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"Old Brother, something on your mind?" Ling Han was clearly lower in tier, but the other didn't reveal his identity, so he was happy to pretend not to know. As a former Heaven Tier elite, and an old monster from millennia ago, he obviously didn't want to call these small guys seniors.

That large fellow simply drank aggressively, revealing a heartbroken look in his eyes.

"No need to say, it's definitely pain from love," Ling Han immediately said.

"You can see through it?" That large fellow turned to look at him.

Ling Han snickered, and said, "I'm an experienced person, so how could I not have seen through it?"

"Haha, then cheers again!" That large fellow laughed, and as his hand swayed, he took out a wine bowl and threw it to Ling Han after filling it up. With the abilities of such a great expert, there obviously wouldn't be a drop of wine spilled.

Ling Han didn't dare to chug it down. If he drank one more mouthful, he would definitely pass out, so he only took a small sip.

That large fellow didn't force him, either, and simply chugged down on his own. Ling Han felt pained seeing this; this truly lacked any appreciation and was a great waste. Monkey's Wine was more than precious, and drinking it like that was just defiling it.

"Old Brother, whatever matter pains the heart, talking about will make it easier to endure," Ling Han advised.

That large fellow looked deeply at Ling Han, and actually began to talk about it.

His story was quite simple. A young man fell in love with a young woman. They met for the first time at a lakeside, falling in love at first sight. Afterwards, they traveled the world together, sweetly in love.

However, maybe it was because the resentment of singles was too deep, but the young woman actually contacted an incurable disease. No matter how remarkable the young man's cultivation was, he couldn't find spiritual medicine to cure it. In the end, the young woman passed away, leaving the young man all by himself.

Every year at this time, the young man would come here to reminisce about his first meeting with the girl. Countless years passed, and the young man became the middle-aged man he was now.

Ling Han couldn't help but feel sympathetic and began talking about Heavenly Divine Phoenix Maiden. Of course, he wouldn't say that it was matters from ten millennia ago, making slight changes.

Now, the two were really resonating, seeing eye to eye.

In reality, the two people's feelings were completely different, but losing their loved ones, the more they agreed; being slightly intoxicated, the two actually became sworn brothers.

"Second Brother, I'm Feng Po Yun. If anyone bullies you in the future, just announce your older brother's name!" that large fellow said with his arm around Ling Han's shoulder.

"This younger brother is Ling Han." Ling Han didn't use a fake name. This large fellow felt bold and magnanimous to him, and definitely wasn't the type that placed emphasis on interests. Moreover, this person was true and forthright; he was a true man.

"Sigh, your older brother just can't get drunk!" Feng Po Yun shook his head repeatedly, appearing extremely unfortunate. His tier was too high, and things in this world that could get him drunk were probably impossible to find.

This older brother was truly eccentric. This Monkey's Wine was for him to get drunk, and so he entered an ancient forest to find it, fighting a great battle with terrifying monkey beasts. Nevertheless, he still couldn't get drunk.

Ling Han pat his chest and said, "Older Brother, don't worry, I'll definitely brew an exceptional fine wine and get you drunk for three years!" He wasn't boasting. He entered too many historic sites in the previous life, and other than obtaining many arts and skills, he also obtained a few unconventional things such as brewing recipes.

There was a type of divine brew; its effects were nature-defying, claiming that even gods would get drunk, but the ingredients it required were ridiculously precious—even he couldn't have gathered it in his previous life. In this life, he was qualified to advance into the Shattering Void Tier, and naturally had hope in creating the divine brew.

Ling Han was willing to call Feng Po Yun older brother because the latter was currently already four hundred years old, older than Ling Han's combined age in two lifetimes. Calling him older brother was still suitable, and as for the ten millennia of the soul's existence, there was no body, so he naturally wouldn't age; it didn't count.

"Then older brother will wait for you." Feng Po Yun laughed loudly.

Although the two brothers just met not long ago, their temperaments were congenial, and the more they conversed, the more they agreed; Ling Han lived as a man twice, and stood at the top of the world in the previous life, so how could his experiences be any inferior?

They talked for a long while, and Ling Han passed out in a daze at last. When he opened his eyes again, he saw a snow-white neck and a beautiful chin; it turned out his head was resting on Helian Xun Xue's thighs.

As expected, a flat chest; otherwise, from his angle, he should see two mountain peaks, and it should be impossible to see her chin, let alone the neck.

However, when Hai Niu recovered her memories in the future and recalled this scene... Ling Han instantly felt a waterfall-like amount of cold sweat; this would probably lead to him being hunted down.

Ling Han got up and instantly felt an intense headache, making him cover his head. It truly hurt like hell! Ever since cultivating, he very rarely had hangover, but this time, he was in a drunken mess.

This wine was truly fierce.

However, Ling Han immediately discovered that his cultivation rocketed upwards by two small tiers.

From the Flower Blossom Tier onwards, the increase in cultivation was directly related to martial comprehension, but he actually increased two small tiers while intoxicated... what did this imply?

'Monkey's Wine was too kickass!' Ling Han exclaimed inwardly. However, this was also because it was his first time drinking it and so the effects were the most intense. The next time he drank it, there would definitely be benefits, but it definitely wouldn't be as fierce as this time; it should be the same as spiritual liquid—drank a little at a time.

Moreover, drinking like this was truly intolerable as his head was almost about to explode.

"Ling Han!" Helian Xun Xue called out worriedly.

"Hai Niu, not so loud, not so loud!" Ling Han hurriedly gestured by pressing his hand downwards. With that shout, his head began to buzz painfully again.

He took out some spiritual liquid from the Black Tower and drank few mouthfuls to sober up, then washed up with some lake water, finally feeling somewhat better. He asked, "Where's my older brother?"

"He left." Helian Xunxue said. "But, he said he'll come back in a while to resolve a predicament for you."

Resolve a predicament? Could it mean being trapped in Million Treasures City?

Although this older brother was fierce, what was outside was the Fourth Killing Formation!

"Let's go back first." Ling Han looked at the time of day. It was already past noon, and the forces that took the quotas yesterday were probably in a crazy rush.

As expected, when he arrived at the city gates, many people looked at him angrily, appearing extremely unfriendly.

"Han Lin, why have you just come now?" someone reprimanded.

Ling Han had an annoyed look all over his face. Covering his ears, he said, "You got a problem? What are you yelling for, don't you know how to talk properly?"

"You..." That person was a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, but seeing that Ling Han dared to talk to him like that, he couldn't help but reveal a furious expression.

"Alright, don't let people make a fool of themselves," Yin Xue Yang said, pointing to the bottom of the city gates. Bai Yuan had already appeared.

Ling Han said, "The people who took the 180 quotas all go down." He had the Black Tower, and naturally never thought about the quotas. Moreover, he still wanted to get the innocent people out of the city.

The 180 people under the city gates all looked pleasantly surprised in their renewed life; they could finally leave this hell of a place.

"Old man, you've made this place murky and foul, I really don't like it," someone shouted in a deep voice. A tall figure walked from within the city, waved at Bai Yuan, and said, "Whatever Million Treasures City looked like, return it to the way it was!"
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