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Ling Han was astounded. The man tall like a mountain was obviously the older brother Feng Po Yun, whom he had become sworn brothers with yesterday.

"Who's this? Such great nerve, daring to call a Heaven Tier elite an old man."

"Don't know, might be a stray that's been trapped too long in the city and was bewildered into going crazy."

"Yes, that's right, that's right."

Atop the wall, everyone discussed animatedly, but not everyone had eyesight like Ling Han, being able to see Feng Po Yun's powerfulness. In the eyes of normal people, this large fellow was just slightly sturdy, slightly out of the ordinary, and didn't have many specialties.

However, Heaven Tier elites, in the clear and in the dark alike, all revealed a grave expression; they couldn't see through this large fellow's strength!

This proved one point; the other person's cultivation was not at all below theirs.

Bai Yuan was even more careful. With a battle cry, seven caskets slid over from afar. The other person had bad intentions and would most likely attack, so he couldn't be careless at all.

Normally, Heaven Tier warriors were already at the world's peak, so they were naturally bold and unrestrained. However, the Thousand Corpse Sect was somewhat special; even its Shattering Void Tier sect master was hidden, never showing their true self; the sect master's officers, the seven venerable Heaven Tier warriors, were naturally also cautions.

At least, before the Thousand Corpse Sect stood in front of the public formally, each one of them maintained a low profile and a cautious manner.

"Lordship, who are you?" Bai Yuan asked in a shout.

Feng Po Yung picked his ears, and said, "Do you have hearing problems? I told you to remove this formation, or else I'll personally take it down!"

"Haha, what an arrogant tone! Why don't you take it down for this old man to see!" Bai Yuan said threateningly. This was the Fourth Killing Formation, and although the sect master didn't acquire the complete formation, being only able to unleash fifty percent of its power, it wasn't difficult to erase a low-level Shattering Void Tier cultivator; this large fellow actually said he'd take it down... hmph.

Feng Po Yun's gaze focused like a sweeping flash of lightning, making Bai Yuan's eyes hurt as if they were about to explode.

So powerful!

Bai Yuan was shocked and hurriedly controlled the Corpse Soldiers to attack. Peng, peng, peng, seven caskets opened simultaneously, and seven corpses leapt out. Every Corpse Soldier only had their bones left, but these bones were golden, as if made of metal. However, on each piece of bone grew a foot-long bone spike, which gave people an extremely strange feeling.

"Just seven skeletons? And you want to block me?" Feng Po Yun said in disdain.

Bai Yuan was furious. He received the sect master's help in refinement of those seven Corpse Soldiers, and solely in terms of defense, they already reached the limit of the Heaven Tier; even peak stage Heaven Tier elites would go through some strenuous effort to break them down.

Moreover, these Corpse Soldiers were not any weaker when it came to attack power. After the bone spikes were refined over and over again, they could easily tear through a Heaven Tier warrior's defense, and once they got close, they could instantly pierce a Heaven Tier elite full of bloody holes.

"Kill!" Bai Yuan pointed at Feng Po Yun. Seven Corpse Soldiers instantly leapt out and charged towards Feng Po Yun.

Atop the city, an old woman appeared and asked Yin Xue Yang, "Should we help?" 

"I, Small Yang, can't see through this person at all. His strength is unfathomably deep, so let's take a look first," Yin Xue Yang said, shaking his head.

"This lord might have seen this person somewhere." Another old man appeared and stared at Feng Po Yun, revealing a doubtful look.

Ling Han couldn't help but be somewhat worried. These seven Corpse Soldiers were all third tier Golden-Armored Corpses, and were refined to the limit—even if he recovered the strength of his former lifetime's prime, he wouldn't dare to fight them head on. Well, if it was Sword Emperor, or Heavenly Divine Phoenix Maiden, then maybe it'd be a different story.

Feng Po Yun, however, didn't care at all. He took out the wine gourd and began to take big gulps. The liquor flowed down the corner of his mouth. His beard was full of sparkling liquid, marked by vicissitudes.

The Corpse Soldiers arrived, covering him in golden bones in an instant.

It was over!

Or so everyone thought—those were third tier Golden-Armored Corpses, and being surrounded so closely by them, Heaven Tier elites would inevitably die no matter how strong they were. No one thought that such an elite would die so stupidly.

Bai Yuan sneered. This was the consequence of looking down on him! Did people really think that the Thousand Corpse Sect was easy to bully because they didn't appear openly in the world? Wrong! Everyone in the Thousand Corpse Sect nurtured Corpse Soldiers, and each person could at least fight one against two. The higher their tier, the more terrifying their battle prowess.

He alone could equal six to seven Heaven Tier elites—how surprising was that?

Weng, as the seven Corpse Soldiers attacked, a flash of purple light surged, turning into a circle and then exploding fiercely. Peng, peng, peng, peng, the seven Corpse Soldiers were shocked and thrown back all together, and their skeletal frames that were strong as peak stage Heaven Tier's disintegrated, turning into infinite bone splinters.

The purple brilliance rippled. Feng Po Yun stood loftily like a supreme god; the ground beneath his feet and the heavens above his head, the entire world had to prostrate and tremble before him.

His hair fluttered and his eyes were like the stars, as if a divine chain of order that could lock and extinguish everything.

The supreme aura rippled, striking the highest of heavens and shaking the depths of hell; only he stood supreme over all!

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, everyone knelt down. Only Heaven Tier elites could barely resist, but it was still hard for them to hide the anxiety and fear in their hearts, having almost no courage to resist.

"S-shattering Void Tier!" Bai Yuan's face was dreadfully pale, and he looked extremely dispirited. In the seven Corpse Soldiers were shreds of his divine sense, and Feng Po Yun had directly wiped them out, making him suffer a substantial injury; at this time, he had at most thirty percent of his battle prowess remaining.

However, the Thousand Corpse Sect relied mostly on Corpse Soldiers, and now that the seven corpses all turned into dregs, his thirty percent battle prowess was in terms of his own personal battle prowess; his true battle prowess was probably not even a hundredth of what it had been.

Everyone no longer had any doubts. Being able to break down seven peak stage Heaven Tier Corpse Soldiers was something only the strongest in this world could do.

The Shattering Void Tier!

"It's an honor to see your lordship!" Atop the city wall, Yin Xue Yang and the other Heaven Tier elites paid their respects one after another. Shattering Void Tier... there were only so many of them in middle state, countable by the fingers on one's hands.

"Feng Po Yun!" Finally, someone voiced out Feng Po Yin's identity.

Feng Po Yun waved his hands, appearing disinterested, and said to Bai Yuan, "Don't say that I'm bullying little kids. Remove the formation and never come to Million Treasures City again!"

Bai Yuan paid his respects as well. Regardless of foe or friend, Shattering Void Tier elites possessed the most honorable status, standing at the peak of humanity. One step further, and they could become gods, receiving the worship of the world.

However, after paying respects, he said, "Forgive this old one for not obeying! Lord Feng, taking down this city is the sect master's orders, and this old one doesn't dare to disobey!"

"Then where is your sect master? Let him come out. I'll beat him till he's convinced," Feng Po Yun said in an extremely domineering way.

"This..." Bai Yuan revealed an irritated look. In his heart, the lord sect master was like a god, invincible amongst men—how could the sect master be slighted? He said, "Lord sect master is held up by some trivial matters and won't be able to come see Lord Feng in near time."
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