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"Against your motherf*cking sister!" Yi Hong immediately jumped out. "Yin Le, you're just a sore loser! Pah, what a man you are, not at all open-minded! Want to lean over here on this old lady?"

She pointed at her own billowy chests. Her female rascal character was already getting out of hand.

"Yin Hong, mind your bearing!" Immediately, a senior reminded.

"Yes!" Yin Hong then turned around, bowed slightly, and pretended to be a virtuous lady.

Yin He, however, said, "Martial arts contest compares individual strength. Xuanyuan Ziguang relied on his own power of the bloodline, but this guy used medicinal pills, so it's obviously not fair! Otherwise, give an Element Gathering Tier a Super Origin Pill—wouldn't they be able to kill even Flower Blossom Tier warriors? What meaning does it still have?"

Super Origin Pill, a forbidden medicine in the legends, also known Transcendental Pill. No matter who it was, eating one pill, they could immediately transcend from a mortal and advance into the Flower Blossom Tier, or even reach the level of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Thus, they would obviously be able to kill Flower Blossom Tier warriors easily. After the medicine's effects disappeared, the user would also immediately die since their body couldn't withstand the power of transcendence.

However, this medicinal pill only existed in legends, and had never been truly refined, let alone used. Yin Le used this as an example just to illustrate that the act of using medicinal pills was against the rules of the contest.

Instantly, many people began discussing animatedly, and those nodding in agreement were not in the minority.

Ling Hans sneered, and said, "Borrowing external power is certainly unfair, but don't forget: I personally refined this Five Turns Black Jade Pill. Xuanyuan Zi Guang possesses the power of bloodline, but that's because he's lucky! Can I not rely on my own efforts to make up for my own battle prowess?

So reasonable!

With that said, many people instantly leaned towards Ling Han.

However, these people's opinions weren't important. What was important was what the few higher-ups who had the deciding power said. 

After a short while, Yin Xue Yang opened up. "Since Han Ling is an alchemist himself, he can use medicinal pills. This battle, Han Lin wins!"

No final verdict could be announced on a man before his death!

Yin Hong exulted. She'd assumed that Ling Han couldn't defeat Xuanyuan Zi Guang, but this guy actually gave her a great surprise.

Yin Le's expression was gloomy. The contest this time wouldn't directly decide who would become the Pavilion Master candidate, but it still held a great deal of weight.

The key was that he'd thought this was a sure victory; he'd invited Xuan Ji Yun and Xuanyuan Zi Guang not sparing any expenses, yet they were both defeated by one person, making him unable to accept it.

Exceptional at alchemy and martial arts, was there such a freakish person in the world?

...There was; one appeared in the north region earlier, called Ling Han. He even embarked onto the supreme road of Heaven Grade alchemist. Moreover, it was said that this person's martial arts talent wasn't bad, either, and he even entered a mystery realm to partake in seizing treasures. 

Wait, could there really be that many such geniuses? 

Han Lin, Ling Han? Reading it backwards, wasn't it the same?

Yin Le instantly came to a realization; Han Lin was Ling Han! Rumor had it that Ling Han received the Twelve Palaces' legacy, and even knew the whereabouts of a divine treasure-trove, so then it was understandable why he'd change his name.

Dare to spoil his sport? 'Then you're dead too!'

Killing intent flashed within Yin Le's gaze. He decided to immediately spread the news that Han Lin was Ling Han, and as for whether his guess was right or wrong… why would it matter—as long as he could get that brat killed.

He no longer protested, since the elders of the pavilion already declared their decision. If he protested again, it would only damage his image and make him lose even more points.

After three rounds of contest, Yin Hong obtained a total of eighty points, ranking steadily at first place.

Ling Han returned to his private manor. Since he'd already helped Yin Hong, he was obviously going to leave to find that Boundless Mountain and obtain the message Zi Xue Xian had left there. However, he planned to delay it for a few days.

It was not because the new year had arrived, but because the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was soon going to hold a once-in-a-year super-auction. When the time came, there would definitely be many precious treasures taken out for auction, making Ling Han very interested.

In his hands, he now grasped over six hundred thousand three star Origin Crystals, which allowed him to spend lavishly for once.

After the auction began, Ling Han realized just how poor he was. Magnates appeared out of nowhere one by one, fiercely squandering Origin Crystals as if those weren't Origin Crystals but a few rocks.

Many treasures Ling Han had his eye on were auctioned off just like that, and in the end, he only won one thing.

…A flood dragon vein!

Flood dragons had the bloodline of true dragons, and after they cultivated to the extreme, they could shed their snake body and turn into a true dragon. So, this flood dragon vein was obviously extremely precious, costing Ling Han almost all of his savings. 

It was also because this flood dragon vein couldn't be mixed into medicine and could only be refined into a whip-shaped Spirit Tool (which few would ever fancy) that Ling Han was able to get his hands on it with nearly six hundred thousand three-star Origin Crystals; otherwise, it definitely wouldn't be so cheap.

Ling Han obviously didn't want to make the flood dragon vein into a whip, but instead wanted to make it into a bowstring.

Once the auction was over, he wrapped the flood dragon vein onto the bow's base, finally completing the creation of the bow. This was a seventh-tier rare metal matched with a flood dragon vein! Adding arrows created from the seventh tier rare metal, its power could be unleashed at extreme distances. If Spiritual Infant Tier elites weren't vigilant, it would be extremely likely for them to be killed by a single arrow.

Without activating Origin Power, the Spiritual Infant Tier warriors weren't much different from Body Refining Tier ones in terms of defense. The attacker could condense the power onto the arrowhead's tip, yet if the defender didn't know where the attack came from, they would need to distribute Origin Power all over their body, or at least over a few vital points. This way, Flower Blossom Tier elites breaking through the defense of the Spiritual Infant Tier ones wouldn't be such an impossibility.

Ling Han was extremely pleased, naming this bow Sunset Bow and the arrows were obviously sunset arrow. This would be his powerful killer move in the future, and coordinated with True Sight's Eye, it was completely possible to carry out an ambush from hundreds of meters out. Even Spiritual Infant Tier elites could die not knowing what happened, not even knowing who their opponent was.

"Ling Han! Ling Han!" Yin Hong ran over in a rush.

"What, not even calling me Master Ling? Isn't it rather fast that you're burning bridges?" Ling Han said, smiling. 

"Pah, you've tricked this o'lady's sister into your hands, and you still want this o'lady to call you master?" Yin Hong had contempt written all over her face. She then turned stern, and said, "I'll tell you a whopping news."

"In your mouth, the neighbor adulterer having a son would also be a whopping news." Ling Han continued to mock.

"Ha, whatever you want. This o'lady came here with good intentions to tell you something, yet you put up such an attitude. Sigh, how truly heartrending. I'm going to ignore you!" Yin Hong pretended to leave.

"Wait, since you've come, then say it," Ling Han said with a smile.

"You're really careless. Men who are too careless are unreliable. Say, Sister Xuan Er, what's so good about this type of man? Why not follow this o'lady. We're only missing that handle, it's not like we can't live on without that thing!" Yin Hong said in an extremely rascally way. Zhu Xuan Er's dainty face blushed, and she threw herself into Ling Han's embrace, not daring to look at this female rascal.

Helian Xun Xue, however, was curious, and asked, "Missing what handle?"

"Niu wants to know too!" Hu Niu also didn't want to be left out.
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