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"Possessing a sturdy physique is still quite useful," Ling Han exclaimed. Otherwise, if he exhausted a great amount of Origin Power just drawing the bow, then when he used Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow, its power would definitely be much smaller.

"I wonder if Sword Emperor and the others cultivated physical arts." He suddenly became curious.

Draw the bow, and unleash the arrow, then xiu, the Sunset Arrow shot out. At first, the eye could capture it, but after it continued to fly for several hundred meters, accelerating to terrifying speeds, it was truly like a ray of light, traveling hundreds of meters in a flash.

Pa, extremely far into the distance, the target Ling Han had set up instantly exploded from the Sunset Arrow, turning into rubble that filled the sky.

"The greatest firing range is 15 km; any further and the power will begin to wane, while the speed also begins to decrease," Ling Han said to himself. "However, travelling from the launch to the maximum effective range of 15 km only takes the arrow one hundredth of a heartbeat; it's fast to the point that the even the eyes can't capture it.

"After advancing to the Flower Blossom Tier, a bad premonition arises when encountering danger, but it doesn't tell you where the attack is coming from or what kind of attack it is.

"Taking myself as an example, if I didn't have the Black Tower, the first reaction in such situations is definitely to condense Origin Power and spread it over the entire body. However, with Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow, even Spiritual Infant Tier defense can be penetrated… if Origin Power was spread over the entire body, and not condensed at the few vital parts, how could the spread defense block Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow?

"This also reminded me that not only I know arrow arts in this world; some Spirit Tools can have similar effects, so if I encounter this situation, hiding in the Black Tower is obviously absolutely safe. However, there are times that I mustn't enter the Black Tower, so I can only spread Origin Power over the various vital parts; I can't have excessive expectations of escaping unscathed, or else I'll just be seeking my own death.

"Fortunately, I've cultivated the Iron Sheet Body, and normal people can't pose any threat to me. And if I cultivated Diamond Tier, I believe that even Spiritual Infant Tier warriors using Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow wouldn't be able to hurt me!" Ling Han concluded.

The Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow matched well with a treasure tool like Sunset Bow. With the addition of the Eye of Truth, this would become his greatest killer move, easily taking the lives of anyone thousands of meters out. 

"Too few arrows... I have to forge some more, but seventh-tier rare metal is too precious. Where can I get that much... Hmm?"

He suddenly felt an abnormal movement. The carriage came under a sudden assault and instantly exploded. The two coachmen were also dealt fatal blows, and as the dust flew about, three masked old men appeared, emitting terrifying presences.

"Where are they?" an old man said.

"Could it be a diversion—intentionally departing openly to attract our attention, but in reality, he took another path?" the second old man said. 

"How meticulous!" the third old man said.

"Although Han Lin might not be Ling Han, with the legacy of the Twelve Palaces and a divine treasure-trove involved, we can't afford to let him go even if it's not him!" the first old man said.

"Yes!" The other two old men nodded.

"Let's go!" The three leapt and headed backwards. 

Ling Han exited the Black Tower. From those three people's words, they already saw through his disguise; they just were not completely sure. These three people were truly merciless and vicious; under the circumstance of being uncertain of his identity, they still struck to kill—truly vicious.

Spiritual Infant Tier?

He looked at the two coachmen who met violent death, and a chilling glare flashed across his eyes. He unhesitatingly took out the Sunset Bow, mounted an arrow, and activated the Eye of Truth; the three old men who were already far off in the distance were instantly as if before him.

Brute force exploded as Ling Han drew the bow. The flood dragon vein grew taut, and the muscles bulged on Ling Han's arm, feeling full of power. He already carried out the Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow, and vein-like patterns instantly intertwined on the arrow forged by seventh-tier rare metal. As the primitive vein-like patterns surfaced, the entire arrow seemed to come alive.

"Go!" Ling Han shouted lightly and released the five fingers on the right hand. Instantly, the arrow turned into a ray of light; he immediately took out a second arrow, drawing the bow and shooting again.

He drew the bow three times and fired three arrows consecutively, instantly staggering and turning pale.

Firing three arrows consecutively in a short amount of time exhausted him greatly.

Thousands of meters out.

The three old men halted simultaneously. An intense bad premonition arose abruptly within their hearts, and impelled by instincts, they all condensed Origin Power, forming a shield in front of them.

Xiu, a ray of light arrived, shooting swiftly at the old man in the middle. The three people almost showed no reaction as the ray of light hit the old man's left chest area, turning into a sharp arrow, bound all over by divine light and intertwining vein-like patterns.

Pu, without a doubt, the Origin Power shield couldn't block it at all. With Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow blessed with vein-like patterns and being seventh-tier rare metal, its destructive power was too terrifying, and it easily pierced through the Origin Power shield.

Once the shield broke, the old man's body was obviously frail, unable to stand even a blow. Pu, blood splattered as the arrow already sunk into the old man's chest and penetrated through the back, breaking the Origin Power shield on the other side. Finally, the arrow's power was almost spent as it pierced into the ground.

The old man's eyes instantly lost spirit as he knelt down abruptly, his figure swaying slightly, falling to the ground head first.

Killed with a single arrow!

"Seventh Brother!" the other two old men cried out, but before they made a move, the second ray of light already arrived!

Warned by a precedent, they obviously didn't dare to spread out their defense, and instead focused it over several vital parts. Pu, a streak of blood splattered as the second old man was also shot. Fortunately, since the Origin Power was deployed over the vital parts—though not concentrated in one area—the defensive power still increased several fold; consequently, even though he was shot in the eye and lost it, the arrow didn't enter the brain.

"Old Fifth!" the third old man cried out, wanting to reach out to support the other, but the third ray of light also arrived.

He roared loudly and guarded his face with both hands, while the heart and dantian were covered fully with Origin Power. Seeing it two times, he obviously had sufficient preparation.


This arrow still shot at his eye. His hands and arms were immediately pierced by the arrow, but blocked in this way, its power was cut greatly, with it stopping just before his eyelid. 

It took a long time to describe, but the actual process was but a breath of time. Of the three Spiritual Infant Tier elites, one was dead, and two were injured. If other people were told that this was all done by a Flower Blossom Tier martial artist, there probably wouldn't be anyone who believed it, right?

The two old men who were still alive didn't even dare to pull out the arrow, remaining still in a defensive posture, on guard against the emergence of a fourth arrow.

They dared even less to escape. Once they ran, they'd be unable to defend properly. 

Blood dripped down from the two people's eyes and arms. Spiritual Infant Tier's blood was extremely frightening, possessing great power; the blood dropping onto ground was like meteorites' bombardment, shaking the ground.
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