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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 577 Selecting Ingredients and Starting the Furnace

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"Is there still need to have a contest?" Yin Le said. Although appearing indifferent, it was clear he was arrogant at heart.

In the alchemy contest, he invited a low-level Earth Grade alchemists, and in the martial arts round, he was even able to invite the freakish Xuanyuan Zi Guang. Moreover, he mainly cultivated formations, and had already become a sixth tier formation master. 

No matter what, he should have the absolute advantage in this contest, adding it as an extremely glorious experience to his background.

"Why not?" Yin Hong crossed her arms, completely propping out her grand breasts as if complaining that others didn't know how large they were. "Maybe your alchemist will be met with unexpected failure." 

"That's right, pill refining is a meticulous task, and any carelessness could result in utter defeat. Clan Brother Le's too self-satisfied," Yin Hao Qi said as well.

"Then let's have a contest!"

Under the surveillance of the elders in the clan, the alchemy contest began.

Everyone in the family could actually send three alchemists onto the field to choose one of the best scores. Yin Le was filled with confidence, sending only Xuan Ji Yun. Yin Hong obviously trusted Ling Han even more, also sending one person.

The other three families used all three quotas in fear of a mistake, adding on insurance.

Furnace's exploding in pill refinement was an extremely common thing. Even Tang Zi Shi and Nong Bo Xin, two Heaven Grade alchemists, couldn't guarantee a hundred percent pill formation rate, let alone other people.

In the alchemy contest, there was only one chance, and it would be over if the furnace exploded.

First was selecting the ingredients to confirm what type of pill one wanted to refine.

This involved a great deal of gambling.

As mentioned earlier, no alchemist dared to pat their chest and say that their pill refining would definitely succeed. Refining low-level medicinal pills was infinitely close to one hundred percent success rate, but the higher the level of the medicinal pill—as in, the closer to one's own alchemy level—the more drastic the increase of failure rate.

Usually speaking, when a low-level Earth Grade alchemist refined low-level Earth Grade medicinal pills, the success rate was about thirty percent, which equaled refining three furnaces worth of pills and succeeding only once.

Therefore, if Xuan Ji Yun chose to refine a low-level Earth Grade medicinal pill and succeeded, then the other alchemists could only admit defeat, but what if he failed? The rate of failure was up to sixty percent, and once he failed, then that was just crap!

So, choosing what medicinal pill to refine was not only based on one's alchemy level, but also on what the opponents chose.

In this moment, ten alchemists paced before the medicine cabinet and loaded many ingredients into their medicine baskets. However, only they knew in their hearts whether they were refining the related medicinal pills, or whether it was just a smokescreen.

This was a process of fighting a battle of wits and strength.

Only Ling Han didn't care at all, and just chose the ingredients that were going to be refined.

Unfortunately, inside the medicine cabinet, there was actually no single Heaven Grade ingredient!

It was reasonable. Heaven Grade ingredients were too precious, so how could any be taken out? As everyone knew, there was only three Heaven Grade alchemists now. If Spirit Treasures Pavilion took out Heaven Grade medicinal ingredients out now, what use would it be but to be wasted?

They were merchants, not fools!

Whatever, then high-level Heaven Grade it'd be.

Ling Han casually selected the ingredients and didn't bother to pay attention to others. Pill refining was just going through the motions for him. His goal was on the martial arts contest six days after—the battle against Xuanyuan Zi Guang to see who was the strongest amongst the younger generations.

He returned to his position, and immediately started the furnace for pill refining.

"Is this guy an idiot, starting to refining now?"

"There are clearly three days, and the first day is definitely a battle of wits to pressure the opponents. Best to get the opponents to make a mistake by choosing high difficulty medicinal pills—then the chances of the furnace exploding would be higher."

"Looks like north region doesn't want to win."

"Last time, they were at the bottom, and probably will be no different this time, either."

"The first this time is probably south region. Low-level Earth Grade alchemist has an extremely great mental advantage. If he chooses to refine a high-level Yellow Grade medicinal pill, not only will his success rate increase greatly, but it'll also force the others to choose to refine high-level Yellow Grade medicinal pills. The possibility of the opponents' furnaces exploding will be extremely high."

"Yes, Xuanyuan Zi Guang was also roped in by south region. In the martial arts contest, he should firmly obtain the first place."

"Yin Le's ability in formations is also impressive; even if he doesn't get first, he'll be second easily. Two first places and a second place, that's definitely the first place this time."

The elders of Spirit Treasures' Pavilion commented one after another, but a few people revealed uncertain expressions. For example, Yin Xue Yang looked at Ling Han.

Being able to become a sworn brother with a Shattering Void Tier elite... could he be so simple?

"What, that boy's handiwork is amazing!" Soon, there were cries of surprise. Although the Spirit Treasures Pavilion didn't have their own alchemists, their relationship with the Alchemist Society had always been extremely good, so they were able to frequently see alchemists refine pills. Hence, even if they didn't know how to refine pills, they were able to get some sense of it.

Ling Han's technique was definitely amazing!



"Done in one go!"

More and more people saw it and revealed shocked expressions. This youngster was only twenty-four to twenty-five years old, so how could his techniques be so skillful?

"What medicinal pill is he refining?"

"Looking at the ingredients… it seems like the Five Changes Black Jade Pill!"

"This, this, this, isn't this a high-level Earth Grade medicinal pill?"

"What, this guy's crazy! He's refining a high-level Earth Grade medicinal pill?"

The corner of Yin Hong's mouth twitched as she said inwardly, 'This guy not refining Heaven Grade medicinal pills is already giving you guys face, or else it'd scare you guys to death!'

Ling Han's skillful technique, smooth and easy, involuntarily made those watching feel a sense of beauty, as if it wasn't pill refining, but a master performing an art.

Too wonderful.

After completing the filtering and purifying of ingredients, Ling Han began pill refining.

He was already in the Flower Blossom Tier, and no longer needed Strange Fire's help to refine high-level Earth Grade medicinal pills; his own strength was enough. His figure moved about as he struck at the pill furnace palm after palm, and fire swirled and patterns radiated like flowers.

This was drawing heaven and earth's essence within the ingredients to perfectly intertwine the medicinal powers.

"Phew, unbelievable. This guy's too experienced, could there really be hope of pill formation?"

"From the looks of it now, everything is going on effortlessly."

"Hiss, there's going to be another alchemy genius in the world. A twenty year old that's already a high-level Earth Grade alchemist... it's extremely like that he'll advance into the ranks of Heaven Grade."

"Don't you guys forget, this guy's talent in martial arts isn't bad, either."


Ling Han remained unmoved, simply focusing on pill refining. After half a day, dense mist floated above the pill furnace and turned into the appearance of mountains and rivers, fowls and beasts, and so on, extremely marvelous.

"The pill… is about to form!" everyone cried out one after another.

Xuan Ji Yun and the other alchemists even took Ling Han as a celestial. A difference in level in alchemy was the same as the difference of a large tier in martial arts; it was an absolute gap, not to mention that a high-level Earth Grade alchemist was almost at the pinnacle of alchemy, making them want to prostrate in worship.
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