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However, Ling Han and Xuanyuan Zi Guang didn't fight in the end, as Yin Xue Yang intervened and separated the two.

"Hehe, at high noon tomorrow, you, you, and you, can bring people out to leave this city," Bai Yuan said, pointing at Ling Han, Helian Xun Xue, and the rest. He left right after he finished talking; they were utterly defeated, so they obviously had no more face to stay.

"Small Yang, why not make him stay?" An old woman appeared soundlessly, supporting herself with a cane. She looked old and shaky, but taking a glance at her, one would feel a frightening impact as if one's head was about to explode, showing the old woman's terrifying strength.

"Sister Ma, even if we joined hands, could we defeat seven Heaven Tier Corpse Soldiers?" Yin Xue Yang responded with a question.

The old woman was speechless. The people of the Thousand Corpse Sect were more terrifying the higher their tier because the higher it was, the more Corpse Soldiers they could control. Normal disciples could only control one to two same tier Corpse Soldiers, while prodigies could easily control many. However, for one like Bai Yuan, the Corpse Soldiers he could control reached the shocking amount of seven.

Moreover, no one knew what level the Corpse Soldiers were. It would be alright if they were low stage ones, somewhat troublesome if they were medium stage ones, and almost invincible if they were high stage ones. If they were at the peak of the Heaven Tier, it would be better to request a Shattering Void Tier elite to come.

With the great city-guarding formation, Bai Yuan definitely couldn't charge into the city, but he didn't need to. The Fourth Killing Formation would only take a few more days wearing the formation down. Once it was done, Million Treasures City would become a speck of dust in history.

However, weren't there still many quotas to leave the city?

Ling Han acquired ninety, Hu Niu also acquired ninety, while Helian Xun Xue acquired one hundred. Xuanyuan Zi Guang only acquired ten; Pang Xiang Ming also acquired ten, though he gave them up.

A total of 190, yet Ling Han grasped the distribution of 180 quotas.

Thus, Yin Xue Yang stopped Ling Han and Xuanyuan Zi Guang's battle in a large part due to the distribution of these quotas. Since Bai Yuan made a dao oath, he could be believed. The key was that staying here, the only option was death, so even if it were risky, it would be worth a try.

Everyone wanted a quota to get out, and Ling Han thought of something better: auction!

He didn't have a favorable impression of these so-called noble families in the city, so he would obviously take this chance to reap off them fiercely.

At night, Spirit Treasures Pavilion conducted a groundbreaking auction, auctioning only one thing: the one hundred and eighty quotas to leave the city.

Ling Han didn't want gold and silver; he only wanted Origin Crystals, and it had to be three-star Origin Crystals. Of course, if anyone was willing to use four stars, five stars, or six stars Origin Crystals to snap it up, Ling Han obviously wouldn't turn them down.

Every quota started off at 100 three stars Origin Crystals, and after some fierce contention, the cheapest quota reached 500 three stars Origin Crystals. The most expensive was auctioned off at 10,700; it was the last quota, drawing the frenzied scramble for it.

After giving the Spirit Treasures Pavilion a ten percent commission, Ling Han still received nearly 20,000 three stars Origin Crystals, making him beam with joy.

After advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier, his cultivation slowed down, but with this many three stars Origin Crystals, his cultivation could speed up again. Storing all the Origin Crystals into the Black Tower, Ling Han was in an extremely good mood, and began to drink with Zhu Xuan Er and the others in a private courtyard.

After drinking, he temporarily couldn't fall asleep, so he went for a walk by the lake. Helian Xun Xue obviously stuck by his side and pulled on the hem of his clothes while gripping onto that brick, looking like she would dare smack with it if Ling Han dared to shake her off.

As they walked, they saw a black shadow that stood by the lakeside and held a wine gourd in hand, pouring fine wine into the lake. The rich alcoholic aroma spread, making the pores all over Ling Han's body relax and expand.

This was an exceptional vintage wine, and martial artists would definitely get great benefits from drinking it!

Ling Han looked reluctant to let it go to waste, and said, "Dear friend, dear friend, such fine wine, isn't it a pity to waste it?"

That person's back was against Ling Han. He turned around as he heard those words, sweeping a glance at Ling Han, but when his gaze swept by Helian Xunxue, he stagnated slightly, revealing a hint of confusion in his eyes, which immediately became clear and bright.

He laughed loudly and threw the wine gourd directly at Ling Han, and said, "Then I'll treat you to some wine."

Ling Han took the wine gourd, and instantly, he felt a wave of amazing aroma spread, making him feel as if he were becoming an immortal. He focused his gaze and saw the golden-colored liquor, which looked like agar.

He was the grandmaster of alchemy, and didn't lack understanding of worldly treasures. Thus, he blurted out, "Purple Moon Ganoderma, Thousand Wind Fruit, Purple Clouds Soul Essence, Void Flower... this, it's Monkey's Wine!" 

Monkey's Wine. According to the legends, monkeys harvested various spirit fruits and medicinal ingredients to brew fine wine. It was not only tasty and aromatic, but also quite strong and greatly tonic. Different levels of monkey beasts brewed Monkey's Wine with different effects, and possessing the medicinal ingredients that Ling Han listed, this was definitely brewed by the strongest of monkey beasts; even Ling Han never had the chance to taste it in his former life.

It could be said that even one drop of such a Monkey's Wine was extremely precious. Ling Han profited greatly tonight, but taking everything out wouldn't be enough to buy one drop of it.

This was too precious!

"Hmm, a youngster like you actually recognized the original ingredients of this Monkey's Wine?" That person was also somewhat astounded. Under the moonlight's reflection was a man of sturdy stature who gave off the feeling of a tall mountain—even if the skies collapsed, he would be able to prop it up.

Ling Han was startled. He actually couldn't see through this middle-aged man. It was also quite normal, since this was Million Treasures City; a high-level Heaven Tier elite wasn't something rare here.

"Old Brother, this wine is too precious, I don't dare to drink it recklessly," Ling Han said with a smile and threw the wine gourd back.

That large fellow laughed loudly, and said, "Since you recognize this Monkey's Wine, it's karma. Please!" He threw the wine gourd back at Ling Han again, bold and sincere. One could see his magnanimous heart.

Ling Han was no longer pretentious, and said, "Then thank you!"

He raised his head and the liquor instantly poured out of the gourd, flowing into his mouth like a waterfall. However, after one mouthful, Ling Han felt like would pass out from being drunk. This Monkey's Wine was tonic and strong, effecting the divine sense directly. Even Spiritual Infant Tier and Deity Transformation Tier elites would easily get drunk.

However, Ling Han had a shred of Heaven Tier divine sense, and it was toughened under the sharpening of Primal Chaos Source Rock. He didn't pass out in one mouthful, but his eyes involuntarily became unclear.

After having a good mouthful, he threw the wine gourd back at the large fellow, and said, "Old Brother, please."

That large fellow took the gourd and chugged it. He was much more kickass than Ling Han, drinking away half of the gourd with gudu, gudu sounds.

Ling Han bared his teeth involuntarily. If here were to drink half a gourd, he would definitely die from being drunk and go straight to see the king of hell.

"Sigh, can't get drunk!" that large fellow exclaimed as if he were completely fine.

This show off!ED/N: A reminder: low stage = layers 1-3, medium stage = layers 4-6, high/late stage = layers 7-9
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