawn.

"Be careful!" Zhu Xuan Er reminded.

They carefully advanced, yet they discovered nothing all along. It was mainly because this mist was too strange, greatly influencing their vision.

As they walked, a colossal thing suddenly appeared in front of them. They thought they encountered that large fellow, but looking again, it wasn't any beast, but a ship.

What a large ship; pitch-black all over, it was like a black dragon!

This inland lake was so large that merchant ships obviously coursed there regularly, but what they encountered was definitely not a merchant ship, because at the ship's bow was a skeleton man's statue, which emitted a malevolent aura.

In the mist, this giant ship finally revealed its entire length. It was 30 m long, and only three meters wide, so it gave people the feeling that it was extremely like a snake and a dragon.

"Yo, we're pretty lucky! We've actually encountered two big beautiful girls!"

"Boss, there's also a small beautiful girl!"

"Pah, you damned pervert, you can even take a liking to such a small little girl? I'm ashamed to be in your company!"

Two people appeared on the bow of the ship, both male and in their forties. One was tall and sturdy and the other was short and skinny—they just so happened to be two extremes. However, what was unacceptable was that the short one was the boss, while the tall one looked wretched all over the face as his eyeballs slithered, having no lofty image at all.

The short and skinny man stared at Ling Han and said, "Little Brother, why not gather up here? This brother most loves to help people, so how about you let me give you guys a ride?"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I think we're on different paths, right? I appreciate your good will, but you take the open road, and I'll cross the log bridge."

The short and skinny man's face instantly turned grim as he said, "Are you rejecting me? I hate being rejected the most!"

"Not good, the boss is getting mad!" the tall man hurriedly cried out while covering his head, appearing extremely panic-stricken. This act was really quite stiff.

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh loudly, and said, "How do you get mad? I'm rather looking forward to it."

"Once our boss gets mad, blood covers mountains and rivers, and all living creatures go extinct!" the tall man said. "Boy, I advise you to surrender without delay; don't provoke my boss into a towering rage."

"Too late!" the slim man yelled. "Lads, charge and kill that brat, and take down those two big beauties!"

"And the little one, I like her!" the tall man hurriedly said.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu, several hundred men instantly jumped down from the black ship, wearing black colored armor that flickered with a strange glare.

Ling Han made a slight sound of surprise, staring at those armors, and said, "Hu Niu, Xuan Er, you guys go."

"Yes!" Zhu Xuan Er agreed softly, while Hu Niu roared and already charged up. Helian Xun Xue obviously stayed behind Ling Han's back obediently and raised the brick nervously, looking like she'd smack whoever dared to come.

Peng, peng, peng, Hu Niu unleashed her great might with a punch and a kick, sending those black-armored men flying like they were made of rice straws. Her progression was not slow at all, also reaching the late stage of the Flower Blossom Tier, and on top of her freakishness, her battle prowess was obviously terrifying.

The strange thing was that under her claw attacks, these people's armors actually didn't shatter into pieces!

Zhu Xuan Er immediately realized that something was off. The opponents were all very weak, most of them being at the Spiritual Ocean Tier, with a few Spiritual Pedestal Tier oness. Normally, they should be easily suppressed by her, a peak Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite. However, she slashed with her Hundred Ray Sword, yet couldn't tear open these people's armors.

Hundred Ray Sword was the new sword Ling Han forged for her. It was forged from seventh-tier rare metal, and although it hadn't become a Spirit Tool, its sharpness was no inferior to that of one.

Strange, truly strange; the defensive power of the armors on these people was too astonishing.
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