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"Don't listen to this female rascal's nonsense." Ling Han pointed at Ying Hong and said, "You guys don't treat her as a woman, but as a man that reincarnated wrong and possessed a woman's body, so when she approaches you guys, you guys have to think of it as a man approaching you guys, understand?"

Helian Xun Xue and Hu Niu instantly revealed vicious glares—a dirty man wanted to get close to them?

"You're brainwashing!" Yin Hon pointed out, and said, "As expected of a master; truly patterned schemes! No wonder so many little girls have been deceived by you."

"Less nonsense. What's the news?" Ling Han asked.

Yin Hong finally said sternly, "Heaven's Sword Sect, Cloud Phoenix Sect, Absolute Saber Sect, Azure Thunder Sect, and Earth Dragon Sect, the five great sects, announced jointly that they will establish Restore Heaven Academy and recruit the world's geniuses."

"Oh?" Ling Han was perplexed. These five great sects existed since the ancient times, and were the only five forces with inheritance passed down since the ancient times. Each of those sects possessed a long history, so why jointly establish some Restore Heaven Academy?

"Did they say why?" he asked.

"The five large sects jointly announced that great chaos will soon occur in the world and result in a fault of all martial arts, so the five large sects will do their utmost to select outstanding geniuses to train. If a great calamity really happens, there would be seeds left for restoration," Yin Hong said.

"This reason is quite substantial," Ling Han muttered.

"Master Ling, you have any interests in going there?" Yin Hong asked.

Ling Han pondered, and said, "Where's this Restore Heaven Academy?"

"Nine Dragons Mountain."

A thought flashed across Ling Han's mind. This Nine Dragons Mountain was in Flying Flower Prefecture, and Boundless Mountain where Zi Xue Xian had left her message was probably also in Flying Flower Prefecture—how coincidental.

Anyway, he was going to Flying Flower Prefecture, so he might as well check it out on the way. After all, the five large sects existed for several millennia, and possessed the most complete martial arts inheritance—going there to learn a little should be benefitial.

Although Ling Han learned many mystical arts in his previous life, how could one person's power compare to the accumulation of countless generations?

"If all the freakish geniuses are gathered, then I'm actually somewhat looking forward to it," Ling Han said with a smile.

"I knew you'd be interested, but not everyone can enter this Restore Heaven Academy. The five large sects will first send notice to a few geniuses, allowing them to enter the academy directly. As for the rest, they'll have to pass layers of screening," Yin Hong went on.

"I see…" Ling Han said with a smile. "Don't know if anyone sent me a notice?"

"Yo, Master Ling, are you bitter?" Yin Hong laughed loudly. "Let me tell you some bad news: Xuanyuan Zi Guang already received the notice, and departed this morning. You? No sign at all!"

Puzzled, Ling Han said, "In terms of martial arts level, I'm at least no inferior to Xuanyuan Zi Guang, and in terms of alchemy ability, I'm officially a high-level Earth Grade alchemist, so how come I was skipped?" He didn't think much of the admittance quota; he just couldn't understand why.

"Master Ling, you think too highly of yourself!" Yin Hong laughed, shaking her head. "The five great sects definitely arranged the plans for establishing Restore Heaven Academy, and already confirmed a group of geniuses that could enter the academy such as Yao Hui Yue, Small Saber King, Dong Ling Er, and so on. You, well, how long is it since you've become known?"

Indeed, it had only been three days since Ling Han defeated Xuanyuan Zi Guang, and Million Treasures City was sealed earlier by the Fourth Killing Formation, so no news could've possibly gotten out.

Ling Han laughed; he really thought a bit too much of himself.

After Yin Hong left, Ling Han couldn't help but ponder.

In the memory stone that Zi Xue Xian left, it should've been people from god's realm that came a millennium ago, annihilating the previous generation's martial arts legacy. According to the news of future generations, it was the Heaven's Sword Sect and the other four great sects that jointly reversed the critical situation, repelling those invaders.

Ling Han once saw an ancient battlefield in the Rain Country; at least several hundred Heaven Tier warriors jointly attacked a Shattering Void Tier one, leaving countless corpses. From the look of it now, that Shattering Void Tier elite might not have been at the Shattering Void Tier, but possibly was a god; however, the god's tier was restricted by this realm.

But, Zi Xue Xian said this could all be a lie!

Now that ten millennia passed, the five great sects opened the Restore Heaven Academy, saying that it was extremely likely that the world would descend into great disorder; could it be that those of the god realm were descending to this realm to invade again?

Ma Duo Bao once said to open the skies and bring the world right into god's realm, and even pests become immortals; was it also because he foresaw this great chaos? And, Feng Po Yun said he didn't dare shatter the void rashly, as there would be great catastrophe occurring; was it also related to the god realm?

Ling Han got a headache from thinking. He knew more things now, but there was even more whys he didn't.

Why did the god realm invade the vast lands? Was there something worthy of the god realm's attention? Moreover, if the god realm truly wanted to annihilate the vast lands, would the five great sects really be able to stop it?

With a few thousand or ten thousand gods, even if all of them were suppressed to Shattering Void Tier, was that not enough to make a sweep of the mortal plane?

Ling Han just couldn't think it through. If the gods truly invaded, what abilities did the five great sects have back then to drive off the gods and reclaim lost territory? 

Could it really be as Zi Xue Xian said, and all was but a lie?

This could only be known after finding the message she'd left.

The trip to Restore Heaven Academy seemed like an absolutely necessary one.

Ling Han had no worries anyway, and once his mind was made up, he immediately departed. 

Zhu Xuan Er and the other two girls obviously wouldn't object. After they bid farewell to Yin Hong, they set out on a journey.

Ling Han originally wanted to meet Kang Zi Shi, who was very likely to be a descendent of his disciple, but Kang Zi Shi was a Heaven Grade alchemist, living comfortably and without needing him to worry; moreover, if he said he was Kang Family's founder, he'd definitely be treated with disdain, right?

Whatever, he'd put the matter aside for now.

The only thing that Ling Han regretted was that he still didn't know what was that treasure the Thousand Corpse Sect schemed for by attacking Million Treasures City. Although it might not be useful to him, but once his curiosity was piqued, it always hung on his mind.

The four departed and headed towards Flying Flower Prefecture.

They hired a carriage. Ling Han obviously returned to his original look; wearing a disguised face all the time also made him uncomfortable. After they arrived at Restore Heaven Academy, he could disguise as another person; the identity of Han Lin was very likely already seen through. After all, the two people's names were so similar, and they both cultivated alchemy and martial arts with shockingly high attainments in both, making people associate them very easily.

Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han played with the Sunset Bow. The flood dragon vein was as durable as he'd expected. Not to mention the Flower Blossom Tier, even Heaven Tier elites might not be able to use this bow.

Why? Because if one didn't cultivate physical arts, drawing this bow would require extreme amounts of Origin Power, so how would one have any spare Origin Power to focus on the arrow to unleash a fatal blow?

Swords, sabers, and spears weighed only a few hundred pounds even if forged from rare metals; who didn't have such a tiny bit of strength?

However, to draw the Sunset Bow, what sort of power was needed? Enough to prop up a mountain.
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