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Ling Han maneuvered both fists and shot out War Elephant Fists, and an astonishing 21 dragon elephants roared.

This battle was bound to last an extremely long time, so Ling Han wasn't in a rush to use his fiercest sword art.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang was also very calm; each palm and each style were straight and narrow, unrushed, showing his extremely fine self-cultivation in martial arts.

From the look of the battle now, everyone thought they were friends of many years and were simply sparring without any anger.

Although they exchanged blows two times, it was a simple exchange of a few moves, and both parties didn't use their trump cards.

As they fought, their anger welled up, and their attacks became fiercer.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang's palms were like heavy axes; each palm swinging down could shatter even mountains. Vein-like patterns intertwined and martial intent trembled as he began to unleash his power. Every palm he launched had 22 swirling flashes of Qi, their power shocking.

Ling Han wouldn't be outdone, either. Though his attainments in fist techniques were inferior to those in sword techniques, they also advanced into the level of 20 flashes of Qi; although he was slightly lower in tier, with the brute force brought by Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, he actually didn't lose out in power at all.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The two kept exchanging blows—nothing fancy, just comparing power and martial arts comprehension, or in other words, the amount of Qi and its quality.

This was a tight fight; the one who was slightly weaker in strength would be the one to swallow the bitter fruit of defeat.

The two were geniuses of the present age as expected; they were tied in the fight.

"These two people are both so powerful!"

"Amongst the younger generation, how many people could be on an equal level with them?"

"Probably just Yao Hui Yue, Lang Ya Tian, and Dong Ling Er, only a few to count."

"The youngsters in this generation are really too strong, catching up to the geniuses in their prime."

The viewers of the battle all commented one after another. Martial arts already entered a flourishing age, and Ling Han's generation was extremely bright—as if prodigies spilled over, appearing like a gushing spring.

"Hmph, you're still not worthy of standing by my side!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang said coldly, and struck with another palm as a fire lion surged out like a massive mountain, emitting a shocking presence.

He combined 22 flashes of Qi and unleashed them as one, possessing the power close to a Ray. 

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "I forgot to thank you for teaching me this move." He also fired a fist, and a golden dragon elephant surfaced, likewise massive like a mountain.

Examining closely, no matter whether it was the fire lion or the dragon elephant, vein-like patterns interweaved on their bodies, emitting a shocking divine light.


The fire lion and the dragon elephant clashed, bursting forth with a dazzling light. It was a collision of martial intents; it turned into a divine sense impact wave, making many Flower Blossom Tier warriors shiver as their minds were rattled under the two's martial intents.

The dragon elephant was fiercer; it rolled its long trunk and actually curled up the fire lion, throwing it back towards Xuanyuan Zi Guang.

"How's it possible!?" Xuanyuan Zi Guang cried out. Both had combined Qi, but his numbered 22 flashes! He clearly had the advantage in numbers, so why was he still inferior to Ling Han? Could it be that he was actually inferior to Ling Han when it came to the quality of Qi?

This was something he couldn't accept.

He fired another palm, finally negating Ling Han's attack. He couldn't help but look sour as the result was beyond what he'd anticipated.

"No!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang immediately discovered that a type of special vein-like patterns intertwined around the dragon elephants, as if a divine light was enveloping them. It was precisely that vein-like pattern that made the dragon elephant's battle prowess increase substantially.

Coming around this point, he instantly recovered his confidence. It wasn't that the quality of his Qi was inferior to Ling Han's, but the mystical arts his opponent grasped that could compound the power of Qi.

"I, Xuanyuan Zi Guang, am definitely not weaker than anyone!" he said boldly and loftily, launching fierce attacks once again. 

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Then today, I'll beat you till you're convinced!" He activated the Eye of Truth, and the opponent's slightest flaws were enlarged in his eyes. He evaded flexibly, and continued to attack fiercely.

He had the Iron Sheet Body and even cultivated the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, so not only was his physique tough, his brute force was also amazing, most suited for close-quarters combat. If one were to be struck directly by his iron fist as the twenty flashes of Qi burst forth, even Spiritual Infant Tier elites probably wouldn't be able to cope with it.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang knew that his close combat capability was formidable, so he obviously wouldn't fight hand-to-hand, hurriedly shifting his feet and pulling apart the distance between them as much as possible instead.

However, under Ling Han's Eye of Truth, his flaws continued to enlarge. Each step was traceable, which allowed Ling Han to target him beforehand by calculating his path, continuously intercepting Xuanyuan Zi Guang and posing a great threat to him.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang roared repeatedly. He had never fought with such an annoying opponent, and it almost drove him mad.

"You've infuriated me!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang's black hair stood up towards the sky, and his thick eyebrows rose; he turned his hand to unleash a long back saber.

'What, he was actually a saber user?'

Ling Han was astounded; seeing that Xuanyuan Zi Guang was always bare-handed, he'd assumed that Xuanyuan Zi Guang was most skilled in palm techniques.

"Being able to force me to use a saber, you're not bad," Xuanyuan Zi Guang said loftily. With the saber in hand, he immediately regained level-headedness, and his arrogance returned to being sky high.

"What's the difference?" Ling Han said smilingly.

"Experience for yourself!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang struck with the saber, and hong, 29 flashes of Saber Qi fired out, slashing violently towards Ling Han.

29 flashes!

Ling Han's expression turned stern. He hurriedly carried out the Demon Fairy Step, evading the Saber Qi shooting past him.

Not only was the amount shocking, but also… this saber was at least a seventh tier Spirit Tool, and the Saber Qi fired from it was extremely sharp. Even with Ling Han's physique equivalent to sixth tier rare metals, Ling Han didn't dare to take it head on.

"29 flashes of Saber Qi!"

"My God, how can there be such a freakish guy!"

"I've always thought he used palms. Who would've thought he's actually a saber user, and his talents in the way of the saber is actually so terrifying!"

"Perhaps even Absolute Saber Sect's Small Saber King is inferior to him, huh?"

Everyone cried out, shocked by Xuanyuan Zi Guang's strength and talent. This youngster concealed himself deeply; who would've thought that he was truly skilled in saber techniques?

Ling Han unleashed his Purple Bale Sword resolutely. His right hand moved as 23 flashes of Sword Qi flew out.

"Another freak!" everyone cried out once again.

Peng, peng, peng, Sword Qi and Saber Qi clashed continuously, turning into infinite exploding fragments. This time, Xuanyuan Zi Guang wasn't at a disadvantage at all. He had the absolute advantage in the amount of Qi, and under the blessing of a treasured saber, his Saber Qi was sharper and had more destructive power.

"Saber Slashing Hell!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang let out a battle cry and swirled his treasured saber. 29 flashes of Saber Qi turned into one and formed an extremely thick Saber Ray, slashing towards Ling Han.

Ling Han also struck with the sword; 23 flashes of Sword Qi, blessed with the bone patterns, united into one, going towards the Saber Qi.
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