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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 578 Decisive Battle Against Xuanyuan Ziguang

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One day later, the Five Turns Black Jade Pill was refined.

Fortunately, this was only a high-level Earth Grade medicinal pill, so it wouldn't induce a pill tribulation; however, the quality was too high, still inducing the resonance of heaven and earth, with thunder clouds rolling but without producing actual thunder.


Ling Han pat the furnace lid forcefully. Tu, tu, tu, three slippery round medicinal pills flew out of the pill furnace as if they had wings and were about to run away. Starting from Earth Grade medicinal pills, medicinal pills were spiritual, and Heaven Grade medicinal pills could even manifest; normal people couldn't see through that layer of disguise.

He tossed it casually, and said, "Examine the pills."

Examining the quality of a pill was obviously a piece of cake for the Spirit Treasures Pavilion—that was what they did. Immediately, three appraisers took the field, examining closely, and soon reached a conclusion.

All three pills reached ten stars in quality; they might be called perfect.

Ling Han still held back, or else reaching thirteen or fourteen stars wouldn't be a problem.

First, fully deserved!

Xuan Ji Yun and the others stopped choosing ingredients, what the heck would they refine for… they walked over one after another towards Ling Han and bowed in respect. Although he wasn't a Heaven Grade alchemist, high-level Earth Grade alchemist being able to refine a ten-star quality pill... how far from that holy door would he be?

In front of such a future grandmaster, they didn't have the courage to embarrass themselves.

No one would've expected the alchemy contest would end like this!

Other than the north region receiving thirty points, the other four subbranches didn't receive a single point at all. This meant that as long as north region received forty points in the following two contests, it would be a guaranteed first… well, at least a tie for first.

Ling Han stored the Five Turns Black Jade Pill. Once refined, it belonged to the alchemist, which was something clearly explained earlier. This was also why these alchemists were willing to come; taking other people's ingredients to refine pills, yet the pills would be one's own—worth it.

…Especially Earth Grade ingredients; those were ridiculously precious.

He headed straight back and entered the Black Tower again, continuing to study the 10,000 Techniques Return to One and the bone patterns.

The alchemy contest lasted three days, and the formation contest also three days; the martial arts contest was last. Therefore, Ling Han still had five days' time, and had the confidence to adhere those bone patterns onto the pseudo-Ray.

He cultivated diligently, and five days later, he reappeared from within the Black Tower.

"Ling Han bad bad!" Hu Niu was very discontent; for five whole days, he didn't play with the cute and beautiful Niu!

"Han Han bad!" Helian Xunxue also followed, and stuck her lip up very high, making one want to go up to kiss it.

Amitahba, how did such a cursed thought arise, truly sinful!

Ling Han shivered, and said, "How's the formation contest going?"

"Sister Hong only placed third, receiving ten points," Zhu Xuan Er said, standing on the side.

Ling Han nodded casually. He obviously didn't care about Yin Hong's final ranking, but since he participated in the contest, then based on his personality, he would obviously try to win with all his power.

A battle against Xuanyuan Zi Guang to decide who was superior!

Ling Han's battle intent was like fire. Xuanyuan Zi Guang was truly a young genius that carried a lot of weight, and perhaps was no inferior to those like Sword Emperor in their younger days. In the previous life, Ling Han stood at the top of martial arts, but he couldn't be called an elite all along. This life, he wanted to step on all other geniuses and ascend to the throne of the strongest. 

They departed and arrived at a massive sparring field.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang, Pang Xiang Ming, and the other young geniuses all appeared. A few Ling Han didn't recognize, but they all emitted shocking presences and could be called a young king.

"Brother Pang!" Ling Han greeted Pang Xiang Ming. Although Pang Xiang Ming' was somewhat effeminate, his personality was quite straightforward, making Ling Han have a favorable impression of him. 

"Brother Han!" Pang Xiang Ming didn't dare to put on airs and cupped his hands in obeisance; however, he cupped his fists with his pinkies raised, fully displaying his effeminacy.

Although Ling Han and him were both at the Flower Blossom Tier, he already heard that Ling Han refined high-level Earth Grade medicinal pills a few days ago, so wouldn't that be a high-level Earth Grade alchemist? This could be treated as equal to the Deity Transformation Tier elites.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Brother Pang, after the contest is over, lets's drink."

"Of course! Of course!" Pang Xiang Ming hurriedly nodded in quite the effeminate manner, making Ling Han somewhat uncomfortable.

This guy might really have reincarnated in the wrong body.

"Get ready to begin." Yin Xue Yang said. "The competition is arena-based, with the first in the previous term guarding the arena first, while the other four families can send people to take the arena; the winner guards the arena. Whichever family can guard the arena till the end will be the first in this time's contest."

The previous term's first place was middle state's headquarters, so a young lady entered the center of the field, flying directly into the sky to await battle.

Each family could send three people to battle, and obviously had to make sure of their candidates for vanguard and general; no one would deal their strongest card out first. The previous term's second place was first to challenge the arena. A lanky man walked out, and the fight immediately began.

Soon, the outcome of the battle was decided, with the challenger victorious. Next, the south region challenged the arena.

Ling Han yawned in boredom. The north region was quite the powerful army this time with Ling Han, Hu Niu, and Helian Xun Xue, the three super experts. Ling Han feared the two girls would be too fierce and knock down Xuanyuan Zi Guang right away, so he took the position of vanguard, soon taking the field.

With his strength, if the opponent didn't deal their trump card, they wouldn't be his match. Soon, he won eight consecutive matches, forcing the other four families to send out their generals.

"Han Lin, I've looked forward to this moment!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang took the field in high spirits like a son of god. "This time, I'll trample you beneath my feet, and make you taste vividly the taste of failure."

"Glib talk." Ling Han picked his ears. "I'm truly beginning to doubt whether you're truly a martial artist, or an opera singer?"

Xuanyuan Zi Guang was furious. You were the one with a freaking tongue ready at all times, not giving up until you piss people off; how could you have the nerve to talk about him?! In battles between geniuses, attacking the mind was an important segment. So, he immediately pushed down the fury as he didn't want to lose control now, giving Ling Han any chances.

"The strong speak with their fists!" he said coldly.

"Then why do you blabber so much nonsense?" Ling Han sneered. "Why aren't you attacking yet?"

Xuanyuan Zi Guang stared at Ling Han with killing intent in his gaze, and said, "For the sake of Lord Feng, I will hold back and not beat you up too miserably!"

"Ha!" Ling Han shrugged, and attacked right away. "Don't overestimate yourself!"

"Sixth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang groaned. In a few days, Ling Han's cultivation actually increased very quickly, making him surprised. However, he obviously wouldn't be afraid. He had the confidence to strike down anyone in the same tier, let alone when he still had the tier advantage—like now.

"Kill!" He raised both palms, and greeted Ling Han.

The two young kings finally fought again. This time, no one would stop them.ED/N: On a side note, it's more of a warcry than literally saying he wants to kill him ;p
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